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Shared Positivity Review And Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Alexa's Angels inspired designsI was so very fortunate to have been asked to review a set of 3 bracelets. What is so special about these bracelets? They bring with them a message of positivity and sharing that positivity as well. I am a firm believer in trying to let myself find the positive in so many situations, and passing on that feeling… whether it be smiling at a stranger, laughing with a friend and trying to bring hope to them when they are feeling down or hopeless.


What an appropriate name for the company that is spreading the message of positivity, “Alexa’s Angels”

positivity bracelet closed tissue paper in box pink

I received my box from Alexa’s Angels in no time at all and instantly as I opened up the box, I found myself so impressed with the presentation of the bracelets. Inside the plain cardboard box I found myself staring at (and trying not to rip) a beautifully wrapped gift like presentation, as I saw the pink tissue paper closed with a golden “Alexa’s Angels inspired designs” sticker. Beneath the sticker was a lovely message that stated:


“We are all angels with only one wing – we can fly only embracing each other”


Sweet huh? Yes, I thought you’d like that after all, you my beautiful followers, tend to be so much like me and you find yourself touched by lovely quotes and loving messages, like this. 🙂

Alexa's Angels Box with positivity bracelet enclosed

Once I opened the tissue paper I was greeted by lovely pink paper “grass” and a lovely little box that contained the beautiful set of 3 elegantly simple bracelets in a shear golden bag. The message on the bracelet is simply the words positivity (spelled “posi+ivi+y”). I love all the plus signs used instead of the “t’s” in the word… I thought the word was so creatively thought out and is spelled out on the silver toned metal area of these bracelets. The band is much like a “tie back” for the hair, like I keep saying elegantly simple and simply elegant… that is my reaction to these bracelets. And the first person I shared this with was my mother, and she too agreed with me, she simply loves wearing her bracelet! The third bracelet I plan to mail off to a friend that in a support group that my friend Joan and I started (Women Supporting Women) had mentioned her message about positivity. How wonderful for that old friend to mention living life with positive thought and her timing was perfect, I knew then that I would sending her a bracelet too! 🙂

Mariahs Wrist Positivity bracelet


Different Colors of Positivity Bracelets

Alexa’s Angels has a nice selection of different colored bracelets from the black bracelets, like my Mother and I are wearing, to light pink and 6 vivid colors. They also have some school/team two-toned colors as well. As Alexa’s Angels says:


“They are a great way to build team spirit and support a good cause.”

“See them all at http://alexas-angels.com/product-category/collection/positivity/?orderby=price


Oh and I almost forgot, the reverse side of the bracelet has a wonderful link on it, if you follow the link: http://www.shareyourpositivity.org, you will find a website where you can read or publicly share inspirational stories, photos, and quotes.

Speaking of positivity, and inspirational stories… I will share something I find inspirational with you.

My Mother loves the message as well as I do (and you wondered where I got my positive attitude to life, with all the health complications and chronic pain I go through… now you know, I got it from my Mother! Lol). As many of you may recall, my Mother went into surgery about a year ago and suddenly during surgery they lost the nerve connections to the legs and my Mother has become a paraplegic. Throughout all my Mother has been through, I’ve found her strength to be very inspirational and surprisingly she’s remained so positive. Even as my Mother is currently dealing with 3 infections, and some sores, taking 5 antibiotics, she is amazing as she takes all of the news in stride and that woman’s strength as she remains positive, is just inspirational to me. The most amazing part is that she is so positive even though life has slowed this once very active woman down and is now basically bed ridden. My Mother is truly an inspiration to me and I hope that I can continue to be a positive person despite all that my illnesses may bring my way and that I may have the strength that my Mother shows.

Attitude is a choice message
The message that is enclosed in the Posi+ivi+y Bracelet Card.


I cannot close this off without mentioning how amazing my Father is too, all the things he’s taken upon himself and still he too remains positive through it all. I am truly lucky, I have two very inspirational parents that have taught me to look at life from a positive perspective and I hope that I can help be an inspiration to others, like they have been for me.

Set of 3 positivity braceletsYou, my beautiful friends/readers, may win a set of 3 of these little lovelies for yourself and some people that inspire you or wish to inspire to be positive too! This is a speedy giveaway here my friends, so enter now…

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

A Day of Prayer for Me – Mother in Surgery

vintage girl and dog praying
I am saying my Prayers for my Mother.

This may turn some people off, but I really don’t care if it does… I am Catholic and I believe in the power of prayer. I am not going to tweet out giveaways or my reviews today, I am spending my time in prayer for my Mothers surgery today.

Mom, Dad and All Mom's Sweet Friends at American Legion, Sept 2012 Picture taken by Mariah
Mom is so loved, when we went to the Local American Legion, I had to take a picture of her, Dad and Mom’s Admirers.

I did however choose to write about this today, my Mother is quite frail right now at 71 lbs at last weighing in. She can hardly eat, she has chronic pain, chronic fatigue and an autoimmune disease, along with a hospital borne infection (she got infected a few years back in surgery in her back and the infection lingers on as it is resistant to antibiotics). The infection  had spread to her bones, as they discovered in her Month in the hospital, late last year into Mid January. The infection had not been responding to the antibiotics that could help control the infection (not cure it).

Now comes February and she is back in the hospital, the pain in her back was serious enough to bring her in. They found that some vertebrae above the ones worked on years ago, above the pins and fusions and by the infection, were gone and now they too need surgery.

A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

As they decided whether or not to operate, they discovered that the infection was possibly encapsulated since the infection was not responding. So my Mother and Father were told of the concerns of doing surgery while she is so frail, but they decided to go through with it and hinted to Mom (she caught the hint) that she needs to be in good spirits and may have to fight to survive this.

They are operating today and I called my father (we are snowed in at home here) who, thank God has a friend who is in the waiting room with Dad keeping him company. I called at just the right time as they had just stopped in and said that she is doing well, the surgery is going well, however it will be quite some time yet before the surgery is through. They are attempting to scrape the infection away and out of her, I pray they do that exact with a steady hand as I pray it doesn’t spread the infection. Mom wasn’t sure what exactly they would do pins or fusion or cadaver vertebrae or what, so that frightened her somewhat, not knowing what is going to be done.

Mom's Superhero's Not All Wear Capes
This is my Mother, a true Superhero, without a cape. 6 wonderful kids (well with me, it’s debatable) and all brought up well with the Superhero, my Mother.

I am praying for exacting steady hands of the surgeons and wise choices for my Mother back. I am praying today for my Mother to continue being the inspiration that she is and continue to fight her way to good recovery and health.

Me, Mariah forming a Heart with my hands fingers, red nail polish on with white stamped hearts
Me forming the shape of a Heart to send to all my lovely readers… love you all!

Please my friends of all faiths, say a prayer or if you don’t believe in prayer, send good thoughts and love out for my Mother, Thank you!

And one more thing, please don’t be shy… sign the get well car for my Mother, even if you don’t know her or me well! Mom can use some serious cheering up to help give her strength and keep the faith as she heals… please go sign now and feel free to put up a fun or adorable loving picture with your signing well wishes for her! CLICK HERE

Happy Valentines Day & Hearts Nail Art – Holiday Beauty

Kissing Cupid Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

What are you doing today?

Here I will be popping popcorn tonight, as my husband and I have decided to rent the new 007 Movie “Skyfall” on our Direct TV’s Pay Per View (or whatever they call it, “showcase”?). Rick and I simply love Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond in his movies.

Did you get anything for Valentines Day? Or buy yourself something special?

When I was single I would buy myself something special on Valentines Day… just because you haven’t met your soul mate yet, doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate! Me? I received a beautiful card with “Lady and the Tramp” on it (always a favorite of mine and my husband as it represents us in a way) and the card scared me when it started singing. lol That’s a first for me! And a received a lovely box of Russel Stover Chocolates, which I plan to share with Rick my sweet husband, though I may eat an extra one or two myself. lol

Me, Mariah forming a Heart with my hands fingers, red nail polish on with white stamped hearts
Me forming the shape of a Heart to send to all my lovely readers… love you all!

Onto the Hearts Nail Art Project

Today I finished decorating my fingernails, for Valentines Day. Late lastnight (so hubby didn’t have to smell the fumes) I did my acrylic nails, for the first time in years. I tell you when I was a teenager I was self taught with Acrylic and in Cosmetology training we were taught just simple manicures, just filing the natural nails and polishing. So the other students and I would play after classes with Acrylics together and later as a Cosmetologist we often got together and had a day of beauty together, dying our hair and putting tips and acrylics on each others nails.

So basically I know a little about acrylics but I usually just grow out my natural nails and deal with the breaks by cutting them off and cutting down other nails to match. So my Acrylic application is now far from perfect as I picked up the products needed for this at Sally’s for the first time in ages.

Anyhow, I polished my nails red after I finished applying the Acrylic over my natural nails  last night, leaving off the top coat planning on decorating them this morning.

The 2 sided stamper, scraper, stamping plates and holder that was in my Salon Express Kit
The Nail Stamping Kit I used, “Salon Express”. This is all that was in the kit.

Today I got out the supplies for decorating my nails, I decided to try out the kit that I bought a while back at the drug store for stamping the nails. I knew there were some hearts on the plates and I was vacillating between Pink for a delicate look over the red or white. I opted for the white finally and decided on one design on a plate.

Well the first design I tried the narrow area on the plate was too very thin to really look good on the nails… I have heard that these cheaper plates are not as good as the more expensive products, but I admit I am frugal and I am a skeptic sometimes when it comes to other experiences. This time I do think that the reports may possibly be right and that these cheaper plates are not as deeply carved as the more expensive ones.

Plate for nails stamping with apple, palm tree, flower, hearts, star and butterfly on it.
The Plate I used for Stamping the design on my nails.

Now I admit that I am new to using the plates and I did a rather sloppy job, but I wanted to share with you my nails for Valentines day with hearts on them. 🙂

The product I bought at the Drug Store was called Salon Express, and I found it in the area where Walgreens has the As Seen On TV products, though I never saw it on TV myself, I kept walking back to them and examining them and decided I just had to try. My Mother had purchased the more expensive stamps and when I looked into them I decided not to purchase since I am so frugal and hey we are constantly budgeting to even try to get our medications and bills paid here since hubby and I are disabled.

The Nail Polishes I used, Sally Hansen in 1 Natural White, Zoya in Diana, Beauty Secrets Base coat and O.P.I. Top Coat
The Nail Polishes I used, Sally Hansen in 1 Natural White, Zoya in Diana, Beauty Secrets Base coat and O.P.I. Top Coat

For my nail decoration and base color I used:

  • Base Coat was Beauty Secrets Base Coat (from Sally Beauty Supply)
  • Red Base Color is Zoya “Diana” polish
  • I used Salon Express Nail Stamping plate #SE18 (one of the 5 plates that were included in the Kit that I purchased at Walgreens).
  • For stamping my nails, I used Sally Hansen’s “1 Natural White” polish (I bought this in a French Nail kit that they sell, I am not sure if you can buy this one separately)
  • Top Coat I used was, O.P.I “Top Coat”
  • And I use Beauty Secrets Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover (since you should not use an Acetone Polish Remover with Acrylic Nails) – this was for cleaning up the plate, scraper, plate holder and 2 sided stamper as well as any mistakes around the nails.
  • An Orangewood Stick for clean up around the nails
  • Cotton Balls

After trying out one of the plate designs that I really liked and finding that it wasn’t stamping well as the narrow areas of the scroll-work type heart. I gently removed the attempt with the Non Acetone Remover, this did remove some of my red base coat, so I re-polished my nail and as I waited for it to dry I used another heart pattern on this same plate. This other heart design worked out well.

Close up of white scrolls with hearts stamped on red nails towards middle of nail

The problem with the stamps is that it is so difficult to get exact placement on the nails, but mind you, I am new to doing this so perhaps with practice the location on the nails can look much more uniform.

First did my right hand, attempting to center the stamp on the nails. They look pretty good only one heart in the design got left out and it was on my narrow pinky finger. Not bad.

Now I went to my left hand and by mistake I got the design nearer my finger tips on my thumb. Looking at it and first thinking to myself “oops”… as I looked at it I decided that I like the design better on the tips then on the middle of the nails. Well I decided to do all my right hand like this but messed up with the pinky finger as I got that more towards the middle of the nail.

close up of white scrolls with hearts stamped on my nails towards tips.
close up of white scrolls with hearts stamped on my nails towards tips. Sorry Blurry.

Instead of making the other hand look just the same, I decided that I would share with you, both looks so you could decide what you like better… next time I may use the little gem like nail decorations that I have a nice little ziplock bag of with this design it may look good with it, though it takes a lot more clear polish to help keep them from falling off even with nail glue.

I am not perfect, the acrylic coating over my natural long nails isn’t done “right” with the 3 ball method (easier to do on others then on yourself) so you may notice it’s not perfect. lol

white scrolls with hearts stamped on my red nails in the middle of the nails
My hand with the stamp toward middle of nail bed.


I think that these plates are great, except for the other design I tried on the same plate. This opens up a new world of decorating nails, I may play with these some more and share with you what I’ve done, I think I shall try to multi color some of those applying 2 colors to the plate and carefully scraping it so as not to mix the colors sometime soon. I do wish that the application could be more exact with the stamp however, but I bet that someone somewhere has developed a product with deeper carving in the plates and a more exacting application on the nails.

scrolls with hearts in white stamped onto my red nails
My Hand with the stamping closer to the edge of the nails

While closing out this post I want to share with you the direction in which I wish to concentrate more on in the new blog

I hope to share with you a lot more Beauty Products (hints, tips,experiments and just plain playing around), a lot of DIY, Creative Stuff (with Arts and Crafts mixed in), Fashion, Food and Beverages, and get more into Computer related posts here… These things are my passion and I have a lot of knowledge in these areas, I hope that you too share in my passions and have some fun.

Thank you all for reading and Happy Valentines Day!

Love and hugs,




Inspiration Day for me…

I keep finding these wonderful money saving, crafty bloggers. Today, I said to heck with it and, I started following the inspirational blogs that I keep stumbling upon.

Todays, additions are from: http://sewing.craftgossip.com where I’ve just kept clicking through their lists of crafting posts and when I found one that looked like it suited my taste I “followed” them. So far I am on page 12… lol I am not sure I can take much more inspiration without acting upon it, so I may quit looking at there list and get to work here. 🙂

I promise myself just 1 more page again as I get back to following some blogs. 🙂

Side Note: Doesn’t it always seem, like a crafter is always saying one more time, one more row with knitting or crocheting etc, and before you know it 2 more hours have gone by?