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Newly Updated – Rules & Guidelines Page


Hi all, I’ve just updated the Rules and Guidelines Page and added to that a Daughter page to it “How To – Help Entering Giveaways.” You can see both pages on the top of this page (and every page) if you hold your mouse over the “Rules and Guidelines” Page you will see the daughter page show up.

Please note that I send out a very special “Thank you” to one of our loyal readers, Samantha Williams! Samantha was a great help with her suggestion to add in the How to, for you all to know how to make sure your “Likes” are public. Thank you so much Samantha,  it’s readers like you that make us smile each and every day!


Rafflecopter problem fixed

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Sorry for the inconvenience with the Rafflecopter code improperly placed in the “Mile High Club,New Popular Costume for 2012….$25 GC giveaway.” This is repaired now, please enter via Rafflecopter now so that we are sure your information is there for the drawing of the winner.

I appreciate your patience as I’ve been sick lately and I hadn’t seen the whole review, nor  the comments about the problem until late tonight.

Also, I am going through all the G+ mistakes in the rafflecopter and fixing the links in there. I guess I didn’t explain well enough the difference between the circles and the G+ 1. Blame me, I overloaded Joan as I’ve been sick here and dealing with PC problems, fires and triple digit temps that kept crashing my computer (and me). It’s difficult not having Air Conditioning or an Evaporative Cooler (AKA: Swamp Cooler) in our house.

I should have all of those G+ links fixed in a few minutes of this post.

glitter heart and roseGood Luck with all the Giveaways… and we send our Love out to you all as always, you are all so greatly appreciated!


Winners for Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files – 5 winners!

Dear Readers & Contest Entrants,

While I was verifying qualifications for entries, I noticed many blogs with our button on them had the old button coding (for the old site), although the button looks the same the coding is pointing to our old site, not this one. Eventually this button code pointing to the old blog will call for disqualification of entries saying that they have our button.

I will try to take time out to make a newly designed button for this site so you can tell the difference before we turn off the redirects from the other site. However no promises, things are busy here… unfortunately the redirects will need to stop eventually so that the searches and archives here for our older posts will show. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Now for the good stuff:

our 5 Winners Glass Nail Files!

Announcing Winners from the review and giveaway: Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files – 5 winners!

Winners Announced for Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files - 5 winners! These winners have 48 hours from the time of my emailing them to respond with the information that I’ve asked for or I will be forced to pick another winner in their place.

Good luck winners!


Mariah (Riah)