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My Life, The Soap Opera

Hi there everyone, yes she lives… I sincerely apologize for my absence here and my apologies to the company’s and kind folks that have sent me products for reviews and reviews with giveaways.

Please be patient with me as I can only log in and do bits and pieces at a time, and when I do post here, I will be playing catch up when I can get the time do to so.

I suppose your all wondering what’s going on here? Ok here we go.

My husband was the victim of an assault, on his birthday no less, by some man for no reason at all other then my husband being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically we are dealing with broken dentures,2 breaks in the jaw, a new alignment of his cheek bone, 2 titanium plates & screws done in emergency reconstructive face surgery and a broken shoulder.

WARNING: Some of  you may find the following disturbing to see, it may also take a little bit more time to load as this contains pictures of swelling & bruising from the attack.


Rick my husband on Christmas Eve 2011
Mariah’s husband before assault, taken Christmas Eve 2011

I am disabled too so this has put a huge strain on me and my blogging as we have constant doctor appointments and phone conferences with the DA’s office (they have caught the guy that did this to him), victims compensation (which hasn’t done a thing to help us as we strive to pay the bills and all this extra shopping, doctors, emergency room, surgeons etc…and keep a roof over our heads).


Rick One day After he was Assaulted
My husband, day one after assault. We spent the night sleeping on the couch so he could sleep as Surgeon suggest on a recliner so that his airways hopefully wouldn’t close up from the swelling.


My husband 2 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 2 after he was assaulted.


My husband 3 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 3 after he was assaulted

I apologize as I have not been online much, do to this uncalled for attack by a stranger, and we are still dealing with my husbands bladder cancer at the same time…. my world has turned upside down and I feel as though I am stuck in a soap opera. The brute that did this to my husband is, so far, charged with 2nd degree felony assault and battery and this guy may be going away for 5 years in prison, so we don’t expect that we will get any of the bills paid by him for what he did to my husband either.

My husband 4 days after he was assaulted
my husband, day 4 after assault.

I will try to get to the reviews as soon as I can, as you can imagine I am way behind on everything right now and stressed beyond belief, hoping we can keep our home and not be out of the streets homeless because of this.

I appreciate your patience with me during this traumatic time for my husband and I, thank you so much everyone! Your prayers and good thoughts sent our way is greatly appreciated.