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Pulp Fiction – Audio Plays Giveaway! A wonderful blast from the past for you!

Sorry folks, it seems PromoSimple was acting up badly on the blog, it was working once upon a time (for me that is). But since the form for the giveaway said zero entries, I have restarted it this time using Rafflecopter. I am sorry if Promosimple didn’t save any of your entries folks. Please Enter again!

EDITED: just found where I could see how many entrants had entered on PromoSimple, I sincerely apologize for the 9 people that did enter while the form was working. Please forgive me for using a form that didn’t like my blog very well and was suddenly broken.

Thank you for you patience, this was my first of multiple trials for finding something else other than Rafflecopter for my giveaways and not a one worked the way it should, so as I announced earlier this month the remaining giveaways have all been set up on Rafflecopter since I first put them on the blog.  So never fear, the rest are working just fine (unfortunately will fewer options however then the other forms I tried.)


Action Adventure Package Audio and books by L Ron HubbardHi friends, lets start off our Grand Opening Month with a simple Giveaway. These Audio Plays/Books remind me of late nights listening to AM Radio as some stations in Wisconsin and Minnesota played old time radio shows… I just loved these times with my big brother Milton as he tuned in the station and we sat back listening to the old time radio plays letting our imaginations run wild as we heard these programs.

Here is a video from Golden Age Stories:

You may recall my review of these audio books by Golden Age Stories for those of you who have come here from our old blog (Joan and Mariah’s Reviews) for those of you that are new…these books are played out so wonderfully by some great actors. Click Here to see my review of these this will open the link in a new tab/window so you can see my review and easily return here.

By the way: If you prefer me to set up the links to my blog in the same window, let me know in the comments (below) for future reference.

Picture of 5 of my Audio Books from the Pulp Fiction era
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood, personally posted this short review (and the old review that this post links to). I didn’t receive anything in return for this post, or giveaway. I was under no obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by GalaxyPress and me.

Win a PS4 Console – Giveaway

Win a PS4 console and get it on release day
Win a PS4 console and get it on release day

Doesn’t it figure? For Christmas this year my husband and I turned in our ancient XBox (yes the first one that came out) and we used the $50 store credit and picked up a PS3! Hopefully the PS4 will be backwards compatible if we ever get the PS4 that is coming out very soon… because my husband simply adores the games from The Elder Scrolls, and the newest one of the series called Skyrim. Anyway if you win and you are looking for games, I do recommend that you check out Game Stop for used games, the prices were great and if you pick up a membership there, at the store you can score yourself instant savings and savings as time goes on, with future purchases.

Okay, so you didn’t come here to hear all the above, so here you go, the information on the Giveaway of the PS4!

This is on a Facebook Page that you go to and sign up, entering you to win a PS4 Console, here is the information on the giveaway:

“Win a PlayStation 4 console and get it on release day!

Here’s your chance to score a Sony PlayStation 4 on release day! We are giving away four (4) pre-orders for the newly announced PS4 console to four (4) lucky Facebook fans. To enter, all you need to do is “Like” and recruit friends…”

Play Station Controller

I am sharing this with you as a result of their saying to recruit more to enter and better your chances of winning… so once you enter and get your code, you too can post your code online to get more chances to win. If you entered to win, feel free to copy and paste your personal link in a comment, lets spread the wealth of extra entries around! 🙂  So friends, be sure to check for comments and enter using the link from the last person who posted a comment. 🙂

Here is my link: http://sdqk.me/bYSDR9Rn/TOyy7lmy

Good Luck!



“Guard Lion” – A Mexican Lion?

I love this Guard Lion:

How do you like this security system?

This is a true story of a Garage Owner in the Southwest.

He was sick & tired of thugs breaking into his garage shop to steal tools etc. So he came up with this idea . . .. He put the word out that he had a new “Mexican Lion” at the shop that would attack anyone who tried to break in or climb his fence.  The would-be thieves saw the “Lion” from a distance and fled the scene.

Ingenious guy!  

Beware a Mexican Lion can be see below.

Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 1

for more scroll down, I promise it will be worth it!

Keep scrolling down…really, you should

Okay here it is, another picture.

Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 2 you can see the dogs face
Rufff, Ruff! *wink*

I’ll give you 5 minutes to stop laughing !