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Update on My Mother & St Patricks Day Get together.


Closeup of Mom on St Pats Day 2013 in Longmont life care center
My Mother in her wheelchair and her huge brace… being a real good sport as she wears goofy St Pats Day Glasses.

Hi all, I know I have received requests for updates on my Mother, this weekend on St. Patrick’s Day we had a get together at the Longmont Care Facility where she is going through Rehabilitation. They are trying to teach her to scoot out of her chair and into bed and working with physical therapy there for her new condition (being a paraplegic). She is worried they will kick her out of there before she is ready and she is so weak she’s having problems with the ramp like thing that can help her get in and out of bed into her wheelchair.

Other than that her mood seems good, although she complained about some physical therapist that I think was really worried about her spirits possibly being masked and being at a lower point then she likes to show. At least that is my thoughts, since she said they asked her about a 4 letter word and I am not sure if they asked if it was to be about her or her condition or what… but she said she replied “cr_p” (you can fill in the blank) and then she told me she was only joking but then she got told something negative about her mood or her mental state as a result.

And of course she complains about how hard physical therapy is on her, but then again who doesn’t? lol

Otherwise, Mom was fun, funny, full of stories and loving having the family around her. She went along with my sister placing a big shamrock “tattoo” on her cheek and later with putting on goofy glasses for St. Pats Day. Mom really enjoyed the dinner and especially the soda bread with dinner.

1 from Michelle's Facebook post. Mom and Dad St. Pats Day 2013
The full picture that my sister took of Mom being a sport, that is my father in the St Pats Day hat.

I have to admit that before dinner we had a nice little visit with Mom, at about the time in which I was trying to figure out how to get this low hospital like bed to sit up for her some nurses showed up and kicked us out of the room to help change Mom etc. It wasn’t until this time that, as one of my brothers said, I “sprung a leak”. I stood at first with just my husband and I in the hall and I broke down… my brother, who I think went with his wife and children to go look at the fish somewhere else in the building, came up and I welled up again, just as I thought I got myself under control. Swollen eyes and stopped crying after a great big hug, I then asked for hugs from my 3 adorable nieces and nephews.

I looked up from these hugs and there was my brother, that Mom told me to expect to arrive for one day on Monday from Vermont… oh my heart swelled with joy to see him, as I gave him a big hug and kiss! A few minutes later my sister from New York appeared… what warmth surrounded me as I then threw my arms around her too.

most of my half of the table as we laughed at my nephew for his diving face first into his cake to eat the frosting
Far Left is me,the rest from left to right my brother, my sister, standing over my nephew and than my niece… as this side of the table watch my nephew as he dove face first into his piece of cake to eat the icing. St. Pats Day at the Rehab Center with Mom and Family

All in all we had a great time together and a great Irish dinner of corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, carrots, soda bread and it was followed up by a nice St. Pats Day decorated cake. Unfortunately we cut the visit short as I tried to sneak in 2 pain pills and my husband Rick noticed and said we should go home. I explained that I’ve been fighting a terrible new for the past 3 days and by afternoon and evening I am pretty much bed ridden with such pain I cannot do much. Luckily today is a bit better as my meds are controlling the neck pain and the migraines a little bit better, though I am ready to go lay down soon.

Please friends keep the well wishes coming in for support for my whole family, my Mother and me too… I’ve been grieving some here for my Mother and all she is going through and for her being so weak at 71 pounds. I wish so much that I had the health, wealth and strength that I could use at this time to really help out a lot with everything that this new disability will bring… I want to give my Mother some hope for her future and not feel like she cannot find great times, fun and still do much with being a paraplegic.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I knew I forgot something when we left for Longmont to see Mom, and it was my camera. The pictures in here were from facebook, from my Sister and Sister-in-law.