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Meals By The Week – Review & Giveaway

Hello everyone, I have had the honor and convenience of experiencing Meals by the Week for about a Month now.

What is meals by the week?

  1. Meals by the week is a handy program for busy people,
  2. it gives you the meals for the week in a weekly plan.
  3. it gives you the recipes.
  4. it gives you the shopping list.
  5. it lets you set up the store that you shop at or what special diet need you have (more later).
  6. it lets you print out everything, and you can look at your previous weeks plans (in your archive, at the bottom of your current weeks menu) and print the ones you have chosen from those previous weeks.
  7. it also lets you adjust the servings of the menus (which also adjusts the amounts on your shopping list). You can adjust both the whole week to feed more people (2,4,6,8) or choose one or more meals to double.
  8. it also gives you your side dishes! You can find them in italics in their recipes.

Further when I delved deeper into the Meals By The Week program, I found that you can go in an tell it that you don’t want/like a meal that it has given you and you can have it take that meal off your list and print out.

I also like the fact that they have a “make it cheaper” and it will help you out by letting you print out coupons etc and at the coupon place too you can set up your loyalty cards and other print out coupons (so don’t worry if they don’t support your stores).

All in all my experience has been fun and has saved me money while I shop. I had set up my Meals by the Week for our King Soopers and I have used the menu & shopping list once, thus far. Why once? My husband and I are both disabled, as such we are on a very limited budget, and we do the vast majority of our shopping once a month. We use the menus and coupons at the same time, helping us save even more. Now they didn’t have King Soopers on the Coupons from their “make it cheaper link”, but they did have regular coupons to print out and, of course, I logged onto King Soopers site and I fill my loyalty card with coupons… saving me even more.

I have to say that using the shopping lists has us thinking that we may try to shop at a place that would have more bins full of the products on our list. Why would we want to do that? Because that handy shopping list tells you just how much of a that ingredient you need, so why pick up more that you need to… those could further save us money. So far we’ve been humming and hawing over this, and haven’t decided if the coupons save us more for the stores coupons loaded to our card or if we can even use coupons at the whole foods type of stores. Ah and yes Whole Foods is on their list of Stores you can customize your menus for.

meals by the week dinner 1Clicking on Settings in their site allowed me to go to edit my profile and that allows you to:

Change the usual things such as name, email address, the plan with Meals By The Week that you are on. The coolest part, for me with the edit your profile is that I can go in and decide to click on “Choose Your Store” this brings up a scroll down area that not only includes stores, but it also includes special meal requirements/plans like; 400 Calorie Dinner, Paleo, Price Chopper and Vegetarian. As a matter of fact, I just changed my to price chopper and next release date of my Meals By The Week I shall see the “Price Chopper” menu & shopping list.

All in all, with everyone’s busy lifestyles these days, I think that it will make your weeks easier having your meals all planned out for you. Oh and speaking of easier, they even have what they call this their “Leftover Makeover”. For instance one week I used the recipe for Family Pot Roast which later became a “Leftover Makeover” of Beef Hash. Nummy Nummy! 🙂 And all weekly menus contain the “Leftover Makeover”, which I LOVE! My favorite was actually the Slow Cooker Orange Chicken that turned into your “Left Over Make Over” Meal of Chinese Chicken Salad!

My husband and I may be disabled, but because it’s with chronic pain issues and more, our time in the kitchen can be very tiring and it was a struggle ever few days to decide what we should take out of the freezer and make for dinner.

meals by the week meal 2How did I do my Meals By The Week in practice?

I admit that our budget is so tight that we can shop once a month, so I’ve collected the menus that I love and of course every “Left Over Makeover” and the first dish (for the leftovers) for several weeks and then we shopped for them. I have become the Goddess of Preserving food, since, at the time we shopped, we hadn’t had a full months worth of menus… we picked up some black grapes, that turned out to be sour (oops) and I made homemade grape jam from it, and that has helped with Lunch time. I package all my meats and some par boiled vegies, in vacuum seal bags and potion them out (labeling each one for the menu item on my print out). Sure it takes time, but it saves us money and lets us stock up on foods on sale.

In Conclusion:

It seems that there are so many features there at Meals By The Week, that I don’t think I’ve done it justice. Though I’ve tried to include all the great things about this program, I probably haven’t touched on them all.

I love using my Meals by the Week and I was so fortunate that they gave me a 13 week plan! So nice that, even after this review, I can enjoy the plan and collect the yummy menus and place them in my folder to use again! And the menus, sure I haven’t tried all the “stores” or special meals but I can say that my menus were all superb, and we haven’t been disappointed yet.


Thank you Meals By The Week for the wonderful experience with your program, I can’t wait for my next menu to come up and see what you come up for me!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Lent is here, I have found a Long John Silvers Coupon Page to share

picture of a cross, bowl, palms, eucharist with the word Lent at the bottom

I have been searching high and low for coupons and Lenten specials for around Colorado with no success. Amazingly enough many archdiocese do have listings of Lenten Specials for their congregations, all around the US, but I failed to find one around my area.

Its frustrating trying to find any special deals this year, perhaps they don’t think anyone adheres to their religion any longer? Oh come on. I suppose there is a chance that perhaps, the fast food places and restaurants around the area are so hard up for cash that there are no offerings for us Catholics that observe Lent. Still I can’t imagine why they don’t take advantage of the season and run special prices or coupons, this would bring in more people, like me, that usually don’t go out to eat or buy fast food very often.

I at least found this page for Long John Silvers. Now if only the place near us will honor it since the fine print does say “at participating Long John Silvers” so I shall see.

Well enough of my ranting and ramblings, here is the Link to the coupon page I found, I hope they honor it for you.

For your printable coupons CLICK HERE

I will post any lenten specials and coupons that I find on my blog to share with you, if I happen across any.

Easy Meal Share – I purchased & tried Kraft Fresh Takes – yummy!


Southwest 3 Cheese Recipe of Kraft Brands Product Fresh Take the package

I there friends, what an easy meal for my hubby and I, a while back a neighbor told me all about Kraft Fresh Takes (in the refrigerator section at the grocery store) and I just had to try it. I told my husband all about it and so we sought out the product to purchase and try at home.

We had defrosted from pork chops from our freezer, for using with this, we decided to try the “Southwestern 3 Cheese Recipe” that night.

Southwest 3 Cheese Recipe of Kraft Brands Product Fresh Take inside the package two sections and instructions.

Looking at the back for the package I was worried at first that their were not any instructions, the instructions were found on the ziplock enclosed bag.  I preheated the oven and used my spray oil on a cookie sheet.

The package comes with 2 sections, one with the cheesy ingredients (gosh I have a real craving for cheese sometimes, perhaps it is because I was born in Wisconsin) and the other is the breading and seasoning mix.

Southwest 3 Cheese Recipe of Kraft Brands Product Fresh Take inside the package opened showing cheese and bread seasonins sections.

You then open up the middle of the ziplock bag, pulling it apart to mix the dry bread and seasoning ingredients with the cheese. Now I took the pork chops one at a time and placed them in the bag and gave them a good shake… previous to placing them in I did put a quick rinse on the pork chops to help the ingredients stick well.

After all the chops were coated, I followed the instructions and placed the spare topping on top of the chops. I baked them in the over for the time as directed and used my electronic probe thermometer to test the temp to make sure the pork was up to 160 degrees… all was well, the timing with my oven was right.

Southwest 3 Cheese Recipe of Kraft Brands Product Fresh Take the finished product on plate pork chop,with mashed cauliflower (side salad not show)

I have to say that the pork chops were very easy to make and delicious to eat, we simply love this product here at my house. I thought I should share a quick review of this self purchased product with you all… if you love the ease of shake and bake, and the flavor of cheese, I don’t think you can go wrong with this product. We served this with the Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes” recipe from South Beach Diet (we love this more than actual mashed potatoes) and a side salad… I wish I pictured the whole meal back then but I did not.

I Mariah, reviewed this product, I am not affiliated with Kraft and I was not compensated for this review in any way, I purchase this myself. All pictures enclosed are my own.

Kids Eat Free/mostly Denver but a few National Chains listed.

Ok, we are warming up FINALLY in the Denver Area… but now of course we have snow! Why am I so surprised? It was a mild mild winter until this past week or so, and of course now it’s February so we are making up for it!

So here is the latest that I found online, now this is for the Denver Area but of course there are Chain Restaurants listed that may also apply for other areas… so check it out and call in your area to see if these offers apply there too!
Debbie’s Deals: Kids Eat Free (Updated!) – Money News Story – KMGH Denver

Luv, hugs & keep warm & dry,