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Moriarty’s Gem Art – moregems.com Gem Review


Hi folks, today I would like to review a fantastic gem that I received from Moriarty’s Gem Art at MoreGems.com.

Moriarty's Gem Art Logo for MoreGems.com

I received this beautiful gem, it is a Round Cut Praisiolite, and I have to say that the cut on this is exquisite! There is a ton of sparkle to this beauty! The color is the most lovely pale green.

Mariahs gem

This gem is so shiny my little old Canon freaks out while I try to take a good picture, this does the gem no justice, but you get an idea of how it looks. And just think the palest of greens and you’ve got it. Continue reading Moriarty’s Gem Art – moregems.com Gem Review