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Homemade Halloween Face Paint – Healthy Skin and Eye Popping Color

How to make homemade Halloween Face Paint that is Healthy for your Skin and yet has the boldest colors.

I am thinking about my Halloween Costume and Makeup as we proceed into the month of October.  Every Costume needs the face to go with it, forget the mask and create your own one of a kind look to go with your costume! Here, with the help from some friends and their generous permission to share their pictures, I will show you some ideas and how to make your own bold and beautiful face paint.

Store bought face paint not only tends to have diluted colors but they contain a ton of additives that are actually bad for your skin and shouldn’t be used again next year.

For those who are frugal minded, like me, there is more use than with store bought face paint. This is a mixture of products that women use every day (men and teens don’t miss out either with the Refresh), … so no waste! And the pigments can be put away for next year too!

I am super impressed with products by Younique, here is why:

Younique Product features
This is why I love Younique Products

I am now an Independent Presenter for Younique and I some friends with Younique have shared their creations using the Pigments and Refreshed together to create face paint. Yes, you can use this professional grade intense Pigments and Refresh to create your own custom facepaint, not only will the colors be more intense than those bought at the store, but it is healthier for your skin than those store bought face paint.  You can also mix your pigments to create your own variations of color and let your artistic creations really pop!

My friend Debbie and her before and after, using Homemade Face Paint (the products used were all from Younique)

Homemade Face Paint made with Younique Products

Here my friend Alesia, used the homemade mixture for healthy, vibrant face paint on her daughter, using the pigments and refreshed and the lashes were extended to super long with 3D Fiber lash!Halloween Face Paint Bold Pigment Healthy Skin 1

For the glamorous look, don’t forget to make those eyes pop too with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, it’s a wonderful 2 mascara tube kit that will make you forget about fussing with false eye lashes. And for those of you with oily eyelids, like mine, you won’t have to worry about them falling off or needing to carry the lash glue around with you and chance at it leaking in your purse, pocket or *cough cough COUGH* cleavage *cough* and have it leak and make a yucky sticky mess all over everything.

Here is another look from my friend Debbie, she also used Younique products to make her homemade Face Paint:

Homemade Face Paint made with Younique Products

So there you go friends, some fun ideas for making your own face paint using Younique products! The pigments are highly pigmented so those colors are sure to pop, and mixing it with Refresh? Well there are a lot of great benefits to using Refresh here are some:

Refresh Rosewater from Younique


 Disclaimer: I am NO LONGER an Independent Presenter for Younique. I had a death in my family and as a result I didn’t sell enough products to keep my position… wish I knew that would happen if a family emergency came up! 🙁

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Whiplash Lash Curler – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I found the perfect eyelash curler for me, it’s called Whiplash. I am so very ahead of myself here, lets start off with some history and a statement from Crave Naturals, the creators of the Whiplash Eyelash Curler.

Here is the short story from Crave Naturals on how Whiplash came to be:

“The founder and CEO of Crave Naturals was looking for the perfect eyelash curler after using so many poorly made, flimsy, hard to hold lash curlers so she tested several designs before she chose the design for Whiplash.”

Mariahs Whiplash curler
My Whiplash Curler

Features of Whiplash Eyelash Curler (quoted from the company):

100% Pinch Free
No more pinches, flinches and goosebumps from curling your lashes. Curling your eyelashes should never been painful.

Ergonomic Handle
Provides for full control and ease of use.

80%Increase in Curl
Lashes will make your eyes pop and stand out.

Closure Latch
perfect for traveling and storage in your favorite makeup bag.

Advanced Top Bar Design
fit all eye shapes and sizes, so no lashes get left behind.

Money Back Guarantee
We are so certain you will love your Whiplash, we offer a Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied.

My Eyes and Eyelashes: (singing to myself, “snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…these are a few of my favorite things… “)

I’ve searched high and low for a great eyelash curler, I have hooded eyelids (heavy lids). As a result of my hooded eyes, I have been searching high and low for solutions for hooded eyes (without surgery.) The solution, for me, is anything that would help bring out my lashes so my eyes would pop.

Luckily for me I have fairly long eyelashes, however they don’t curl on their own and the hooded lids hide them to a certain extent…. my eyelids are so hooded that I had a beautiful Asian dentist once, who I admired her lash extensions on her and while we were talking about the outrageous price to have them done, she told me that “OMG, you have Asian Eyes!”

I’ve tried false eyelashes:

The old fashioned false eyelashes are hard to put on and if you have oily lids like I do you cannot depend on them to stay on at all. Nothing like wearing these strip eyelashes and having one side or another lift off the eyelid, how embarrassing and it’s only funny if you were Lucille Ball.

My Mother told me about the do it yourself false lashes that can stay on for up to 3 weeks, her nurse at the hospital had them on and they were beautiful! (Yes, even this old lady still listens to her Mother.) HOWEVER the small groups of eyelash falsies, have a downfall… you can see the adhesive and you can feel it scratching at your eyelids. They are even more difficult to put on than the old fashioned strip false eyelashes and they work best if you do not use mascara with them as it can dislodge them easily with the mascara wand. and washing off your mascara you are most likely removing the lashes, most all eye makeup removers contain oils and this acts as a solvent, removing the adhesive.

I haven’t tried having my lashes done professionally, as I mentioned above, it’s just so very expensive to have done.

After trying the above and ruling out one alternative, I came to one conclusion:

I had to try and find a eyelash curler that worked for me. And hopefully I would find one that I would actually use more often then the pinchers, that I did have.

My Personal Eyelash Curler Story (from years ago… I won’t say how many. Lol):

When I was a teenager I used my eyelash curler one day while getting ready for school and it pinched my eyelid so terrible that I forgot myself and yanked the curler away fast… the results, I pulled out most of my eyelashes on that eyelid. And for quite a while afterward I had to disguise the fact that I was walking around without eyelashes on that lid. I used eyeliner and stopped wearing my contacts for a while, hoping that no one would notice. Luckily for a teenager with low self esteem, no one ever said anything, though I am willing to bet they noticed. As a result of that experience, I have a fear of doing the same thing myself again. I have been searching for a non pinch eyelash curler ever since.

My Search for the Perfect Lash-curler:

Mariahs old eyelash curlers
My past eyelash curlers (1 to 3 from Left to Right). These are going to the eyelash curler graveyard as we speak.

Before I received my eyelash curler from Crave Naturals, I have had 3 seldom used eyelash curlers in my arsenal.

One eyelash curler was the old fashioned flimsy metal lash curlers that still pinched.

The Second lash-curler was a super small lash (width wise) curler that I could use, as long as I was careful, without pinching but took many many repeats across the eyelashes to get the whole row of lashes curled and this little item was still flimsy.

The third lash-curler was a cheap plastic folding eyelash curler, that was compact enough to travel with, but being made cheaply it could break fairly easily and it also pinches the eyelid.

Mariahs Whiplash curler and box
Isn’t this box simply wonderful. I say it’s as wonderful as the curler it self! LOVE IT!

Finally I found the perfect eyelash lash-curler:

When I received the Whiplash Lash Curler I was skeptical since I had searched, for a majority of my life, for the perfect eyelash curler, but I was more than happy to try!

The box with my Eyelash Curler in it is so cute with it’s Graphic Novel or Comic Strip looking Woman on the label, I have even kept the box and will probably display the box on a shelf with the extra rubbers in it. No, no no, not that kind of rubbers, but the kind that are used in the eyelash curler. Speaking of the rubber inserts for the curler, this beautiful eyelash curler comes with 5 extra replacement pads for this beauty! The most I had ever gotten was one with my eyelash curlers, if I got any.

I have to say I was tickled as pink as the rubber pads and handle on this beauty, knowing that it came with 5 additional rubber pads… I do think that I may squeezed too hard on the curler as I had one of the pads actually break (after several very successful uses previous).  Upon changing the rubber on this curler, I discovered that these pretty pink pads feel less cushy than the ones that were on my other lash curlers. Interestingly enough each of these little pads already comes indented in the middle where the metal curler meets up with the pad. Perhaps his indentation along with the fact that the rubber is less pliable than on other curlers was partly the cause of the breakage? I’ve been more careful ever since this happened and I haven’t had another one break on me yet.

The area you insert your fingers into is the most comfortable fit & comfortable to squeeze as compared to all other lash curlers I’ve ever tried.

Their claim that your lashes will last curled up for a long long time, is without a doubt true for me. In the past I’ve had to use my blow dryer or extra extra carefully, us my curling iron to heat up the curler (without the curling iron touching the rubber pad) to get a good curl, with this lash curler I get that extra long lasting curl without the fuss.

And most importantly I can use this curler without worries of pinching my lids, and now I have a curler that I use much more often than any other one I’ve owned.

Before I forget, for those ladies that are new to using an eyelash curler:

the best way to use them is not just once on your lashes. Start at the base of your lashes, hold for a few seconds, then go up further on the lashes and repeat, you will have better results as you then have added a nice curl throughout the lash instead of just at one portion of you lashes. 🙂

OH and hey… This Eyelash Curler is a real beauty don’t you think? What girl couldn’t resist that?

Do you have any interesting stories about using eyelash curlers? If so, please comment below, I always love to hear what you, my beauties, have to say. 🙂

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sigma Beauty – Sale Through Sept 30th – 10% off with our code!

Sorry Expired, please do check back to see if the new blog will be an affiliate for Sigma again, right now Joan and Riah’s lost it’s affiliate status even though we were invited. Strange huh?

We are an affiliate with Sigma Beauty and I’ve noticed that they currently have a sale going on, it’s good through September 30, 2012. I just knew that our beauties here at Joan and Mariah’s would love this sale!

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To make is simple for you the code is SORRY EXPIRED (since Sigma now denied us to affiliate with them once again…so sorry, so the old code won’t work, guess we met their traffic and then they changed their minds).

Highly Pigmented Pro Grade Cosmetics – Coupon Codes for Our Readers

We love These Cosmetics!

I have been using these Cosmetics for quite some time and Joan has started using them this Winter too… it’s love at first sight! 🙂

We approve of their products, they are highly pigmented, professional grade cosmetics.

Have you ever wondered how the magazines and TV Shows get peoples makeup to look like they do?

Do you want to relax and play with your makeup, like makeup artists do or like a little child would, if they got into Mommy’s Makeup… relax have fun and PLAY folks!

I have so much fun with their Cosmetics, whether I am aiming at a subtle/natural look or or a dramatic look, I can get it with the makeup from this Cosmetics Company. I love their prices, especially on their sales like these 4 I have posted for you below.

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