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Celebrate Mariah’s Birthday… Oh Oops, I meant Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day Globe with Date April 22 on itEarth Day Celebration Savings




Reuseit Eathday Sale 2012 Picture of some of their products
Celebrate Earth Day at Reuseit with a savings, valid 4/16 – 4/23.
Earth Day Celebration Spend $50.00 and get $10.00 off with code SAFE10APR



And don’t forget, to check out my posted Review of EcoWear From Mariah's Cross Necklace from Future OxygenFuture Oxygen! They have many styles of beads that Grow to choose from. They too are having a sale on their hemp jewelry. Yes upcycle (literally grow plants) with your jewelry when you no longer wish to wear it and grow wild flowers or trees by planting it! Free Shipping deal, for Earth Day (My Birthday BTW) of free shipping for any purchase $20 or over. You can read about that here: http://www.futureoxygen.us/earth-day-specials/

We are affiliates of ReUseIt, but not of Future Oxygen (at this time) but I felt I needed to post both in Celebration of Earth Day! I hope some of you can take advantage of these deals!