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Internet Explorer Security Alert – News

New internet security warning, this one is an Internet Explorer Security Alert.

Yup, now after the Heartbleed Security Risks were widespread, there is news that Internet Explorer has had a problem going back MORE THAN A DECADE! Thanks to the folks who found this vulnerability (at the research firm at FireEye), we at least know about this problem… this problem is so terrible that no matter what Windows version you are using, it won’t prevent the hackers from utilizing this and uploading a Virus to your system.

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"There is a warning out in the US and UK that you should STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER until this browser bug is repaired!

The good news is that there are other browsers out there, personally I use Firefox from Mozilla. Unfortunately some sites I cannot use there forms etc with Firefox, luckily it’s few and far between, so for those few sites I will start using Chrome.

To keep up to date on all this information about hacks, viruses etc,  I subscribe (and not affiliated, nor are they sponsoring this post) to Newsletters from ZDNet, Kim Komando, and several other trust worthy sites. Kim Komando is handy for all this sort of information and she’s highly informative about tips and tricks for using your computer, etc. She even has a wonderful radio show and some other newsletters to subscribe to.

Here is the ZDNet story about this serious security risk to users of Microsoft IE: CLICK HERE

Here is where you can find updates on the Internet Explorer Problem as well as more information on Kim Komando’s site: CLICK HERE

Again, this is just my favorite sites, and I am not in anyway being compensated for this post, other than perhaps helping some of you out by sharing this news with you on my review blog.

Change Passwords Heartbleed- News Announcement

Top News Story of the day Change Passwords Heartbleed is all over the place friends!

Today the news is all over the place with Heartbleed having run like crazy for a long time on many sites. It’s been reported that the NSA has known and exploited this for years… now that it’s common knowledge, it’s time to check on your accounts, the websites to see if the leak has been fixed (no use changing the passwords on sites that aren’t fixed…).

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"To find out more check out this Story on Heartbleed from PC World.

You can check on the Heartbleed leak on the sites that you have accounts with… Here

And more information on Zdnet can be found … Here

Change Passwords Friends
careful out there folks!

The good news on several of the sites that I searched my website is that I am not vunerable here, but may have been… so change passwords if you had signed in to here previously, but I believe that I closed up having members here after a ton of spammers were coming in. Anyway be safe folks!

This has been a News Announcement, as I want to keep you all safe… just in case you’ve been living under a rock and hadn’t heard about this problem. teeee heee  hee. 🙂

Be Safe my friends, and I hope today finds you, healthy, happy, feeling loved and appreciated!

<3 & (((hugs))))


Jumping through hoops to get back to you – news & thank you

Mariah's Thank you Readers Card

Hi all, thank you all for your patience with me, as I strive to catch up on emails and get some reviews (and giveaways) posted. I appreciate you all and your kindness as so many of you have checked up on me with notes (all over the place) full of concern and well wishes for my husband, my Mother and myself. Thank you all… I am so honored to have met such wonderful caring people from all over this beautiful world of ours! 🙂

jump through hoops for you cardI have been jumping through hoops to get back to you and it hasn’t been an easy go of it here. I believe I’ve repaired everything now on my computer… oh lets start with first things first here huh?

A picture of Mariah Lockwood's MotherAs some of you may recall, back in February my Mother became a paraplegic after back surgery. Thanks to the wonderful people that worked hard with her in physical therapy at Life Care in Longmont, my Mother did manage to get a little bit of movement in one leg, however nothing more than slight sensation to it. I had hopes that she would regain strength and control in the leg or perhaps both legs, but no luck and she cannot put weight on it. She has no movement in her waist and one diaphragm isn’t working, so she speaks very softly now.  My Mother finally was released from her rehabilitation recently (late May, I believe) and she went home.

Closeup of Mom on St Pats Day 2013 in Longmont life care center
My Mother in her wheelchair and her huge brace… being a real good sport as she wears goofy St Pats Day Glasses.

I had promised to come up for a week or so to help my Mother and Father out, in their beautiful Mountain home, here in Colorado.

First I cancelled my going up there for my doctors appointments.

Next we cancelled my date to come up, do to one of my 4 brothers, who was coming up with his wife and 3 children. Mom and I knew it would be too much all at once if I too was up there.

Then came a bunch of tests for my husband’s heart, as a result of my husband going in for his disability (problems, and chronic pain in his back) to get epidural injections to ease the tremendous pain he is in. We finally saved up enough money to pay for the shots for the first time in over a year (he is supposed to get his shots about every 4 months or so, when the last set of injections wear off and the pain gets unbearable again). So many things make it difficult for the two of us, being disabled in chronic pain, and on Social Security Disability… yet, on this side note, I must say that my husband and I are frugal, and that we still are smiling, joking, laughing and friendly through it all… most people wouldn’t know how we struggle, if we were to meet them face to face. For that and for the love we have of life, I am so thankful, even if we struggle just to get medications and we forgo many things in order to just get the essential medications for life itself.

Alas, I rambled again… sorry, I am having bad pain day and it’s hard to control the brain… lol, I spend way too long shopping yesterday as we did our Monthly Grocery shopping in one trip (our usual way, as we wait until we pay our bills to know what we can spend & we budget in our end of the month/begining of the month Doctor appointments and try to figure out our cost for medications).  Something as simple as shopping can really wear out people with disabilities & in chronic pain, like us. But I am proud to say I managed to save us just over $100 on our grocery bill from my working with coupons (store and manufacturer coupons together) and the sales at the store. 🙂 Any-who… back to the main topic and the crazy times we’ve been through here, while I was semi absent from the blog and online stuff…. lol

Back to the main topic at hand

My husband went in for his epidural Steroidal injections in his back and they noticed that not only was his heart beating fast, but that it appeared he was skipping heart beats. So here came testing. The surgeon, for the injections, refused (and rightly so) to work on my husband due to the fact that if he got too close to a nerve his heart would speed up more and it could possibly cause a major heart attack. So instead of getting relief for my husbands back, we were told to ask our Family Doctor for a referral to a Cardiologist.

Instead of a Cardiologist, our doctor had decided to run the tests himself… looking at the results each time saying that he didn’t see anything, and reading the results from the tests saying that things looked fine. Yet he wanted, each time, yet another test “just to make sure” and suddenly our Family Doctors Nurse called very worked up and said we needed to see the Cardiologist ASAP because there was something that showed up in the tests. So once again my visit to my Mother and Fathers house, to help out and visit with my parents, was cancelled, this time we didn’t reschedule the visit, due to concern with what was coming up.

History of my husband’s heart (another side note):

In the past we were sure he had a heart attack, the doctor we had at the time even called an ambulance and had my husband whisked off from his office to the hospital. I insisted that my husband stay overnight, although he wanted to go home that night, the doctor had said that they wanted him to stay to monitor his heart. The next morning, before we could leave, they had my husband take a stress test, he passed and there was no sign of damage etc etc… so he left with a prescription for an acid reducer for his tummy instead? Good old Kaiser Perm. left it as that, just kept my husband on the medications for heartburn.

Well with all the tests they took my husband through they found that not only was that past instance, years ago, a heart attack but that he had damage to his heart, scar tissue. And they found that he needed stints placed ASAP and was ordered not to exert himself in any way as we wait for the Cardiologist to have a clearing in his surgery appointments to squeeze my husband in.

hubby after heart surgery
Yes that Tattooed Man is my dear hubby. Here he is after surgery, He cannot remember this picture or the other one where he modeled for it. Poor baby was talkative but sooooo out of it. My job, keep him still, his back hurt laying still for so long and he kept trying to lift his head, a no no after his type of surgery.

Then my husband had heart surgery, with 4 stints placed in and they are watching another vessel in his heart that is still partially plugged, they decided not to place a stint in there since it would possibly do more damage than good (the stints, weaken the vessels where they are placed as they stretch them out). I took care of my husband, and I was unaware of the time and energy that this would consume, keeping him from stressing and exerting himself, otherwise I had thought that I could work on the blog during this time… I was wrong, and I am so sorry. As he started to heal and had some discomfort due to the surgery and the new medications (one medication, they said is a chemical pace maker and the cause of the discomfort as it “re-trains his heart to a new rhythm.”) And that worried us, but our family doctor didn’t seem too concerned when we told him about it.

Finally the Cardiologist cleared my husband to exercise and exert himself some, but he needs to pay attention to his heart pain. I received a call from my Mother, and reported what the Cardiologist had to say, and my Mother expressed that she was, desperate for one of my haircuts and for me to finally visit them. So I waited until after another doctor appointment a few days later, and I went up to my parents house in the mountains. I had hopes of visiting, helping out my Mother and Father (who is doing so very much, between diapers, picking Mom up to place in the bed and in her new electric wheelchair and turning Mom, to avoid bed soars etc.), I also hoped that I could help add some cheer and laughter (as we always, despite anything Mom is going through, manage to  have a ton of laughs) and of course I wanted to cut my Mothers hair. And I cannot forget that Mom and I had plans of doing some craft like projects together as well.

My Mother and Father in about 2010
My Mother and Father in about 2010, before my Mothers illnesses started making it hard for her to eat. Autoimmune problems, they assume.

When I went up to my parents house, I fought the temptation to cry so hard as my Mother is losing weight again and she was having trouble finding words while she was talking, she was so very very drowsy, and super pale.

Day 2 at my Parents House, we got Mom up out of bed for the first time, since I arrived around Noon the day before. I brushed Mom’s hair, and found her lipstick, which I helped her apply and we waited on her haircut since the Home Care Nurse was coming again that day to check up on Mom, checking her blood pressure, heart beats per minute and origination. Come to find out, the nurse had been there the day before and was concerned enough to schedule to follow up the day after. Well Mom didn’t look well to her either and her blood pressure was way too low, her oxygen and beats per minute didn’t look good either so she called the On Call Doctor at my Mothers Doctors office, who was told not only her vitals but the fact that she was so pale she was sort of grey… the doctor said we should go to the Emergency Room right away (by the way, this is a regular thing for my Mother as of late, since she became paralyzed and since she’s been home from her rehabilitation stay, she’s been in the ER a few times, already.)

Dad, Mom and I decided to go to Good Samaritan Hospital, instead of her usual visit to either Boulder Community or Longmont Hospital to see if they not only could help her with the weakness of the heartbeat, blood pressure etc… but to help her and figure out her muscles spasms and terrible pain in one side just at or below the ribs on the one side, which the other hospitals and Mom’s doctors couldn’t help with. Dad and I stayed in the ER as they ran tests, and found phneumonia in her chest, and we waited and waited for them to take her to her hospital room in the ICU. Finally we gave up at about midnight and apologized to Mom who was encouraging us to leave.

Dad and I stayed up talking until about 2 or 3 am in the morning and the next morning we had breakfast at home and then took off right away to the hospital to stay with Mom. This continued until it was the day that I needed to leave to give my husband his Testosterone Shot (yup, saving money on AARP Medicare since this is cheaper than the creme and last year we both hit the doughnut hole, and his was easily hit mid year thanks to the Testosterone Creme).

Mom, is finally home as of a few days ago now, she’s still a little bit out of it but not searching for her words as much. I am home, and had to play catch up on yard etc for a day and then finally I got a chance to log onto my computer and found out that although I was receiving emails, they hadn’t been sending out since this whole thing started in May or June!!!! OMG! Panic, stress AGAIN. Well, searching and searching for a solution, I failed to find any virus, trojan, malware, shareware, etc on my computer, as I used a multitude of programs that I had downloaded over a year ago to my computer. I was thankful that I had Carbonite on my PC so that if I could pinpoint the time of problems I could start over fresh on the computer, just reinstalling programs and the rest of the data would be safe and sound. I was about to use Carbonite for the 2nd time since I subscribed to it a year back (just after I lost everything with my harddrive and then a crash last summer), when I suddenly decided to install a program (that I still had the execute file in my downloads, thankfully since I couldn’t access the internet, or download from it with anything but on my little iPad.) lo and behold, installing a few programs over themselves (Thunderbird for email and firefox for my browsing) and suddenly everything started to work again.

stressed is desserts spelled backward
*sigh* And I’ve gained weight through all this time… time to lose the 7 lbs that I still have (of the 10 lbs I gained) left from my gaining weight. Yup stress eating… my main problem.

Looking at my 4 days of trying to fix the computer problems on my own, we found that it was a shared .dll file that was deleted when I got rid of a program or was corrupted that caused the problem. Yay problem solved! Well, I am almost all settled back in at home and almost have everything caught up from time out taking care of others etc… I am getting back here. We have doctors appointments coming up again this week and next, so a few days away as the doctors visits are quite a ways away from home, but I am back and getting into the swing of things slowly but surely.

I wish to thank you all for your patience as life and loved ones take priority over the blog, and thank you for your patience as I catch up on my emails, my reviews and my giveaways here. I appreciate all the notes to me, to make sure things were okay here, you are too kind my beautiful followers! And I wish to welcome all the new followers to the blog as well, how sweet of you all to come on over and join me and a big thanks to Joan, my friend and former blogging partner for sending over some of her readers to my blog… btw Joan’s up and running with reviews and giveaways again and though she too is going through a lot at home with her chronic pain (lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia just like me) and family stuff, she has the strength and somehow manages to have many great reviews and giveaways up and running on her site. Check out Joan’s blog: http://joans5starreviews.com/

Just don’t forget to come back here soon, as I will be attempting to write  up the newest winners, reviews and giveaways for you all to enjoy! Watch your email (for the subscribers), the blogs Facebook Page and the twitter feed for updates. 🙂

Thank you all again!

Love and hugs,




Question – Do Bad Things Come in Threes?

Honestly Mariah, a picture of me in May 2013
Yup, it’s me, I do need a haircut though! lol
Yes a former Cosmetologist that is waiting to save up for a haircut for the first time in a few years by someone else (other than me).

Is it me, or is the adage of “Bad Things Come in Threes” really true? What about you, do you believe this is the truth in life?

Every time something bad would happen, I used to say that I am “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. However since I married that handsome Marine husband of mine, I’ve learned about the adage “Bad Things Come in Threes,” that old saying does appear to be true (for us).  I no longer feel I can say that I am waiting for the other shoe to drop (although I think it, still)… unless someone happened to have 3 feet! lol

Since learning my husband’s adage and 21 years of marriage, all I can do is start counting when bad things happen. We’ve had such a week and a half here…

The beginning of Bad things Come in Threes

Nothing In Life Is Free

Yes another adage, Nothing In Life Is Free and so it is with the new vehicle we received.

This all started out with the new vehicle that my parents gave me, it wouldn’t pass emissions so we took it to the shop. Seems that some of the hoses were disconnected, one was completely plugged and then re-attached and the hose (or hoses) that were connected were connected in the wrong place (or places). This is why the emissions wouldn’t work, problems solved, right? NO! Now that things were doing what they should they noted that the gas was squirting out and onto hot surfaces… my parents were and we were just plain lucky that we didn’t have a fire or explosion! Now our bill is up to over $800 and with the two of us on Social Security Disability, we live paycheck to paycheck and so the credit card not only gets the charges for our medications but now we will be maxing it out with our newest expense and here we were planning on using the money left on the credit card to put towards a new hot water heater, it’s had a slow drip for a while and you have to run hot water (that is temped at best) for quite a while so the hot water heater will kick in & heat the water to a good temp for bathing, showers and washing dishes. Ah well such is life. We wait on the news of the vehicle still as they look into it further after this long weekend… we hope it’s not a cracked intake manifold or it will be much more… then we don’t know what we will do!

My Laptop “Bad Things Number Two”

Then of course I’ve been limping along with this laptop of mine and the problem with the noisy fan, that is going out (last years record heat in an old house without cooling of any kind wore it out I fear). I did put in an order for the part that I need and expect a call with the thumbs up on their getting it into the warehouse at Dell in a few days. At that time is when we pay for it and finally fix the laptop… I paced around the house as my husband took apart my laptop, keyboard and the hard drive were just some of the parts that had to be removed. I was so worried something would go wrong, but we found out which part we needed to replace on it and then he put it all back together and it’s working. Now we just wait for the part, so still limping along for the time being.

Along Comes Bad Thing Number Three

And of course, you all may have noticed the blog down for a while, then it returned only to disappear again. That was first some place attacking my site with too many requests to visit it or something… they said I was getting over 74,000 hits an hour! So it was a denial of service attack that has ended now.

Then the second time it went down we had a data base error of some sort and they tried to tell me at my host that I would have to start the Blog once again by scratch and rebuild everything from backup from almost a week ago! ARGH!!! GASP!!! Well, discussing this with my husband, during our multiple calls to our Hosting Site (were we pay for our blog to be on their servers), and we decided that it wouldn’t do any hard to go and reinstall WordPress on the blog and sure enough we fixed the problem. WHEW!!!!

Fixing The Bad Things

Well, one problem solved out of 3, and 2 are going to be fixed soon. Lucky for me my laptop part is only $4.99 through Dell and all the other merchants online that sold Dell parts have them for $24 to 40-some-odd dollars. So I am so glad that we found the problem and that I talked to the most helpful person in online chat through Dell’s Sales area… this is a really good thing! And though my laptop is pretty old, for a bloggers laptop which only lasts a lot of bloggers a year or two… we will be repairing the old thing and at a price that is very affordable for two people living on Social Security.

Time For Our Luck To Change

We have high hopes as a local man contacted us on the Old Jeep Cherokee and he has offered to buy us a new hot water heater, install it and take the old one away in exchange for the Jeep. Now he has yet to see the Jeep and approve the barter… but we will possibly be getting our Hot Water Heater taken care of after all! Oh how we hope and pray that the Jeep will be what he wants and needs when he sees it, hey it is a faithful vehicle after all.

This is just a sample of the same sort of luck we have at our home, and we’ve found that bad things come in threes for us.

Bad luck comes in threes, break a match
Something that I never heard of before, but the match breaking would be a kinder gentler sort of bad luck, so why not? lol

While searching the internet, I found what is possibly an old wives tale, a superstition of sorts and perhaps my superstitious husband will take note and do this… hey, it maybe worth a try. lol Break a match, or two after bad things happen, each match break counts as a bad thing. lol

What about you? Do you have a tale to tell?

I’d love to hear what you think, do you wait for the other shoe to drop or do you believe that bad things come in threes? Tell me about it… hey you know misery loves company! 😛

Love and hugs,


Computer Problems Here

Well folks, I’ve had computer problems with my old laptop here, so sorry. I don’t know what to say but I am limping along online when I can, small steps at a time. The fan is very noisy and so I will be online off and on as the computer overheats here… trying to get things done, with a lot of shutting down and letting it rest.

Forgive me, I am so sorry about this. Please follow me on facebook, and twitter etc to see when I get more done here. I am trying to write up a review long hand and get it onto the blog a piece at a time.

This is not fair to the sponsors, so in my on times I will try and set up replies to go out to them and let them know what is going on here.

My friends, your patience is greatly appreciated, thank you.