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Please Continue Prayers for my Mother – Surgery is Over with Complications

Edit 3/13/13: The feeling/movement is gone and she is once again a paraplegic, she had 2 weeks to start feeling her legs, by the doctors figures. My Mother is now  numb from the lowest ribs down for 2 weeks now and we must face all the fact that she will be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. She and Dad must face trials they shall have to face for her disabilities. From being in the wheelchair, to being catheterized and carrying a bag for urine to diapers for the rest of her life. Her Sewing on her machines (which the adores will be a problem without feet to operate, no driving etc). This is going to be a time of mourning and trials as she/we learn to adjust to this new life challenges… her artwork with her hands, thankfully she will continue and will be a MUST for her to work with to escape her new situation. We, are all greatly saddened by this.

Edit: 4:23pm (Mountain Time): New UPDATE to the update: Good news folks, my Mother can feel her legs now when the doctor touches them! Yay!!!!

A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

This is a short update here:

My Mother is out of surgery, it went well and she is doing well (all things considered). However there are complications, the signals to her legs weren’t/aren’t there. But she could wiggle her toes very slightly… she could be a paraplegic if things don’t improve. My Father, Rick and I believe that if they hadn’t dong the surgery she would have become a paraplegic… we hope and pray that this is only a temporary setback as she could slightly wiggle those toes.

The mass that they thought was an encrusted area of infection was the damage to the surrounding tissues from her vertebrae that had disintegrated.

Please, continue to keep my Mother in your thoughts and prayers, as she heals. God bless her and give her great strength through this difficult healing process. And God bless my father and the friends that made it out to the hospital to help distract my father during the long surgery today.

Mom, Dad and All Mom's Sweet Friends at American Legion, Sept 2012 Picture taken by Mariah
Mom is so loved, when we went to the Local American Legion, I had to take a picture of her, Dad and Mom’s Admirers.

I am going to arrange a way to come up and stay with Mom and Dad for a week or so to help out, when Mom gets out of the hospital… it’s the least I can do.

To see my previous post and find the link to sign the get well card:


Update on My Mother – Prayers and Good Thoughts Requested


Mom, Dad and All Mom's Sweet Friends at American Legion, Sept 2012 Picture taken by Mariah
Sept. 2012. Mom is so loved, when we went to the Local American Legion, I had to take a picture of her, Dad and Mom’s Admirers. She’s very thin here but 90 lbs, now down to 71…can you imagine?

Edit Added 2/22/2013: Please follow the link in this post to sign a card for my Mother, her spirits are low and my goal is to get at least 100 signatures with well wishes for her… thank you!

Hi there everyone, my Mother has some answers to her terrible pain in her back. It appears that the hospital borne illness that antibiotics can help control, but not get rid of. Is possibly encased (as Mom described it to me) sort of like sometimes when you get a pimple and a shell forms around the problem inside the skin. And hence the infection is not responding to the antibiotics since its being protected by the shell around it. This last January while she was in the hospital for over a month they said the infection was into her bones, so I have no idea what this means.

A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

Also the MRIs, she had, show she has a couple more vertebrae gone and is scheduled for surgery next Monday. Mom and Dad want the same doctor that operated on her last time, since he knows her well and understands the problems that were/are in her back, as a result of wanting the same doctor Mom needs to wait until Monday to get him.

This will be a rough surgery, the doctor voiced fear, of this much needed surgery, with how very weak and frail she is right now. The Surgeon will probably have to extend the existing rods as part of it and possibly fuse more vertebrae.

Please keep the prayers & good thoughts, and well wishes coming for my Mother. Again I have a strong faith in the power of prayer.

I have set up a card for everyone to sign, please do sign it, I want her to know how many people out there send their thoughts and prayers to her, as this will cheer her up.


Family Book, writing my portion…. about my thoughts on the subject

   Last year I received a big Manila envelope from my Mother, what was in it? The typical stuff, that is typical for my Mothers mailings, it’s always a smörgåsbord of odds and ends in her mailings. I received copies of some of her recipe cards, some of them favorites of mine and some she newly discovered… some copies of articles concerning Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Cervical Vertebra newest surgical info and so on. What was so unusual about this envelope was  that it also contained a questionnaire for a Family Book that she wants to make.
   I struggled to think of a single thing to put down in this book answering all the questions, strange how I am finding this a struggle. I struggled long enough and time went by… the list of questions plagued me for a while… of course during a move this Spring (in which the original paperwork got lost, still packed up in a box somewhere) I thought of some perfectly fun and funny answers for this, but of course it was during a move and no notes were taken. Well, Mother decided that half of the children replied and she would place in a brief statement for us other 3 kids and print up the book. Well here it is months and months later, not only has it not been printed, but now we must answer the questions in a week! *sigh*
   Fascinating how the mind works… when not under a time limit I could think of things that would be perfect but they are all gone in a Fibro Fog of sorts, flying away with the winds of time and lack of brain power… the brain is already overwhelmed trying to take care of my pain levels that have been through the roof as of late.
  I can go through my memories of my childhood, early adulthood and Marriage… the questions of favorite childhood memories sad to say are a bundle of little pieces, that gives me a headache as I try and push them to the surface. The problem is that one memory is not a favorite over the others and why am I taking this so seriously? Well, I regretably haven’t had children of my own, (perhaps do to my Systemic Lupus) I won’t be much of a story or memory to others when I pass on. I want my words to have meaning, to show my sense of humor, some of what made me the me that I am today and to have some words of wisdom in them… evidently its too much to ask of this brain of mine in exhaustive pain? What am I to do?
   I will not plague generations of the family with the struggles of  being poor & disabled with crippling pain, the struggles of not having a home to call your own but dealing with slum lords and messes of others at your front door, the struggles of barely getting by and the heartache of not taking a trip to see relatives who live far away etc etc. But I would really love it if some questions were asked about how to get by, or what advice we’d give others on getting by. I think I have been given, by my Parental Units (yes I am showing my age… yay Coneheads!), the knowledge and tools to get me through more successfully then others manage on so little. I sew (thus my blog: Sew What, Darn it) and craft, make my own soaps (laundry and dishwasher and leftover soaps get collected to make new soaps), I make my own many things (mostly out of old clothing, buttons, beads from friends jewelry that had fallen apart and they were going to toss etc etc) and so people generally think I am better off then I am. But they never see my mess of an Apartment as these things I do (and rarely do them)… it take up both energy, of which I have in rare supply (just thinking and talking on some days takes up what energies I do have) and takes up room. The lack of energy leads to lack of energy for much more then dinner and dishes and lack of room all add up to this messy little apartment. Alas I diverge… forgive me, the powers of ramblings are after all my biggest strength… or is it that ADD? 😛 
  Well my ramblings are more personal today then ever, I feel I am writing to my diary… it is a big wide world out there and this blog is but a tiny little piece of dust, and so I have hit the “publish post” button and placed my dust particle in the winds of the Internet… where it lands, it’s hard to say…but I know it’s there, with my ramblings

Well, this will probably be edited and polished up in the furture… I am not focusing well at all today and worse yet, I am in a hurry.

Love, hugs & kisses