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News On My Mother Post Surgery Complications Showing up again – and Apologies

Update 3/15/13:

My Mother is now in the Rehab Center, in a room where she can see her favorite nurse there, that is the good news.

The bad news, the feeling/movement went away about a day after after surgery. It’s official now, Mom is a paraplegic, she had 2 weeks to start feeling her legs, by the doctors figures. My Mother is now  numb from the lowest ribs down for 2 weeks now and we must face all the fact that she will be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. She and Dad must face trials they shall have to face for her disabilities. From being in the wheelchair, to being catheterized and carrying a bag for urine to diapers for the rest of her life. Her Sewing on her machines (which the adores will be a problem without feet to operate, no driving etc). This is going to be a time of mourning the loss of use for half of her body and dealing with difficulties as she/we learn to adjust to her newest disability… her artwork with her hands, thankfully she will continue and will be a MUST for her to work with to escape her new situation. We, are all greatly saddened by this.

my hands forming a heart, with the words "Asking for Blessings and thoughts of strength, the warmth of love and of wellbeing for my Father and Mother
As of late last night, we received the news of Mom’s Complications being back again. We are preparing ourselves for the worst and hoping for the best.

First let me start off with one of my apologies at the top here (the other one will be at the bottom of my post). I apologize for my lack of tweeting, posting on facebook and adding more to the blog at this time. I promise you all, I am going to resume my reviews and giveaways here very soon. First, I am waiting on the Blog’s Grand Opening for the whole Month of March, for some really fabulous Reviews and Giveaways. Secondly, I may not be tweeting or posting much for the next day or two as I catch up more people on the latest & I await some hopefully good news.

I have had a roller-coaster ride today with news on my Mother’s surgery, good news about the my Mother, she made it through surgery. Then bad news, machines were showing that she was not receiving the readings she should have to her legs, so fear was she’d become a paraplegic. Then the news that as she was able to move her toes on both feet ever so slightly, so maybe paralyzed from surgery and maybe not. Then the great news that she could feel the doctor as he touched her legs. Now as she is out of recovery, my family received the message below from my Father…

Quoted from my Fathers email:

Please keep the prayers coming.  She is completely out of the anesthesia now. 
As expected she is in a world of hurt and things seem to have changed for her legs.  She can barely wiggle her left toes.  Right ones don’t seem to work at all and she has no feeling in either leg or foot now.
There is some swelling in her back and the doc hopes the problem will leave as that reduces, but no guarantees.  He says it may take a week or …

As may be expected she is terrified.  Will spend a few days or more in the ICU.

I had a good cry finally while talking to my Sister on the phone, so nice to hear from her, it seems she read Dad’s email at the same time as I have. I have been near tears most of the day here.

I apologize and I am sorry that I started my post out the way I did for my “Day of Prayer” post and possibly the other posts as well. I understand, after talking to my Sister about what happened today, that it could have been misconstrued as to the meaning of those posts and stopped many people cold right there, as people may have thought I was pushing religion on them and they quit before reading what all I had to say… quite understandable. I am so sorry, this was not my intention.

I wish for you all to know that I never wished to push the people that quit “liking” my blog on Facebook away, nor did I intend to push religion on anyone (visa vi my mention of prayer in my posts, where I did try to include everyone in the posts by just asking for caring thoughts as well). I am easy going and never judge people for their beliefs, religion or anything like that.

I am so sorry for those I offended, honestly I was just posting out of fear for my frail Mothers well being and hoping that I selfishly may feel some support today, as I really love my Mother and have been finding it difficult to see her go through so much.

I am so thankful for the outpouring of care, sympathy and support by several of my readers. And I am so very thankful too for the many of you that have stuck by my side while I go through this right now… Thank you everyone. And thank you for putting up with my rambling in this post, I wrote this late at night and today I don’t have the energy to rewrite it, or add pictures… as you can guess it was a very hard night to get any sleep.

Love and hugs,


Direct TV (Directv) Commercial & Special Offer – new subscribers get $10 off per month with my info


Hi there folks, you may recall that my husband and I switched to Direct Tv last Fall or so. We signed up and we were too late with the $10 off offer, as we mentioned it to the installer, wrong way to do it… you need to give them the information when you set up the appointment for your instillation of Directv.

Mariahs Direct TV Dish on my Rooftop trees in background
My Direct TV on my Rooftop. Boy has Satellite and Dish Changed over the years no reception problems with snow or rain!

We initially had problems as the Genie with 5 program recording capabilities was brand new at the time and we had to wait for the local Directv to have the DVR shipped to us, after a few tries they managed to get the cable internet hooked up properly. Now we’ve had great success as we have access to the online features as well as the Dish/Satellite features.

We have been so happy with our change away from Comcast for our TV watching, and the huge DVR storage as well as the ability to record up to 5 channels at once. Now I can get my programs that I love as well as the remote hog called The Husband, getting all of his Monster Movies (which I’ve seen some of these so many times that I don’t pay attention to them)… we are Science Fiction/Fantasy lovers however as well as Action Movies/shows. I personally love some girly shows, What Not to Wear, Bun Heads, Hot In Cleveland (with my “twin”, well former twin before I went red, Valerie Bertinelli) and Mad Men to name a few.

We enjoy recording our show ahead of time for watching and skipping the commercials, and with the DVR, it really helps us get a chance to communicate at home so if I have something to talk to my husband about he just pauses the show and actually gets to listen to me and restart the show after our discussion. I’ve even recommended to friends with communication problems and a husband that loves his shows to please get at least a DVR to pause his program and listen… he actually was very receptive to the idea and said he had been thinking of getting one but procrastinating… I wonder if they actually got one now to help this wonderful couple communicate more.

Speaking of skipping commercials, the other day we actually watched some live tv, so we saw this commercial that really made me laugh, so I had to hunt it down for you. What made me laugh so hard is we live out where we have Hawks and one was eyeballing and gliding around where my dog was one day… sick and scared but I got close to the dog and the Hawk seemed to decide it wasn’t worth it. Besides my MinPin isn’t that small. lol

There is a deal (as seen in my side bar) of $10 off for new Subscribers to Direct TV, just use our code/account# and the name (it’s under my husband’s name) when you call to change to Direct TV and we (you and I) will get $10 off our bill per month. Now this offer does have an expiration, it is May of this year… so you can use this thru the end of April. And you can share the same up to $100 off per month for 10 months with your friends too!

Here is what Directv has to say about this offer:

How the DIRECTV Referral Offer works

When a friend who is a current DIRECTV customer refers you to DIRECTV, you can get an EXTRA $10 bill credit every month for 10 months on top of the great savings you get with our current new customer offer. Your friend also gets $100 in bill credits for every friend he or she refers.

Requires ENTERTAINMENT Package or higher

So I guess you need the Entertainment Package or higher to get this offer. This wasn’t seen by me at first since it was in very fine print on their page.

Anyway here is the Info for anyone switching to Satellite/Dish thru Direct TV for their TV.

  • Name of Friend: (just in case they ask): Rick Lockwood
  • And Our Account #: 41137732 (hey since you have that account number want to pay some towards our bill, that’s okay too… just kidding, well actually….) *wink*

There you go, some video’s and info on Direct TV, our Account# for you to save $10…if you want to read more you can check out my husband’s post on his blog Called: Direct TV – Share The Love Promo


I Mariah, have purchased (with my husband) Direct TV for our own home, we are not affiliates of them, nor are we paid by them for this, we are although offering a savings for others and ourselves off the bills with direct tv. The videos in this post were located at random on YouTube. And the picture enclosed is the picture of the Direct TV Dish on my roof top, so it was provided by me.

Force Facebook to Remove Animal Torture Pages

Here is a Petition that I want to share with you all… I’ve already posted this on Facebook.

Animal cruelty makes me feel sick, lets all get on board with this, so far their pages says that several pages have at least been temporarily removed from Facebook, lets make sure they do not come back! Please sign the petition.

Force Facebook to Remove Animal Torture Page http://www.causes.com/actions/1724771?recruiter_id=157112676&utm_campaign=sharebar_tw via @causes

Thank  you friends!

Love and hugs,


Colgate Ads? True or Not, these are Great! – A Laugh

I received this in my email and just had to share…

I had to keep the pictures huge, so if you have a slow connection be prepared for 3 big pictures to load. I know it may hurt my SEO, but this is too good to lose the detail too much on these pictures. lol

Colgate created a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss, but before I explain to you the main detail of these images, I will let you appreciate them quietly~

Colgate Ad for Floss. So smart, stuff in teeth #1Colgate Ad for Floss. So smart, stuff in teeth #2Colgate Ad for Floss. So smart, stuff in teeth #3


Alright, now that you had time to quietly observe the images, in the first one you will now notice that she has one finger too many in her hand, in the second one a phantom arm is floating there, and in the third one the man has only one ear…

The campaign attained its purpose, because it proved that food remains on your teeth draw more attention than any physical defect…


But I did see the food remains….

Really, I pride myself in being pretty good at being an observant Artist (something my Mother taught her art classes to be…and as a child I took part in one class on observation so I learned that at an early age…or so I thought), yet I too just stared at the food in the teeth and didn’t observe the other parts of the picture.

Please leave me a note and let me know if you did like I did and just focused on the junk in the teeth? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

New Blog Growing Pains

Hi there, I first want to say how sorry I am that Facebook Twitter and such were all over crowded today with posts from my site, I have it set to automatically announce new posts… I will turn it off while I am experiencing growing pains here. I was updating this blog with my old blogger accounts and BAM, twitter, facebook and G+ etc were hit hard with my stuff.

Well, so much for my adding all the pictures by hand to the blog from the old blog at Joan and Mariah’s… moving the posts over from blogger messed up all the “more” links in the stories and cut them down to a short paragraph. 🙁 Now tonight I will be deleting all the posts from Joan and Mariah’s and reloading them (all but the few that were still in the trash at Joan and Mariah’s waiting for me to delete… as those I have recovered). So the site will possibly be down a lot later tonight.

First a bath for me here and then it will be time for me to figure out what to make for dinner… I really want to sit and cry but why bother? It’s growing pains and until now everything went smoothly with the transition, thankfully I saved all the files from my old posts on Joan and Mariah’s so I can once again import them here.

I am avoiding crying and my headache is massive, and I sure could use a hug right now. *sigh*

Once more I am sorry for spamming you with stuff on your twitter, facebook…. and OMG I bet your emails for my few subscribers…. omg. 🙁 so sorry I will shut them off before deleting and reinstalling. Thank you for understanding.

ADDED Later: I checked emails and not a problem, no one was spammed with old posts, not one went out with any of the old stuff I added to the blog…. thank God for small favors!

Love and (((hugs))),