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Are You An “It Girl,” a “Bombshell” OR???



I am NOT an It Girl or a Bombshell… I am a Classic with a Twist! What are you?

I would love to know your beauty profile! What is cool about this is that I switched once to “Boho Glam” when the mood hit and then back to Classic with a Twist. What I love about this? There are no rules, just fun! From nail polishes to great beauty products, I love the versatility and customizable boxes here. Not like some programs where you are stuck with whatever you are sent.

Have fun, check it out and while your at it get your free box today! (details below)

Julep’s Maven Beauty Box – Fully Customizable & Packed with Value
What's Your Style

Did you know that Julep’s very popular monthly beauty box just got even better? Yes! Maven subscriptions can be customized to fit your style, your likes and your favorites even more now. Each month, Julep Mavens get:

  • A fully customized monthly delivery of over $40 in nail polish and beauty products for $24.99 a month, or just $19.99 a month if you choose for the 3 month option
  • Flexibility to try one of five beauty styles each month or upgrade to get them all
  • 20% off and free shipping on other products at Julep.com
  • Exclusive access to the Secret Store each month
  • Early notification about special promotions like Mystery Boxes, Gift with Purchase sets and more

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

Not sure you want to be a Maven yet or know what style you are? Take the Maven Style Quiz and then use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free. You will be charged $2.99 for shipping and you are signing up for the monthly subscription service, however you can cancel at any time by simply contacting Julep Customer Service.

Become a Maven today!


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New Nautical Nails Box – Freebie

Perfect for Summer – New Maven Subscribers Get the Nautical by Nature Welcome Box Free
I know how some of you may remember that I joined Julep back in December and I still love their polishes as well as their skincare and makeup items. Here I have a special deal for you if you enjoyed my recent post with my 4th of July “Wonder Woman” nails in it, here is your chance to get the perfect polishes for the colors I used. The only thing you’d need to hunt down is the silver stars for nails, sorry I do not recall where I picked them up years ago. And like me, instead of this light blue, you can use white polish (use the kind that is made for french manicures).
Limited Edition Nautical Welcome Box
Hello Summer!! If you have been curious about the Julep Maven Beauty Box or have been waiting for just the right time to become a Maven, now is your opportunity! Right now, new Maven subscribers can get a Nautical inspired welcome box that includes 3 beautiful, bright nail colors plus two of our most loved products – a 5-piece set, valued at $80 –ย for free when you sign up for Julep Maven.

Limited Edition Nautical Welcome Box

The Julep Maven subscription box is the perfect way to treat yourself to new nail color and beauty products each month. Just a few of the perks you get as a Maven subscriber include:

  • A fully customizable box of limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations delivered to your door each month
  • $40+ of full-size products in every box for just $24.99 per month or save $15 by choosing the 3 month pre-paid option
  • Free shipping and 20% off on julep.com all day, everyday

These Nautical by Nature Welcome Boxes are here for a limited time and they are an exceptional value! Become a Maven today and don’t forget to use the code SHIPSHAPE to get your own Limited Edition Nautical by Nature Welcome Box for FREE – just pay $2.99 for shipping.


(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.)

Free Solar Panels – No Catch? – Review Part 1

Hi folks, I am going to review this Company and their service on my blog. We are doing this ourselves and this is not a sponsored post.

Solar City LogoWe just had a nice young man who represents Solar City come to our door. It was a really pleasant visit with him as we asked a lot of questions and yes, we asked the hard questions too. So far so good, we signed up and have an appointment for June 2nd where they will come out and survey our roof top and see if they think it’s worth installing the solar panels and (of course) free solar panels onto our home. We love the idea of helping the Environment and saving ourselves some money on our Electric Bill.

The “catch” not really a catch when you look at it, they pay for the installation and panels, we get a reduced price on our Electric Bills. Why did we choose to go with them? We couldn’t afford our own Solar Panels, yet they install them, maintain them and cover all those prices. They will however make the money from the Electric Company for the extra supply of Electricity the Solar Panels produce, and yet we will see a savings as well.

So far this looks pretty cool to me, even if it’s only a few dollars a month, even a little bit of savings will help us out! Besides, we’ve heard that having Solar Panels on the house will bring up the value of our home too!

I will further my review as time goes on here, the next step is the Survey of our Rooftop on June 2nd and we will go from there. For right now, they did have to check out our Credit Score for acceptance and we were accepted, we have 30 days to back out, if we so choose. We were a little nervous about supplying the Social Security Number to them and signing a electronic contract, but we asked a lot of questions and I looked up reviews on the company online and thought it was worth the risk, besides we have Life Lock and that will help us monitor the usage of our information. Now if we didn’t have lifelock on our SS numbers we could have just had them look us up for a credit score by name and address… but we have our safety in place to be aware of anything going on that is off.

What do you think of the Company friends? Would you go for this too, if so why and if not why not? Please let me know.


Beauty Box Freebie

Beauty box freebie for you…. nail polish and more beauty related (skin care etc). Click on the picture (below, after clicking “continue reading”) to take advantage of this freebie. I just used this myself, and I cannot wait to review the beauty box I receive as a result. Please note that I did have to pay $4 ($3.99 actually) for shipping… not bad for something that is valued at $40!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

$15 link for my Readers to Shop with at OpenSky

Hi there friends, here you will find $15 link for my readers, to shop at OpenSky. This is free, you may have to sign up and join them to receive it, but for me it’s worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are all WINNERS to me and the link below is my way of saying thank you for following me and my blog!

www.honestlymariah.com I was thinking of you and the thought of you made me smile! Have a great day!

I am not affiliated with OpenSky, but I love to shop there! I just posted this because I thought, not only am I overdo for posting here (I’ve been very sick), but I also thought you all would love the $15 credit that I was offered to share with others in my email! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the most important part of the email I received from OpenSky. ENJOY!:

Thanks for
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1. Forward this link today…. Save $15 on Opensky!
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2. Use your $15
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Disclaimer:ย  I (Mariah Lockwood)ย  am in no way affiliated with OpenSky and I received nothing for posting this. I just located this deal in my email and thought I would share it with you all. ENJOY!