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Big Ouchies for Men Skinny Dipping in the News

Hi folks, have you been skinny dipping lately? Me? Well I always wanted to, but wouldn’t dare, the couple of times I was invited. lol Okay, seriously now, it’s been a while since I posted anything from the News other than recalls related to my readers health. This time I am posting about another health risk, okay death warning.

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"My husband told me about this story this morning and he posted about it on his blog (the link to his post is near the bottom on this post). This news story made me cringe and shocked me… and the story was very upsetting to my husband imagining this terrifying death to skinny dipping men.

Pacu fish TeethThere is a fish in the news that was native to South America, it’s called the Pacu Fish. These fish are related to Piranha (but much larger than the Piranha growing up to 55 lbs). The Pacu likes to eat coconuts that falls from the trees. Well, it’s been found in the US now, as people put their “pet” fish, for whatever reason into our lakes. Well, these teeth on the fish look human and they have killed some men who skinny dip!

Well, I guess the Coconuts and ummm for the lack of a better word (and very appropriate for this post) ummm… they look at “nuts” and mistaken them for their favorite eats! The men attacked by these fish have bled to death. Can you imagine? YIKES!

mens chainmail thongHere is the thoughts and perspectives on this from “The Old Fat Man“, my husband, and I thought you may enjoy reading his post. 🙂 The Old Fat Man, recommends chain-mail thongs, and I think that, if you must swim naked men, I’d recommend a good shave… perhaps would help. I found the picture below while looking for 2 coconuts side by side for this post and I started ROFL, so I had to include it here (below).

Coconuts and a Razor

Mothers Day Gift 40% off Coupon Code for Aprons


Coupon Code for Mothers Day Gift giving at Flirty Aprons,

this is not just 40% off (like the one earlier this month) Now a coupon code with free Domestic Shipping too!

These Aprons make a great Mothers Day Gift, as well as gifts for anyone else who cooks, bakes or grills.

Let me introduce you to my Favorite Company for Aprons, “Flirty Aprons”… I received a Flirty Apron as a gift, I was told ahead of time what to expect shipped to me from the person that sent it (since it was going to be late for my birthday). I was so very excited! I have fallen in love with some of their Aprons and have shared the links with Friends and Family, it seems that so many love these Aprons, even the guys, the aprons for the men are made of very sturdy material and have wonderfully funny sayings on them… I love the one that says “I Turn Grills On”.

So you don’t have to wait to find the link and the coupon code, I am placing it here (and again near end of this post):  40% Off + Free Domestic Shipping (First Class & Priority)  This offer is Good through 05/05/13. Easy Coupon Code (just Copy and Paste this upon checkout) MOMSDEAL40

A great Mothers Day Gift Idea. This is a Beautiful Apron with an Oriental Flare in Cherry Blossoms.  The colors are in Black and Red with white background, from flirty aprons on sale now to save 40% off with the coupon code

Well the person that sent me my Apron, evidently had her own favorite and it really didn’t match favorites at all. I sighed with disappointment after all the build up of expectations… that is until I tried this Apron on and looked in the Mirror! My heart was lifted as I was hoping for a totally cute pattern on the apron and in cheery colors, not black. Why did my heart lift? It looks so adorable that even as a more understated less vibrant or cutesy in color and fabric pattern that I’d choose for myself, this apron was still very striking and flattering! As a matter of fact everyone that has seen my apron loves it and they gasp at the beauty of it when I put it on, asking repeatedly what place they can purchase from.

I have had to write down the website link for all my family and friends before they left my home… when I play hostess I get distracted but before they would leave, I would get my hug and either a request that I write down the place to purchase these or a card shoved in my pocket with a reminder on it to email them the information and share with them any sales I find. lol In other words I may forget that they want the information, but they are sure to remind me before they leave. 🙂 The requests come from all sorts of people from young women to older women (one a Great Grandma) and all shapes and sizes, yes I must be a good sales person for these Aprons since I often show too how very very long the tie around the waist is on these Aprons, even a very big friend of mine (from the apartments I lived in before I moved) is well over 300 lbs and she could easily wear these aprons.

Mothers Day Gift Idea. This is the Women's Brown polkadot and pale blue apron.

Needless to say I am in love with the Women’s Aprons from this company. They are so cute and each design is so unique that you are sure to find an Apron for any taste and any age.

These Are Not only Great Gifts for Mothers Day, stock up for others while you can really save.

Do like I do and start up your own “Gift Box”

I am up to several Gift Boxes Now. I label each item for whom I had in mind for the gift and I have a miscellaneous box with gifts for surprises or special occasions (from New Mothers & their babies, House Warming gifts, to Hostess Gifts). You could also start your secret gift stash for your sweetie and children too… nothing wrong with getting something that locks (they have those foot lockers for college students that you can lock) and stashing gifts in there for those people living with you! *wink*

Flirty Aprons carry cute bibs for the babies as well as Aprons for the whole family! And that’s not all, they have wonderful looking oven mitts and the cutest gloves for washing dishes (& housework) too! Think of that Gal in your life that gets manicures and loves to have beautiful nails, help her keep them by adding in a lovely oven mitt and rubber gloves to go with that apron. Caution Guys don’t you DARE give her just the rubber cleaning gloves, she’s bound to get quite upset… instead get her instead a whole set, oven mitts, gloves and an apron, this will make the gift extra special!


Okay here is the info you have been waiting for:

40% Off + Free Domestic Shipping (First Class & Priority) Good through 05/05/13 Use Code: MOMSDEAL40

Remember your Mothers Day Coupon Code! Just Copy and Paste —-> MOMSDEAL40

I hope to add my pictures to the blog soon, it seems my camera didn’t want to work to well the other day, and I need to wash my apron again before trying this again.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored product review, as I already have owned the product for about 2 years now as a gift. Non the less, I, Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received my Flirty Apron as a gift from a friend.  I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Flirty Aprons.

Medicare Advantage Plan Thru AARP – Testosterone Treatments


Hi there friends, I know strange subject for me to blog about, but I want to share some experiences with people that may benefit from it.

Some Background:

As some of you know, my husband and I are both disabled, and finances are always tight here with our health care and our being on Social Security Disability.


As a result of my husband’s bladder cancer, and the hospital he had the tumor removed at leaving in the radioactive liquid in my husband’s bladder too long and my husband’s massive treatments years ago for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with all the radiation there too (or at least this is what doctors suspect as the culprit) my husband stopped producing Testosterone.

Shot, needle and bottle picture

Creme Versus Injections:

The good news is that low or no testosterone problems are perfectly treatable and there are choices out there for men with this problem. There is a cream out there that helps a lot, however it costs so much money that between that and my husband’s other medications we couldn’t afford to keep up the cream as my husband hit that notorious doughnut hole early last year. After talking to the Pharmacist and doing much research into his plan through AARP we realized we could afford a treatment, injections. Injections that he can’t give himself… YIKES!

Note: for those on a plan like my husband’s plan, check into getting the larger bottle of Testosterone for the injections ordered by your doctor, the small ones cost the same as the larger ones on our plan. So we asked the doctor to order a larger bottle for us.

Sexy NurseMariah’s Plays Nurse (maybe I need a sexy nurse costume?)

Yup, I had to have the nurse, at the Urologists office, tutor me in how to give an injection in my husband’s rear. It was explained to me where the placement of the Sciatic Nerve is located, how to find the correct placement, dividing the butt cheek, visually into quarters and how to ready the needle and get it into the skin.

picture showing where injections in the butt go.

For a tattooed guy like my husband you may not believe this, but he hates shots (tattoos are quite different from getting a shot, really it is) but every two weeks I must inject him with this drug. I was so very scared to do to give him a shot that we put it off… welp, last week I finally did it. I cleaned the area with a cotton ball soaked in Rubbing Alcohol and readied him for the injection, warning him as I recalled “don’t push…quick motion…” and I did it. After I finished injecting him, I realized I had been holding my breath all along, and as my husband announced “I’ve had worse” I broke down and cried.

I still shake when I think about it, but for this minor inconvenience the lack of paying a premium for the cream, worrying about coming into contact with not only the cream but the bottle it came in or the area that he applied it, it’s worth the savings to go with the injections. And I am proud that I could actually do it, I fear so much hurting anyone that I didn’t think I could give him the shot, but I know how important it is to his feeling of well being as it helps greatly with mood, energy, heart health, weight control and our time together in the bedroom. We are aware of the risks of treating my husband with Testosterone but thanks to our wonderful Doctors, they are monitoring his Prostate with blood work on a regular basis.

Just thought I would share this, hoping that it may help others out in a financial situation like ours, we have to seriously budget everything and many times do without things to take care of our health, just this one change in the type of Testosterone is going to help us out a lot financially. And hey, I actually did it… this is my proverbial self pat on my back here. lol

Here is wishing you all, Happiness and Good Health!



ToiletTree Hosting a Giveaway for “Movember”!

ToiletTree Logo

ToiletTree is hosting a giveaway for a great cause!


I have to say, I just love the folks at ToiletTree, what a lovely group of caring people!

Below is information about this Event and the Giveaway…Thank you ToiletTree for notifying us of this super event, this touches close to my heart here as my husband has 1 year survived his bladder cancer. And they are keeping their eyes on this area with scopes every few months, as well as watching the locations near where his cancer was, his left kidney and his prostate. Thank you ToiletTree for being such lovely caring people!      ~Mariah Lockwood

Movember Event Movember Participate and enter giveaways!

Yearly, during the month of November, the event called “Movember” is responsible for the growing of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, all over the US and around the world! With their Mo’s, men  are raising awareness and funds for serious men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

This year ToiletTree is taking part in this since it is a great cause and also hits them directly as they are celebrating their co-owner Gary being 5 year cancer free… CONGRATULATIONS GARY!!!!

Movember Participate for a great cause and Enter to Win great Giveaways.

ToiletTree has a few things going on to support this cause:

  • The Movemeber Giveaway: Anyone can enter this contest for the chance to win a ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror.
  • The Grand Prize Movemeber Giveaway: Anyone who enters the contest above, and then donates $10 to the ToiletTree Products Movemeber team gets the opportunity to win over $200 in prizes from ToiletTree. (ALL money raised gets donated to the cause)
  • Movemeber Stache’ Contest: Any man (or woman!) out there who is participating in Movemeber and uploads their picture to the Stache’ Contest page on our Facebook has the opportunity to win over $100 in prizes at the end of the month. Whoever has the most “likes” on their picture wins!
  1. You can visit ToiletTree on Facebook to enter all of these contests!
  2. To learn more about Movemeber you can visit their website: http://us.movember.com

While you are at it Friends, would you please share this Event, Worthy Cause and Giveaways with others by Tweeting and posting on your Facebook pages, and blogs about this too? Thank you! 🙂

Sample Tweet:

Please RT: What is #Movember, what does it have to do with #Men’sHealth, #Moustaches & #Giveaways? http://ow.ly/fmfzl #win @ToiletTreeProd

Buy Costumes Online with BuyCostumes.com – Review

Hi folks, it’s that time of year again, the time of year when parents are looking in the stores for costumes for their children & we fun loving adults too wish to dress up for the Halloween Parties, taking kids Trick or Treating etc. And I am pleased to share with you an online supplier of a great deal of costumes for all shapes and sizes of Adults and Children, BuyCostumes.com.

buy costumes dot com clown logo

I have had the privilege of choosing a costume for myself and my limit was to spend up to $40.00. I searched this site and they had a lot to choose from within this price range, I of course found myself drooling over many of the costumes. They have costumes for everyone and for your pets too. Some examples of their Costumes, just to name a few:

buy costumes dot com hot heros adult costumes Continue reading Buy Costumes Online with BuyCostumes.com – Review