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My Life, The Soap Opera

Hi there everyone, yes she lives… I sincerely apologize for my absence here and my apologies to the company’s and kind folks that have sent me products for reviews and reviews with giveaways.

Please be patient with me as I can only log in and do bits and pieces at a time, and when I do post here, I will be playing catch up when I can get the time do to so.

I suppose your all wondering what’s going on here? Ok here we go.

My husband was the victim of an assault, on his birthday no less, by some man for no reason at all other then my husband being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically we are dealing with broken dentures,2 breaks in the jaw, a new alignment of his cheek bone, 2 titanium plates & screws done in emergency reconstructive face surgery and a broken shoulder.

WARNING: Some of  you may find the following disturbing to see, it may also take a little bit more time to load as this contains pictures of swelling & bruising from the attack.


Rick my husband on Christmas Eve 2011
Mariah’s husband before assault, taken Christmas Eve 2011

I am disabled too so this has put a huge strain on me and my blogging as we have constant doctor appointments and phone conferences with the DA’s office (they have caught the guy that did this to him), victims compensation (which hasn’t done a thing to help us as we strive to pay the bills and all this extra shopping, doctors, emergency room, surgeons etc…and keep a roof over our heads).


Rick One day After he was Assaulted
My husband, day one after assault. We spent the night sleeping on the couch so he could sleep as Surgeon suggest on a recliner so that his airways hopefully wouldn’t close up from the swelling.


My husband 2 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 2 after he was assaulted.


My husband 3 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 3 after he was assaulted

I apologize as I have not been online much, do to this uncalled for attack by a stranger, and we are still dealing with my husbands bladder cancer at the same time…. my world has turned upside down and I feel as though I am stuck in a soap opera. The brute that did this to my husband is, so far, charged with 2nd degree felony assault and battery and this guy may be going away for 5 years in prison, so we don’t expect that we will get any of the bills paid by him for what he did to my husband either.

My husband 4 days after he was assaulted
my husband, day 4 after assault.

I will try to get to the reviews as soon as I can, as you can imagine I am way behind on everything right now and stressed beyond belief, hoping we can keep our home and not be out of the streets homeless because of this.

I appreciate your patience with me during this traumatic time for my husband and I, thank you so much everyone! Your prayers and good thoughts sent our way is greatly appreciated.

Help for Pain and Comfortable Too – Tommie Copper really helps! Review & Giveaway

Tommie Copper Review & Giveaway

Edit 7/24/14:  Hi There, I have a review and Giveaway of a $50 Tommie Copper Gift Certificate… good through: Aug. 11, 2014! You can find this Review and Giveaway here: http://www.honestlymariah.com/his-hers-tommie-copper-review-giveaway/

Tommy Copper Logo

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity work on review of Tommie Copper Compression Wear.  I picked the compression shirt to help support my shoulders, I’ve been having a serious flare with the bursitis with the additional pain of Fibromyalgia in my shoulder.

I had noticed Tommie Copper on the Television with their Commercial with Montel Williams as their spokes person, with his MS it states that really has helped him with his pain. Well, I admit it, I thought the products sounded too good to be true. Yet I was intrigued and so happy when I along with my friend at Joan (who I worked with on my old blog Joan and Mariah’s Reviews) were invited to try out the Tommie Copper compression T-shirt in June 2011. Joan was fortunate enough to try many of their products and I received a choice of one product to try. Joan mentioned to the representative that I too have Chronic Pain issues, and so they were generous enough to throw in one shipment of a product for me to try too. I was tickled pink at the generosity at Tommie Copper for letting me participate in the review that was initially for Joan alone.

Tommie Copper was the brain child of a guy named Tommie Kallish, who had developed arthritis and tried many different kinds of support available. He did get some relief, however he did discover that these supports where not only thick but very uncomfortable to wear. So he tried many types of fabrics for support and through time he discovered the one that works best for him and that fabric is now being used in Tommie Copper Compression Wear.

Now we know where the Tommie part of the Company name came from, now how about the word Copper in the name? There is Copper in the compression/support wear. You many notice the Cu29 on their logo (the Cu is the elemental number of Copper and the atomic number for Copper is 29). I know from the past, when we tried copper bracelets at home for hubby and me, that copper is supposed to be a healing metal and at Tommie Copper they figured out an ingenious way of placing Copper in their products weave.

Sizing and Ordering my Product for the Review:

The person I wrote to about the Tommie Copper, helped me find the right size, I am large chested with small waist, this makes me person that is hard to fit, she took me down a size in the compression shirt for my waist and it works perfectly.

women's compression wear shirt

Receiving my Tommie Copper:

I received a nice silver toned bag with my Tommie Copper Top in it… I was amazed at how lightweight the mailing bag was.

Wearing the Compression Shirt:

I feel a nice compression with this shirt, I am currently wearing it under my sundress as I type, and it’s helping with my bad shoulder problem. I have a reoccurring case of bursitis in my shoulder, and, of course I recently placed it in a serious flare (be it my Fibromyalgia or my Bursitis) and I have had nothing but problems as I wait for an appointment with my Rheumatologist for steroid shot in my shoulder. This shirt has helped out my shoulder so much that I don’t think I will need the shot after all! 🙂 And I can’t forget to tell you that I have noticed that it does also help with some of the pain in my lower back and behind my shoulder blades.

Time for a little female secret while wearing this shirt, shhhhh…

Gals, does your chest get uncomfortable when it is close to that time of the month? Well with this shirt, it has a lovely V neck, and is stretchy enough that you can just take that neckline and move it over your chest and under your bra, so that you’re not wearing it over your chest at all. It didn’t stretch mine out and made it more comfortable for me during that “just before” time of the month. 🙂 Hey and it helps lift those “girls” up just a little too, hey I may be big chested but it does make you look slimmer that way too. Lol

Washing Tommie Copper:

Try to remember not use your fabric softener when washing your Tommie Copper items as the softening, in the fabric softeners, does not allow the Copper to properly work with your body, it sort of muffles the results you’d get. I one day washed mine in with other clothing and didn’t think about it, the compression still helped some but not as much as when I remembered not to use the fabric softener with it. Now I wash it, make a mental note to myself not to use fabric softener, and I remove the items from the washing machine and air dry them (using drier sheets for the remaining laundry in the dryer).

In conclusion:

I love my shirt, it’s a soft fabric in a v-neck and lightweight enough that it isn’t hard to wear in the high temps outside today, note with the new house I don’t have AC so it’s very hot as we break records today, this holds in a little bit of the body heat, but that is a healing factor that I learned about while I was a dancer. And as I’ve done research on help for my Fibromyalgia, Lupus SLE I’ve read many reports on copper and the healing properties, as well as compression etc… many compression wear was too constraining to wear for any period of time, not with this shirt, I love the comfort, soft compression and not irritating fabric. The Tommie Copper Compression Shirt seems to breath with me, and let my skin still breath. And I love the sylish V-neck! I also love the non-slip band around the top so it doesn’t roll down and drive me nuts.  A lot of thought went into these compression devices!

Added Note 2012: A year after writing this review on the old blog, I received their new compression Tights for women and reviewed them, you can see the review here.




Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed these products. We did not receive any monetary compensation for our review,Tommie Copper provided us with a free samples of their products to review, and we were under no obligation to review it if we so chose. Nor were we under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are ours and belong to us solely. Our thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s & Videos used in this review were provided by Tommie Copper!