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Shutter Island Author Offers Reward for his Dog.


Tessa Dennis Lehane's Missing BeagleI saw this cute little beagle on the TV while, working on the About Me page for the blog. I just had to post this in hopes that this beloved dog will be returned to Dennis Lehane, the author of many award winning books like, Shutter Island (also made into a Movie in 2010), Mystic River and A Drink Before War.

The Dog:

Her name is Tessa, she’s a Black, Tan and White Beagle. She wasn’t wearing her name tag at the time of her getting loose, she is however Micro-Chipped. According to The Washington Post Article that I found online, Mr. Lehane says that his dog is, “smart, fast and immeasurably sweet.” And a recent message on his facebook page, Mr. Lehane wrote: “has been roaming through the wilds of Coolidge Corner for the last 24 hours. It’s possible she’s staying in some good Samaritan’s home right now or has tucked herself away on a porch.”

The Reward!

The person that finds and returns his Dog will have a Character named after him in his new book.

Date and Location where the dog was lost:

Monday in Brookline Massachusetts, where the dog jumped the fence at Mr. Lehanes home.

How to Collect your Reward:

According to the 5 sources online that read you can leave a message on Mr. Lehane’s Facebook page

Here is hoping that this beautiful dog is returned to Mr. Lehane in no time at all, I can’t imagine the concern they must have for her well being and going without their beloved dog during the Holiday Season.  Good Luck Mr. Lehane!