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TheraPearl Neck Wrap – Review

TheraPearl Logo from Package
I was offered a chance to review the TheraPearl Neck Wrap… a very unique product, that got it’s name from the innovative “pearls” of liquid in these wraps. I was anxious to give this a try and see what it could do for me. The products by TheraPearl are Hot & Cold Therapys and was curious as to how it can manage to go from Freezer to the Microwave to achieve therapy for my aches and pains.

TheraPearl Close up of the pearls in circleAs many of you know I suffer from a multitude of illnesses that cause chronic pain and I am always trying to find something new and innovative to relieve some of the pain. With Fibromyalgia and Lupus SLE (to tell you the truth they are thinking about it actually being Connective Tissue Disease, another form of Autoimmune Disease very close to Lupus SLE) and degenerative Disc Disease. I try not to take my pain meds too often on most days, leaving some extra for those horribly unbearable days. And as such I need something, anything to help relieve the pain, even on the pain meds I need something more, as my body adjusts to the dosages after a while and they won’t work too well.

I thought that this review maybe very helpful to many of my readers here, as I am aware of the Chronic Pain issues that it seems a lot of you regulars go through out there. And I know how everyone has those times in which they need some help with pain, be is sprains, pains, keeping tension in your neck etc. I hope sincerely that this review will help you out and give you a new idea of a product that I tried and worked for me. 🙂 And hey, as we grow older, it seems many of us experience more aches and pains with our bodies, like arthritis and past injuries.

TheraPearl Neck Wrap Box FrontNow Comes in TheraPearl, being that it’s hot and cold therapy it’s perfect, because my different conditions require different treatment, from cold therapy when the bursitis acts up, to heat and moist heat therapy for my degenerative disc disease. What do I do with TheraPearl for the moist heat, is wrap it in a thin damp towel, I personally use my old fashioned Flour Bag type of dish towels for this, this way it doesn’t over saturate my clothing with the moisture.

I had started with using ice bags for the bursitis, and electric heating pad for my neck therapy, however this limits movement some and the heating pad doesn’t conform to the neck and shoulders well. From there I went to home crafted pillows made with millet in them for relief of my pain, but I admit that they flop, are clumsy, and that weight doesn’t help with the pain much, infact, at times the weight can increase the pain level.

And for cold therapy I’ve tried Ice bags, the good old fashioned round ones, but for that I had to ice available all the time and in-between time I had to let the inside of the bag dry thoroughly to keep the bag in good condition. I later switched to the bag of peas, and well, that needs support so stay put which can hinder movement.

TheraPearl Box and Wrap side by sideI have found that using the TheraPearl has freed me up more, so I can move around and not feel constricted to sitting back to support it or worse yet tied to the cord of the moist heating pad and the weight is ideal for painful shoulders and neck.

The TheraPearl Neck Wrap is so thin that I can tuck it in my shirt and answer the door, I really don’t like answering the door to a stranger that when I look vulnerable (perhaps it’s just me or that I’ve just turned 50, but I have heard horror stories) and with the ability to have relief, answer the door and hide the therapy under my shirt actually makes me feel more secure. Okay, silly perhaps, but now a days can we be too careful?

The only down sides to the neck wrap that I found, was that some of my cervical degenerative discs are up higher on the neck and they require moist heat, the wrap, while heated in the microwave, doesn’t conform easily to the upper neck (base of scull) without my tying a scarf to hold it up there. However when I try it from the freezer (2 hours in the freezer gives you 20 minutes of relief) I find it conforms more easily and only a little support is needed for higher up on the neck. And the plastic smell, is more prominent when you microwave it, but it’s a fair trade for the ease of use, for mobility and being able to hide this handy therapeutic wrap.

The upside, it does what it advertises, it gives relief that lasts the perfect therapeutic amount of time (always 20 minutes, as per both the Doctors and Physical Therapists), it does seem to cool gradually as would any microwaveable products for pain therapy. You don’t have a lot of weight added to your neck and shoulders to support and it’s thin enough to hide under your clothing. And the instructions for use are plainly labeled on the TheraPearl, which comes in handy.

All in all, I’d say this is very innovative and great replacement for ice bags, frozen vegetables and for Millet filled microwaveable heat wraps or the old heating pad. I highly recommend this product and hope to one day try their product for lower back pain and knee pain too.

TheraPearl being used on DexterOh yes, and I saw one of the TheraPearls Packs being used on Dexter (yes I am a fan) during last weeks Episode, yes I caught it and I wondered. Then I verified it on TheraPearl’s Facebook Page… Pretty Cool! Even a TV Series supplied an actor with a great product for his “injuries” in that Episode! lol

If you wish to learn more about TheraPearl and all the other offerings for pain relief that they have you can find them on:

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.