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News On My Mother Post Surgery Complications Showing up again – and Apologies

Update 3/15/13:

My Mother is now in the Rehab Center, in a room where she can see her favorite nurse there, that is the good news.

The bad news, the feeling/movement went away about a day after after surgery. It’s official now, Mom is a paraplegic, she had 2 weeks to start feeling her legs, by the doctors figures. My Mother is now  numb from the lowest ribs down for 2 weeks now and we must face all the fact that she will be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. She and Dad must face trials they shall have to face for her disabilities. From being in the wheelchair, to being catheterized and carrying a bag for urine to diapers for the rest of her life. Her Sewing on her machines (which the adores will be a problem without feet to operate, no driving etc). This is going to be a time of mourning the loss of use for half of her body and dealing with difficulties as she/we learn to adjust to her newest disability… her artwork with her hands, thankfully she will continue and will be a MUST for her to work with to escape her new situation. We, are all greatly saddened by this.

my hands forming a heart, with the words "Asking for Blessings and thoughts of strength, the warmth of love and of wellbeing for my Father and Mother
As of late last night, we received the news of Mom’s Complications being back again. We are preparing ourselves for the worst and hoping for the best.

First let me start off with one of my apologies at the top here (the other one will be at the bottom of my post). I apologize for my lack of tweeting, posting on facebook and adding more to the blog at this time. I promise you all, I am going to resume my reviews and giveaways here very soon. First, I am waiting on the Blog’s Grand Opening for the whole Month of March, for some really fabulous Reviews and Giveaways. Secondly, I may not be tweeting or posting much for the next day or two as I catch up more people on the latest & I await some hopefully good news.

I have had a roller-coaster ride today with news on my Mother’s surgery, good news about the my Mother, she made it through surgery. Then bad news, machines were showing that she was not receiving the readings she should have to her legs, so fear was she’d become a paraplegic. Then the news that as she was able to move her toes on both feet ever so slightly, so maybe paralyzed from surgery and maybe not. Then the great news that she could feel the doctor as he touched her legs. Now as she is out of recovery, my family received the message below from my Father…

Quoted from my Fathers email:

Please keep the prayers coming.  She is completely out of the anesthesia now. 
As expected she is in a world of hurt and things seem to have changed for her legs.  She can barely wiggle her left toes.  Right ones don’t seem to work at all and she has no feeling in either leg or foot now.
There is some swelling in her back and the doc hopes the problem will leave as that reduces, but no guarantees.  He says it may take a week or …

As may be expected she is terrified.  Will spend a few days or more in the ICU.

I had a good cry finally while talking to my Sister on the phone, so nice to hear from her, it seems she read Dad’s email at the same time as I have. I have been near tears most of the day here.

I apologize and I am sorry that I started my post out the way I did for my “Day of Prayer” post and possibly the other posts as well. I understand, after talking to my Sister about what happened today, that it could have been misconstrued as to the meaning of those posts and stopped many people cold right there, as people may have thought I was pushing religion on them and they quit before reading what all I had to say… quite understandable. I am so sorry, this was not my intention.

I wish for you all to know that I never wished to push the people that quit “liking” my blog on Facebook away, nor did I intend to push religion on anyone (visa vi my mention of prayer in my posts, where I did try to include everyone in the posts by just asking for caring thoughts as well). I am easy going and never judge people for their beliefs, religion or anything like that.

I am so sorry for those I offended, honestly I was just posting out of fear for my frail Mothers well being and hoping that I selfishly may feel some support today, as I really love my Mother and have been finding it difficult to see her go through so much.

I am so thankful for the outpouring of care, sympathy and support by several of my readers. And I am so very thankful too for the many of you that have stuck by my side while I go through this right now… Thank you everyone. And thank you for putting up with my rambling in this post, I wrote this late at night and today I don’t have the energy to rewrite it, or add pictures… as you can guess it was a very hard night to get any sleep.

Love and hugs,


Caution, your Privacy & Security is at Risk! (I may ramble, but read on)

What do you think about those information collecting and viewing sites that dig up all they can on you? Bad even if it is “public records”, our public records are getting easier and easier for people to get. No more leg work as they are gathered up in one tidy little package online for a fee. Well, I found one such site that really bothers me… you can look up someone by their “Name”, “Email”, “Username”, “Phone” and “Friends” and find all sorts of things gathered about who they are, not only where they live but (of course) a map and a street view of their house, approximate value of the house, income, age, relationships and pictures of you! I stumbled upon a site that does just this and some of the info they gathered you don’t even have to pay see as it shows up right on their site… names are not the only way to search (as you can see on the tabs at the top of the page… . The site I am concerned with right now is Spokeo, it does lead to a main site, of which I’ve seen previously, but Spokeo is by far the worst that I have seen so far(and probably as a result will be the best sales site for this.) why the worst? Because it’s sharing a lot before they even send you to the place selling the information.

Again these are all public records, but I am not happy with what I saw on Spokeo (http://www.spokeo.com). It’s not pleasant to see a picture of the places you’ve lived in just after a few free clicks of the mouse, luckily the info on my new address isn’t in their database as of yet. *knock on Veneer*

You may want to use a fake email address that you can burn (I used yahoo and burned through 2 emails) you can only delete so much per email address “to prevent abuse” they say and then it must be by IP because you then get “In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of privacy requests. Please try again tomorrow.”Oh and for anyone with .gov addresses, your special… this is what is says each time it says you used the same email or your IP too much to delete your info: Government officials please use your @.gov email address for priority processing.

I got ahead of myself here (A.D.D. much Riah?)… but that’s ok, you will want to create the email address your wish to burn (never use again first). 🙂 Now to delete your info, find the listings for yourself and one at a time copy the url to that listing, click on “Privacy” (at the bottom of the page) and fill out the form (I recommend using that email address that you will “burn”) then they will send you an email in which you need to click a link to verify and have the info finally deleted. It’s really not that hard to do. And if you got married or had a name change of any sort (I don’t wanna know about the any sort…lol) remember to look up that name well you are at it.

Is it obvious yet that I hate these info gathering places? These “public records” are still a privacy concern yet even more concerning is the fact that strangers can look up info now with just your alias/nickname/username and get your information that way. Of course what is under you alias is only what has been gathered either in the open (in memberships, forums or your profiles, for instance) or what has been sold to them by the sources that gather your info from perhaps fake sweepstakes/Contest or fake freebies etc or??? BTW: I found a friends picture using their last name as alias, no biggie, but I still notified them of it.

You know those “sweethearts” that show your terrible pictures in MySpace or Facebook? Of course if they label it (tag it) with your name or nickname/alias that may show up to. Just thought I would throw that in. lol

For future reference, please remember my friends (ok, most of you are strangers, but what the hey), be cautious what you put out there about yourself and where you place your personal information in forms online (read their privacy & make sure they are a reputable company… big companies or official brand name sites, magazines etc, are easily presumed safe, but skim that privacy area anyway, you never know).

So off you go *slap on the behind* go now and do what you wish with this info…
Luv & Hugs,
what are you doing still reading this??? Get your butt in gear and get on getting on…