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Mother going back into the hospital – just received a phone call from Dad, letting me know


A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

Hi friends, my beautiful sweet and courageous Mother has been very sick for quite some time. Like me she suffers from an Autoimmune Disease which has been complicated by surgeries on her back, one of which caused a Hospital Contracted Infection which cannot be cured and I suspect the site of the infection is flared again.

Dad said that Mom’s back is in serious pain again, as you may recall I wrote about her and Joan in a post on Joan and Mariah’s Reviews a while back and my Mother ended up in the hospital for about a Month as a result of her infection and other complications.

My Mother is down to 71 pounds at last weigh in, that we have talked about together as she is having serious problems eating too. I am very very worried about her and know that I will be spending some time on the phone trying to cheer her up and hopefully I can squeeze enough out the budget for me to travel to the hospital to go pay her a visit or two.

A Sample of my Mothers Artwork, she paints in oils, this is her Calligraphy, her own poem and drawing which is painted in watercolors.
A Sample of my Mothers Artwork, she paints in oils, this is her Calligraphy, her own poem and drawing which is painted in watercolors.

Please my friends, family and readers, send out positive thoughts to and prayers for this wonderful lady (a talented Artist, Mother of 6 and all around loving caring and brave woman). My Mother’s Name is Nancy… I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and I truly believe in the power that is held in the thoughts and prayers sent out.

Thank you, love and hugs,


I miss the beauty business… maybe it’s time to open an e-store soon.

Be prepared for an unedited ramble… I am not doing to well today, nor this week, so it maybe a while before I brush this up. Anyway this contains some info on me, my dreams, plans, my former occupation and my ramblings about wanting to open up my own beauty e-store. 

So without further adieu, here are my ramblings (you were warned)

I am currently researching highly pigmented Eye Shadows that are in bulk at a good price… also I am looking into starting up my online business once more, but this time it will be more mine then hubbys. Last time it was leathers we were selling… we did okay until the internet became flooded with like e-stores, although we ran at a loss, we gave it a good try until all our work, about 2 or 3 years into it gave us just one sale, a pair of gloves. Heck we do have a Harley so you can guess who our best customers where. lol

Back then we ran that E-store, I felt that we needed an e-store for me and my beauty expertise. I could give out my secrets, hints, tips and even recipes as well as hope to make some sales doing what I love to do the most! I was after all a Trainer of Professional Cosmetologists (advanced training) as well as received my “PHD” in color from Clairol’s extensive training as well as Managed a Salon and still worked in the business. I became disabled with chronic pain and the job that was custom made for me, I had to leave.

I will tell you, there is nothing like seeing the posture and the expression of people that came in to have a beauty treatment, haircut, color, perm or what have you… the before and after posture could be dramatically different…. that alone I found as my reward for a job well done. What was it that a sudden light behind an expression on someones face or a little hop or skip in their step that made my heart sing? And they knew me… rich or poor alike, I never treated anyone differently and I knew stylists that wouldn’t treat people the same… I took hugs for my tips and although I was the poorest stylist, not living at home with my parents, and trying to make it on my own, I felt rich in spirit. Maybe I also had so many requests because I knew that each and every person that came to me was my personal billboard… and that kept me so busy that my off hours were spent with me finally getting to my managerial duties, yup 6 am until midnight 5 or 6 days a week… with time off to teach the advanced techniques and get my advanced training as well. I loved it so very much and miss it, there is only just so much that my family, friends and neighbors can have me help them with to feed this need in me to share, and perhaps bring some joy to others… I was made for that kind of work and still 20 years after my chronic pain got to be too much for me to work any longer, I crave that old career and the joy it brought to my life.   

I am poor, but I am skilled in painting and when I am well enough I paint, mostly in oils… but also I am teaching myself to draw on the computer.

I hope to make some money with my artwork, either online or at an art fair, and if I do I think it’s time to invest. I would be nice to bring in some money and make more then my Social Security Disability. So I am getting the word out on my plans to open up my own beauty e-store… my Mother let me know of the Firemens Art Show Auction, she managed to do an oil painting of the recent fire in Boulder on time, but alas I cannot paint right now, so for next year I plan to be ready for the Art Show/Fair. Perhaps, just perhaps, my one Art passion will then help me invest in my Beauty passion and we shall see The Beauty Bloggery in a whole new way, as a shop as well as a place to ramble on about beauty and fashion.

Well in a bit I shall review and edit this… I accidentally hit publish now and don’t wanna tease whomever read my ramblings by taking this out.
I hope to place my Copyright on some pictures and post them on here (and perhaps in my other 2 blogs) to show some of my artwork.