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A Day of Prayer for Me – Mother in Surgery

vintage girl and dog praying
I am saying my Prayers for my Mother.

This may turn some people off, but I really don’t care if it does… I am Catholic and I believe in the power of prayer. I am not going to tweet out giveaways or my reviews today, I am spending my time in prayer for my Mothers surgery today.

Mom, Dad and All Mom's Sweet Friends at American Legion, Sept 2012 Picture taken by Mariah
Mom is so loved, when we went to the Local American Legion, I had to take a picture of her, Dad and Mom’s Admirers.

I did however choose to write about this today, my Mother is quite frail right now at 71 lbs at last weighing in. She can hardly eat, she has chronic pain, chronic fatigue and an autoimmune disease, along with a hospital borne infection (she got infected a few years back in surgery in her back and the infection lingers on as it is resistant to antibiotics). The infection  had spread to her bones, as they discovered in her Month in the hospital, late last year into Mid January. The infection had not been responding to the antibiotics that could help control the infection (not cure it).

Now comes February and she is back in the hospital, the pain in her back was serious enough to bring her in. They found that some vertebrae above the ones worked on years ago, above the pins and fusions and by the infection, were gone and now they too need surgery.

A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

As they decided whether or not to operate, they discovered that the infection was possibly encapsulated since the infection was not responding. So my Mother and Father were told of the concerns of doing surgery while she is so frail, but they decided to go through with it and hinted to Mom (she caught the hint) that she needs to be in good spirits and may have to fight to survive this.

They are operating today and I called my father (we are snowed in at home here) who, thank God has a friend who is in the waiting room with Dad keeping him company. I called at just the right time as they had just stopped in and said that she is doing well, the surgery is going well, however it will be quite some time yet before the surgery is through. They are attempting to scrape the infection away and out of her, I pray they do that exact with a steady hand as I pray it doesn’t spread the infection. Mom wasn’t sure what exactly they would do pins or fusion or cadaver vertebrae or what, so that frightened her somewhat, not knowing what is going to be done.

Mom's Superhero's Not All Wear Capes
This is my Mother, a true Superhero, without a cape. 6 wonderful kids (well with me, it’s debatable) and all brought up well with the Superhero, my Mother.

I am praying for exacting steady hands of the surgeons and wise choices for my Mother back. I am praying today for my Mother to continue being the inspiration that she is and continue to fight her way to good recovery and health.

Me, Mariah forming a Heart with my hands fingers, red nail polish on with white stamped hearts
Me forming the shape of a Heart to send to all my lovely readers… love you all!

Please my friends of all faiths, say a prayer or if you don’t believe in prayer, send good thoughts and love out for my Mother, Thank you!

And one more thing, please don’t be shy… sign the get well car for my Mother, even if you don’t know her or me well! Mom can use some serious cheering up to help give her strength and keep the faith as she heals… please go sign now and feel free to put up a fun or adorable loving picture with your signing well wishes for her! CLICK HERE

Oscars Beauty Giveaway – Win $1,000 A-List Skin Treatment!

Sonya Dakar Building in Beverly Hills
the winner will receive $1,000 worth of skin care by Celebrity Beauty Expert Sonya Dakar, Beverly Hills

What a great giveaway, I just had to share it with all of you! As I know some of you are really missing the Giveaways as I ramp up for our Grand Opening Celebration in March. I hope to bring you some really Fabulous Reviews and Giveaways as we Celebrate.

The blog, Joan and Mariah’s Reviews will be closing on Feb. 28th, and all traffic shall be redirected to here. I anxiously await or building up the numbers/stats here at that time. As you can see, I’ve been trying to post interesting things on the blog in the meantime and all my old posts have been moved over here from Joan and Mariah’s at this time.

Picture of Sonya Dakar

Here is the Giveaway info that you’ve been waiting for, Oscars Beauty Giveaway, you can win $1000 A-List Skin Treatment!  What you will win, A personalized skincare consult via Skype and over $500 worth of Sonya Dakar products.

The contest ends next Monday, February 25, at 11:59 p.m.  Just Click here, and it will tell you how to enter through Twitter.

I hope I win, if not, I hope that it is one of my beautiful readers/followers here… if you win, be sure to leave a comment bragging here so we can all Celebrate this win with you! 🙂

Blemishes and Toothpaste… the ins and outs

Here I sit, sick and tired of hearing “use toothpaste on your blemishes” etc etc… yes I used to say that too and it used to work like a charm, still does… BUT!

Here is the But, now you have to watch out for tartar control toothpaste. As a former cosmetologist, I noticed I was breaking out from something. And so I looked at my personal hygiene. Ok so, checklist nothing changed in my routine: not my cleanser, not my toner, moisturizer, not my makeup (and it wasn’t due to be tossed out) and my diet hadn’t changed either. The only thing in my personal hygiene routine that changed was my toothpaste, yup, just so typical of me… I had to get the latest and greatest so I went for the new Tarter Control Toothpaste! Yes it was my toothpaste causing my breakouts and worse yet I hadn’t broke out in a long time, and I used my toothpaste (as I used to do) applied it to the breakouts which made it worse…. wait…what? Yuppers, I admit it!

I read some writing (after quite some online research) by a Dermatologist that read that he/she had a warning to others about tartar control toothpaste causing blemishes around the mouth! Yup sure enough, I may actually be smarter then the average bear having used  the toothpaste, realizing I was seeing a trend and analyzing the cause of the bothersome breakout.

Anyway I am sick and tired of reading where people recommend toothpaste for breakouts… I don’t know if any of them are like this former Cosmetologist and tried before they write and recommend things or I bet they wouldn’t even recommend many of the things they do.

I will recommend that if you can find a plain old fashioned toothpaste (original formula Crest, if it’s out there… no tartar control, and in Paste form) it still should help some people with thier breakouts, others may find it doesn’t work or they have problems with it… so when you try it on a blemish please only one at first until you know what your skin and body chemistry will do with it… or better yet use it as a chemical die and do a “predisposition test” basically put a small amount of the toothpaste inside your arm at the bend (the other side of your elbow) or behind your ear (but I find that very very irritating if I react to hair dye or anything, so I recommend the inside of the elbow)and leave it there (even a band-aid over it is fine) for 24 hours and see if you reacted before you use it on an obvious place like your face or worse yet on the tip of your nose. If you react don’t use it, if you don’t react to this in 24 hours then give it a try but only on one zit (since the face could react different then the skin on your arm) and see how it works. 🙂

Well folks I vented, you poor suckers read it… and at least I’ve eased my mind having corrected some of these posts online in comments and some in emails to the author… but now I put my 2 cents in on my blog. I just can’t keep up with people spreading some not so good beauty tips out there… but I try!

Good luck! And please remember to beware & research some of the “unusual” treatments out there… don’t believe that everything you read has all the information that you may need for these treatments work properly.

Luv & hugs

Ooops after thought, if you use tartar control toothpaste, like i do and I refuse to give it up… just make sure to wash really well around your mouth and rinse around your mouth well right after brushing!  <3