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New Blog Button Code.

Unanimated Sample of Honestly Mariah Blog Button "Oh! Honestly Mariah"
Just a picture of the button, not the real thing. 🙂 You may get the code below.

It seems I was missing a tad bit of code in my blog button, that should have been included. For those of you that have already posted my button, please consider changing it to the updated code, I really appreciate it.

In case you want to grab and share my blog button on your website or anywhere else… please do, it is greatly appreciated and will help us in the long run, since it may up the blog scores enough to get in some even bigger and better giveaways!

I tried adding the code here and it took out a major part of the code and made it a link… sorry I was trying to help you copy the code here, but it just won’t work… even in visual editing instead of text editing (in wordpress).

Thank you everyone for showing your support by sharing my button!