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Meals By The Week – Review & Giveaway

Hello everyone, I have had the honor and convenience of experiencing Meals by the Week for about a Month now.

What is meals by the week?

  1. Meals by the week is a handy program for busy people,
  2. it gives you the meals for the week in a weekly plan.
  3. it gives you the recipes.
  4. it gives you the shopping list.
  5. it lets you set up the store that you shop at or what special diet need you have (more later).
  6. it lets you print out everything, and you can look at your previous weeks plans (in your archive, at the bottom of your current weeks menu) and print the ones you have chosen from those previous weeks.
  7. it also lets you adjust the servings of the menus (which also adjusts the amounts on your shopping list). You can adjust both the whole week to feed more people (2,4,6,8) or choose one or more meals to double.
  8. it also gives you your side dishes! You can find them in italics in their recipes.

Further when I delved deeper into the Meals By The Week program, I found that you can go in an tell it that you don’t want/like a meal that it has given you and you can have it take that meal off your list and print out.

I also like the fact that they have a “make it cheaper” and it will help you out by letting you print out coupons etc and at the coupon place too you can set up your loyalty cards and other print out coupons (so don’t worry if they don’t support your stores).

All in all my experience has been fun and has saved me money while I shop. I had set up my Meals by the Week for our King Soopers and I have used the menu & shopping list once, thus far. Why once? My husband and I are both disabled, as such we are on a very limited budget, and we do the vast majority of our shopping once a month. We use the menus and coupons at the same time, helping us save even more. Now they didn’t have King Soopers on the Coupons from their “make it cheaper link”, but they did have regular coupons to print out and, of course, I logged onto King Soopers site and I fill my loyalty card with coupons… saving me even more.

I have to say that using the shopping lists has us thinking that we may try to shop at a place that would have more bins full of the products on our list. Why would we want to do that? Because that handy shopping list tells you just how much of a that ingredient you need, so why pick up more that you need to… those could further save us money. So far we’ve been humming and hawing over this, and haven’t decided if the coupons save us more for the stores coupons loaded to our card or if we can even use coupons at the whole foods type of stores. Ah and yes Whole Foods is on their list of Stores you can customize your menus for.

meals by the week dinner 1Clicking on Settings in their site allowed me to go to edit my profile and that allows you to:

Change the usual things such as name, email address, the plan with Meals By The Week that you are on. The coolest part, for me with the edit your profile is that I can go in and decide to click on “Choose Your Store” this brings up a scroll down area that not only includes stores, but it also includes special meal requirements/plans like; 400 Calorie Dinner, Paleo, Price Chopper and Vegetarian. As a matter of fact, I just changed my to price chopper and next release date of my Meals By The Week I shall see the “Price Chopper” menu & shopping list.

All in all, with everyone’s busy lifestyles these days, I think that it will make your weeks easier having your meals all planned out for you. Oh and speaking of easier, they even have what they call this their “Leftover Makeover”. For instance one week I used the recipe for Family Pot Roast which later became a “Leftover Makeover” of Beef Hash. Nummy Nummy! 🙂 And all weekly menus contain the “Leftover Makeover”, which I LOVE! My favorite was actually the Slow Cooker Orange Chicken that turned into your “Left Over Make Over” Meal of Chinese Chicken Salad!

My husband and I may be disabled, but because it’s with chronic pain issues and more, our time in the kitchen can be very tiring and it was a struggle ever few days to decide what we should take out of the freezer and make for dinner.

meals by the week meal 2How did I do my Meals By The Week in practice?

I admit that our budget is so tight that we can shop once a month, so I’ve collected the menus that I love and of course every “Left Over Makeover” and the first dish (for the leftovers) for several weeks and then we shopped for them. I have become the Goddess of Preserving food, since, at the time we shopped, we hadn’t had a full months worth of menus… we picked up some black grapes, that turned out to be sour (oops) and I made homemade grape jam from it, and that has helped with Lunch time. I package all my meats and some par boiled vegies, in vacuum seal bags and potion them out (labeling each one for the menu item on my print out). Sure it takes time, but it saves us money and lets us stock up on foods on sale.

In Conclusion:

It seems that there are so many features there at Meals By The Week, that I don’t think I’ve done it justice. Though I’ve tried to include all the great things about this program, I probably haven’t touched on them all.

I love using my Meals by the Week and I was so fortunate that they gave me a 13 week plan! So nice that, even after this review, I can enjoy the plan and collect the yummy menus and place them in my folder to use again! And the menus, sure I haven’t tried all the “stores” or special meals but I can say that my menus were all superb, and we haven’t been disappointed yet.


Thank you Meals By The Week for the wonderful experience with your program, I can’t wait for my next menu to come up and see what you come up for me!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – Review & Cupcake Recipe

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


I was asked to review Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder made by Kiss Me Organics, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I love trying out my ol’ taste buds on something new and different for me, not to mention that I love to create my own recipes as well.

KissMe Organics Front View of Organic Matcha Green Tea packageI had some unusual products made with Green Tea in the past year, one of which was Green Tea Ice Cream, something that I was curious about but wouldn’t have bought ot for myself for the fear that I wouldn’t like it (we are all watching out pennies now a days, aren’t we?) When this review was offered up I couldn’t help but sign up for this review to see what I could make with it and see if I would like it.

I wanted to learn more about this green tea powder, it’s uses and benefits. I already knew one thing about green tea, it is a very good antioxidant. Being an antioxidant, I had heard that green tea, itself, helps to prevent cancer. Since my husband had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & bladder cancer… we’ve had more green tea around the house, hoping that my husband and I could benefit from drinking it.

Reading the label on the Organic Matcha, I learned a lot about this product, the benefits, some of the uses and more.

Some benefits listed on the label:

Anti Aging – All Day Energy (Energy Booster) – Metabolism Boost (Calorie Burner) – Increase Focus – Improve Skin Health – 137X Antioxidants of Brewed Green Tea

More Information About the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder:

Culinary Grade Green Tea Powder – USDA Organic – Free From Chemicals & Preservatives

A Very Good Reason to make Match a part of your Daily life (I believe this bit of information is so important, that it needed it’s own Heading!):

Evidence shows that EGCG (a strong Matcha antioxidant), can generate NEW BRAIN CELLS by focusion on the part of the brain that deals with short and long term memory.

KissMe Organics Back View of Organic Matcha Green Teapackage
KissMe Organics Back View of Organic Matcha Green Teapackage

At first I just thought the matcha was going to be a form of an instant tea. When I saw the pretty green cupcake on the label, and the mention of baking, my brain started running wild with what Flavors would taste good with the Green Tea. Being cautious with the taste-buds in my household, I thought that a sweet cupcake was the best idea indeed… so at first I thought I would find a combination of Honey and Lemon.

A neighbor had recently introduced me to “Cake Mix Cookies” and told me how simple they were to make. So I decided to play around with a Cake Mix (I chose yellow) for an easy cupcake recipe. I was surprised that my first attempt at this was highly successful! My husband and I both loved my creation (recipe coming up).  I even decided to share 5 of my cupcakes with the neighbors, they all seemed to really like it. One even commented that they would give it an 8 out of 10 but, if I brought more over I would get a 10! lol

The frosting I made for this Green Tea Cupcake was also a hit and we found it added some more fruity sweetness to the cupcakes (this recipe is coming up too!) This just goes to show you how very excited I am to use a product when I create my own recipe just for the review.

I take the risk of posting my creation for all of you my beauties, as well as for  the company that supplied the product (If post my recipe, all I ask for is a link back to my blog in exchange for sharing my recipe). I really can’t wait for some of you to try to make this and let me know what you think of my invention… at the same time I have nervous excitement, after all, it’s my baby and I am setting out into the big wide world to be used and judged by others.

Again the idea for this Cupcake came from a friend telling me about her Cake Mix Cookies & hearing how they just add things to the cake mix cookies to make new and different flavors.

____________________________________________________________________Mariah's Cupcakes Easter inspired side viewMariah’s Lemony, Green Tea Cupcakes, With Blueberry Butter Cream Frosting:

Preheat Oven to: whatever your cake mix recommends for cupcakes & your pan color. (I usually turn down the oven by 25 degrees when it’s a dark pan.)

Mariah’s Lemony, Green Tea Cupcakes:

  • 1 Cake Mix – white or yellow (I used yellow Generic Cake Mix)
  • 1 Large Lemon or 2 Small Lemons – you will be using the Lemon zest & the juice. (I used 2 small lemons, as the only cost me about 54 Cents each and a large Lemon was almost 2 dollars)
  • 1 to 2 Tablespoons of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (I used 2 Tablespoons, but next time I may cut it down to 1, some people weren’t to sure about the green tea aftertaste… personally I liked it).
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon Extract (Optional) I had decided, by smell, that I wanted to add even more lemony kick to the cupcakes
  • & Misc. ingredients called for on cake mix – (I used 3 eggs and the 1/3 Cup of Canola Oil).

1) Lightly Zest your Lemon(s) into a small bowl – (making sure not to get the white part in the zest.)  I set the bowl with the Zest & the Zest tool aside .

2) Squeeze out the Juice of your Lemon(s) into your liquid measuring cup. Add enough water to liquid measuring cup to equal the water amount called for in the Cake Mix instructions.

3) In the small bowl of lemon zest, pour your Lemon-Water Mix over the zester into the bowl (so as not to waste any of the flavor filled zest).

4) With Mixer on very low speed, slowly add your ingredients to the cake mix, scrape the sides of the bowl and once mixed well turn up the blender to the mixers cake setting (on my mixer, that is about Medium speed).

5) Place in Oven, the Cupcakes will be done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean

Once the Cupcakes are cooled you can frost them.

Mariahs Easter Inspired Cupcakes looking downMariah’s Blackberry Buttercream Frosting

For this frosting I was inspired by Wilton’s French Buttercream Frosting Recipe

3/4 cup of Frozen or fresh Blackberries (blend this up well in your blender, if you wish you may strain the seeds out in a fine mesh strainer) <— I have an excellent blender and so I didn’t need to strain the seeds out, you could hardly detect them.

  • 2/3 Cup sugar
  • 1/4 Cup flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 Cup Frozen Blackberries Blended (Optional: you can put through a fine mesh Sieve to get rid of the seeds, I didn’t)
  • 1 Cup butter , softened
  • 1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract


Place sugar, flour and salt in saucepan and mix thoroughly, stir in Blended Blackberries. Cook over medium heat and stir constantly until very thick. Remove from heat and pour into a medium mixing bowl.

Cool to room temperature. Add 1/2 cup butter at a time (cut into several pieces) and beat at medium-high speed until smooth.

Add vanilla and beat well.

Chill icing for a few minutes before decorating.

HINT: For Easter Cupcakes, like I made, add some jellybeans! Nummy!

Iced cupcakes must be refrigerated until serving time.

Mariahs cupcake split in half_______________________________________________________________________

I did a search on ehow for recipes for skin care with Matcha Green Tea Skin… now if you follow this link you will see a huge list of uses for your skin (after the top sponsored links that is) the list of uses for your skin goes from Soap Making to Moisturizers all with Green Tea (Matcha).

I thank Kiss Me Organics for entrusting me for this review, I am in love with their Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder and I look forward to playing with it more as time goes on.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Fun In The Kitchen With Garlic Gold Nuggets & Oil – Review & Giveaway & Coupon Code

Garlic Gold Logo

“WEEEEEE! I was like a child in a candy store… yes, I love garlic and so does my husband. and we’ve often been heard saying to each other, ‘You know what? Needs more garlic!’”

Hi folks, you may recall that while at Joan and Mariah’s Reviews Blog (now closed) Joan had reviewed and fell in love with Garlic Gold. Joan often mentions their products while we talk, on the phone, about our making tasty food and great ingredients that we found.

When I recently decided it was about time I look at the Garlic Gold Website, I discovered that that Garlic Gold Products are Organic, Artisan, Hand Crafted, Gourmet products and this further sold me on trying them out for myself.

Well, I finally decided not only was it time to try Garlic Gold for myself, but, time for me to contact them and see if they would be interested in a review and giveaway on my new blog. I was so happy to receive a message saying yes and giving me a choice of what to try (and giveaway). WEEEEEE! I was like a child in a candy store… yes, I love garlic and so does my husband. And we’ve often been heard saying to each other, “You know what? Needs more garlic!” Hey, I think we’d even say that while eating straight garlic! 🙂

OH ever have a real Chicago Style Pizza and forgo the any other choices of toppings but garlic? I tell you my former Sister-in-law (Elaina, gee I miss her… though my husband’s brother may not like it if I contacted her, but if I could find her I would anyway… teee heee hee) while she was pregnant and I ordered exactly that together once upon a time and the guy behind the counter asked us if we were sure… sure we were sure! It was after all Elaina’s idea and I about did a jig with delight when she suggested it. 🙂 And we both adored that pizza so much we talked about it for a few years afterwards. Okay, so enough of that, I now need to make a note of going to that same pizza place in Broomfield and order that sometime soon.

Now back to the Garlic Gold Products. When I finally made up my mind, I chose the Garlic Gold Nuggets and Garlic Gold Oil. I was very excited when I received my Garlic Gold for this review… I did however have to wait until I was well enough to play around in the kitchen (I had pneumonia and even after I felt better I was still quite weak until this past week). I tried Garlic Gold Nuggets alone (yummy!) and on a few things, on my Salad (instead of Bacos) yummy, I love Love it in my mashed potatoes, loved it even better on top of the mashed potatoes where the crunch really shines for me. At that time, after trying the Nuggets O’ Gold (as I now call them) several different ways, I decided to develop my own recipe for using with them. 

Finally having time and strength to cook creatively, last weekend I invented a recipe for using my Garlic Gold Nuggets and adjusted the way I used to make Bruschetta and for that I used both Garlic Gold products.

I feel terrible sharing first recipe because of recent events, as I did use my pressure cooker… but pressure cooker recipes can be hard to come by and this turned out so tasty. I am sorry if even saying pressure cooker upsets anyone out there and brings back memories of the terror at the marathon, truly I am… skip this recipe and wait for the next one to show up for your reading (later in this post), and check out the coupon code just before the second recipe.

garlic gold nuggets

Mariah’s Pressure Cooker Garlic Gold Nugget Pot Roast:

Closeup of Stew in Bowl

Here is the Recipe that I developed for my slow cooker, now my slow cooker is the kind that sits on the burner (not the type you plug in) and so I felt I could make it all in my pressure cooker. This doesn’t mean that if you pressure cooker is the plug in kind that you cannot try to do the same.


1 (3 pound) Beef Bottom Round Roast – Cut into 2 inch cubes

2 packages of Onion Soup Mix

2 ½ Cups Water

1 Tablespoons of Garlic Gold Nuggets

1 Tablespoon of Parsley

2 teaspoons of dried Thyme

1 teaspoon of dried Rosemary

½ teaspoon of Crushed Red Pepper

½ Cup of Milk

4 Tablespoons of All-Purpose Flour

Spray the bottom of my pressure cooker (or fry pan) with non-stick spray.

Place Pressure Cooker on Burner (or fry pan), turn burner on high.

Place your Beef Cubes into the Pressure Cooker a little at a time, so you won’t over crowd them and you leave enough time to turn them as you put a nice sear on all sides of the beef. Set aside each batch and put in more until you have all your beef cubes browned/seared nicely.


Stew in Pressure Cooker before Cooking
Stew in Pressure Cooker before Cooking

At this time I added the water, then all the herbs, then added the Onion Soup Mix and gave it a good stir until dissolved. Then I added the beef. (at this time all your ingredients will be in the Pressure Cooker except for the Milk and Flour which will come later).

I then covered and locked the lid on my pressure cooker, once the pressure cooker developed enough steam to start coming out the top, I then turned the burner down to medium and cooked for 20 minutes. When the 20 Minutes were up I turned off the burner and let the pressure cooker rest for 5 minutes then I slowly released the pressure (I could lift the valve on top, where the steam comes out with a carving fork) slowly with little spurts at a time, until no more steam was released.

I took the pressure cooker lid off and then mixed up the milk and flour by slowly adding the milk to the flour mixing briskly. Then set it aside.

Turn the heat up to high, waiting for the liquid in the pressure cooker to start boiling. Then add, the milk & flour mixture stirring constantly.

Stir while waiting for the mixture to thicken, when thickened you’re ready to serve.

Stew in Pressure Cooker before CookingThis tasted great with Mashed Potatoes on the side, would have been even better over noodles though. And next time I make it I will add some carrots to the mix. But hey, it was a made up recipe and hard to tell what will happen on the first try. 🙂

While I am thinking about it there is currently a fantastic deal on the Garlic Gold Nugget Sampler – just enter gg25 when you checkout from their online store and you will receive 25% off the regular price… that is just like getting 4 bottles for the price of three! To buy the Sampler CLICK HERE.


Mariahs bottle of Garlic Gold Oil

Mariah’s Garlic Gold Oil Bruschetta:

Mariahs Bruschetta

I love Bruschetta especially in the Summer time, on a hot summer day it can really cool you off! I adapted my recipe for Bruschetta to use with Garlic Gold Oil.

Mariah's picture of most of the ingredients in her bruschetta

Here is what I did:

(Since it was just 2 of used the this below, however we pigged out on the bruschetta, having 2 pieces each… about equal to 4 pieces if french bread were used instead of wide italian bread like I used.)

3 plum tomatoes. I cut the tomatoes into small chunks, use you judgement, mine were cut into about ½ inch chunks.

Add Fresh Basil about 2 or 3 Tablespoons (add more or less to your taste, this isn’t an exact science as I go by what “looks good” and even when I ran out of basil before it “looked good” to me, it has never tasted bad.)

and then I mixed in 1 Tablespoon of Garlic Gold Oil

and one Shake of Garlic Gold Nuggets

Then I set this aside.

Cut Wide Italian Bread into about 4 pieces or 6 if you want more bread and less topping, or if using french bread double the amount of slices (since it’s not as wide a bread). I used Italian Bread for my Bruschetta, it was however bigger in width than I am used to making Bruschetta with, I usually use Italian Bread, but wanted to make it slightly softer than usual.

Cut the Bread into about ¾ to 1 inch thick slices.

Toast one side of the bread under the broiler (I placed mine on a cookie sheet), turn the bread then before toasting that side:


Closeup of italian bread just before toasting under the broiler
Closeup of italian bread just before toasting under the broiler

Use a pastry brush and spread a light coat of Garlic Gold Oil on one side of the bread. I shook on a little bit of Parmesan cheese and a tiny little bit of Garlic Gold Nuggets (optional).

Now toast this, the other side, of your bread.



Once toasted place the tomato mixture on top of the toasted bread and eat! Enjoy!

Mariahs bruschetta served with homemade creamy brocolli soup

I served my Bruschetta with homemade Creamy Broccoli Soup, yummy!

I had so much fun with these products and I simply cannot wait to experiment with more recipes to see what else I can come up with for using Garlic Gold!

And Garlic Gold doesn’t have to be for Adults only, children & toddlers love it too! Check out what the President of Seven Oaks Farm has to say about his Toddler’s Favorites: http://garlicgold.com/about-garlic-gold/kids-love-garlic-gold/
Now for the Giveaway, you can win both of the same products that I tried! This Giveaway is for the US only, must be 18+ and remember to leave a blog post comment (making sure to answer the question on that mandatory entry.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I personally reviewed this product. I received the samples mentioned above for me to test out. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Garlic Gold and me.

Konsyl Original Formula – 100% Natural, Review & Giveaway

Konsyl Header

Hi there everyone, today I would like to introduce your to Konsyl 100% All-Natural Psyllium Fiber Products. I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to try out my choice of the Psyllium products and I gladly said “yes” and picked the “Original Formula”. Continue reading Konsyl Original Formula – 100% Natural, Review & Giveaway

Cook In the Kitchen – Review and Giveaway

Hi there folks, I would like to introduce you to Cook In The Kitchen and some of their wonderful products that I had the privilege of trying out for myself. I was glad to get the invite to try Cook In The Kitchen and see for myself the quality of their products.

While I am new to their products, Joan is not, Joan was sweet enough to add to my stash of products to test a package of The Farmhouse Farmhouse Cheddar Soup Mix, as Joan knows that I love Beer Cheese Soup and I try constantly to either be able to afford all the products I need to make the huge batch or find some frozen in our Colorado Stores, like we had easily found while I lived in Minnesota. And I  must admit that testing out the yummy samples from Cook in the Kitchen had to be first the one that wasn’t intended for the Review as the day was cold and we needed something warming for Lunch.

Cook in the Kitchen Cheddar Soup Mix & sauce pan of made product on the stove

I must say that this was the perfect comfort food as my husband was healing from his Cancer Surgery and for his hefty appetite (that wasn’t lessened by his one Chemo Treatment, as the case may be his appetite was strangely increased, I am sure as part of his healing his body) I had also served him a ham sandwich which as I suspected was the perfect complement.

Cheddar Cheese Soup being laddeled into a bowlNow if I wasn’t so worn out from being the sole caretaker (and I am disabled with chronic pain to top it off) to my husband, I would have made some popcorn in the popper to go over my soup, as when we had Beer Cheese Soup in Minnesota  we would have added popcorn on top. The Farmhouse Cheddar Soup Mix is made from Aged Cheddar and it is a white mix,but don’t let that fool you, it is the most delicious treat with real cheese and buttermilk in it. Yum! Thank you Joan for sharing your soup mix with me! Next time I may try making it with some beer, I bet it would be heaven!

steak grilled with cracked black pepper rub from Cook In The Kitchen served with greens on a plate

Cracked Black Pepper Steak Rub bag & some on steakNow on to what I received for the review and giveaway here. I received and used some packets, first we used the Cracked Black Pepper Steak Rub which we found simply delightful on steaks on the grill as well as using some more for delicious pork loins a few days later. I love the taste of cracked black pepper and it tasted so fresh, I actually like their mix better then a certain store bought ” ‘M’ Steak Seasoning” as this mix tasted fresher and had an extra oomph to it.

Cook In The Kitchen Label for Sweet Onion Dip Mix and bowl of it mixed with sour cream

Next for Thanksgiving I made up a dip and a spread for my family. First I made the Sweet Onion Dip following the recipe. I should have made it the day before as it seemed more to my liking and oniony the following day. But if you are not just serving adults or people that like the usual onion dip this may be the one for you, I think kids would love this freshly made (well made about an hour before my parents came over) as it is nice and mild and sure enough sweet onion in it.

Next came some creativity on my part as we used to always serve and make homemade cheese balls at our house for the holidays. I thought about just mixing the Boursen Cheese Dip into the cream cheese just as directed, but then I thought , “what if I mixed half of the amount called for in first then got out waxed paper for the other half and made the cheese into a ball and rolled it in the the other half?” Progress of Making Boursen Cheese Dip Mix into a Cheese Ball instead of spread Well, I will tell you the first thing I learned, it picked up too much of the spread mix rolling it so I used my hands, that had some cream cheese on them by this time, to pick up some and spread it all over more evenly onto the ball of cheese. Worked well. I do however think I should have added a little bit of red into the color on the cheese ball, next time I do it I may put in a little bit of pimentos chopped up around the ball to add a festive green and red to the cheese ball.

Cook In The Kitchen Boursen Cheese Dip in a Cheeseball

But I tell you no matter what the Boursen Cheese Dip Cheese Ball was a HIT! Everyone went nuts over it’s flavor!



I received several other packets of dips and spreads, from Cook In The Kitchen, that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet, but I wanted to show my creation to you in time for Christmas! Maybe you too will make yourself an easy treat to share with friends and family for the holidays and maybe you can try adding the bit of red to make the cheese ball a little more festive! 🙂 Let me know if you do! 🙂

A BIG Thanks to Cook In the Kitchen for sending all the great packets of dips, spreads and the steak seasoning… Yum!!!

Well folks, now it’s time for the giveaway… Good Luck Everyone! The giveaways is for a surprise variety of products from Cook In The Kitchen. US Entries Only Please.

Sorry Folks this Giveaway is Closed