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Change Passwords Heartbleed- News Announcement

Top News Story of the day Change Passwords Heartbleed is all over the place friends!

Today the news is all over the place with Heartbleed having run like crazy for a long time on many sites. It’s been reported that the NSA has known and exploited this for years… now that it’s common knowledge, it’s time to check on your accounts, the websites to see if the leak has been fixed (no use changing the passwords on sites that aren’t fixed…).

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"To find out more check out this Story on Heartbleed from PC World.

You can check on the Heartbleed leak on the sites that you have accounts with… Here

And more information on Zdnet can be found … Here

Change Passwords Friends
careful out there folks!

The good news on several of the sites that I searched my website is that I am not vunerable here, but may have been… so change passwords if you had signed in to here previously, but I believe that I closed up having members here after a ton of spammers were coming in. Anyway be safe folks!

This has been a News Announcement, as I want to keep you all safe… just in case you’ve been living under a rock and hadn’t heard about this problem. teeee heee  hee. 🙂

Be Safe my friends, and I hope today finds you, healthy, happy, feeling loved and appreciated!

<3 & (((hugs))))


Attention: Mandatory Entries Rules Clarification – Rafflecopter

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"Hi Folks, we have some trends going on here with entries into the giveaways, mainly the first and only one mandatory entry. Perhaps the rule for the Mandatory Entries needs clarification.

All Mandatory Entries ask you to click on a link (mostly to the products or companies page, sometimes to my own blog and another post). I can see in the background of my blog if people are actually clicking on the links and I am not seeing this happening as much or as often as there are people entering the giveaways.

All Mandatory ask you to leave a comment on my blog. I have had quite a few people enter without leaving the comments and in order for you to be qualified to win any of the prizes, you MUST do the Mandatory Entries as per the instructions in Rafflecopter.

The clicks on the sponsors can help the sponsors as well as the comments left here will help to bring up my rankings and help bring us more and better giveaways for you… so the mandatory entries are a small part that you can do to show your support and it’s all I need of you for entry into the giveaways, all the other optional entries are not necessary to qualify to win.

Furthermore, I DO check entries to make sure they qualify for a win. Mind you I am not paid to run this blog, nor am I paid to run the giveaways (as a matter of fact I pay to have the site on a host and for the URL and some of the extra plugins I like etc)… I am doing this extra work for you the reader… so I really hate to have to do a lot of extra work disqualifying entries for not properly entering the giveaway, but I feel my request in not unreasonable.

Thank you for listening and for those of you who are properly entering the giveaways!