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Anti Monkey Butt Powder, Safari Towels – Review & Giveaway

Hi there Friends, you may recall a post from me back in September about Anti Monkey Butt and their supporting our troops by donations to Veteran Outdoors, plus they sent a free Anti Monkey Butt products to a soldier through The Hugs Project throughout the month of September. If you know Joan and I, you know how we are very excited to see companies supporting our troops.

Today the time has come for me to draw your attention to the products by Anti Monkey Butt fortunately I was iinvited to test several products out. I was sent the Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder (they also have and a package of the Anti Monkey Butt Safari Towels.

Safari Towels and Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Above: Yes, this is a picture of Anti Monkey Butt in my Bathroom.

I cannot say enough good things about these products, the Ladies product (Lady Anti Monkey Butt) comes in a pretty pink container with a pink powder with a very light clean scent to it. Looking at the container closer it says that the product is Anti Friction Powder with Calamine, satin-smooth (upon testing this is so true), and under the Lady Monkey Picture it says Sweat Absorber and Friction Fighter. Nice, and it arrived in perfect timing for me to test it out as I attend a workout/stretch class with a neighbor.

original, Lady and Baby Anti Monkey Butt Family I think the Anti Monkey Butt Characters Are so cute I just had to make a family portrait of them. lol
picture of 3 anti monkey butt powdersAbove: Original, Lady and Baby Anti Monkey Butt

I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but since I feel that this is a great point (and I am honest to a fault at times)… Ladies and Gents if your like me, no matter what your weight (big or small) you may experience embarrassing sweat around your rear and between your thighs. I’ve gone through trying all sorts of things from pads to baby powder to those medicated powders and I’ve even tried using some antiperspirants and more, but none of them seemed to work well at all. I have to admit that I was skeptical and I expected the same disappointments of irritation, sweat and itchy rashes etc that I found with everything else I tried using before. I have to say that, with this serious workout in the Class I attended, this product held up to this work out. I was honestly surprised and I have never found anything that worked this well! I no longer have this problem no matter the temperature it is outside and no matter the work out! There was no itch, no irritation nor embarrassing sweat that looked like I had wet my pants or something. Yay, finally a product that will let me work out and I no longer have to worry about being embarrassed and now I can look at fun light-colored workout outfits and no longer be hunting down the so depressing black and the darkest Navy Blue to wear for my workouts. I am so glad that a little of this product seems to go a long way as well! 🙂

The Acontainer of Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powdernti Monkey Butt Powder will work nicely for hot summer rides on the Harley when those leather seats and the heat from the pavement really make you sweat, not to mention that leather doesn’t allow your skin to breathe nor let the sweat evaporate well. I really need to get some of this for my Husband and send some along to Joan as I believe that she (in Florida) could probably use this year round… Here in Colorado I will be using it while preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Slaving in a hot kitchen. Gosh I can’t wait to use the powder for our long Harley rides in the mountains! This Brings me to the Monkey Butt Towels.

I am looking forward to using these ample 24″ x 14″ Safari Towels,by Anti Monkey Butt as we reach our favorite fishing destination. Our favorite fishing spot is Jefferson Lake in Colorado which is about a 3 hour ride. With the Safari Towels packed (and the Anti Monkey Butt Powder used pre trip), I will no longer have to wait to get home to wash off the road dirt, oils etc from such a long ride (which can make your face black and you will smell like old motor oil).

These Safari Towels have proven useful at home here when I was in a rush and I thought about my needing a good opportunity to test them out for the review.

Here is how/Anti Monkey Butt Safari Towels picturewhy I decided to test it out one day… Halloween week my husband was healing up as the result of bladder cancer surgery,because of that I have had to do all the raking and winterizing etc myself. As soon as I walked inside full of filth from mulching leaves etc. I heard the usual comment from hubby that he was hungry… well it just so happened that he took pity on me and offered that we go out to get something to eat so I didn’t have to cook that evening as well. 🙂 I decided it was time to test out the Safari Towels, so we could leave ASAP. Here we go with the trials of moving into a new home (and the home being old as the furnace and water heater are old too) our hot water heater doesn’t hold water hot or reheat the water until you run the dishwasher, the washing machine, then for some reason the hot water heater checks it’s temp and finally heats up the water.

Oopsie daisy, here we go again with the “Riah Rambles” sorry folks back on topic here. hehehe

The towels worked on the mess that was all over me. The Safari Towels are so large and moist that there is enough to clean everywhere and gentle enough that it didn’t sting. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the package and sniffed was a nice clean citrusy scent, which will be wonderful for either men or women. The towel left my skin feeling soft and lightly moisturized. I was very pleased with the results and glad with my realization that this was the prefect time to test out one of the towels so I could get my recovering husband out for dinner ASAP, while he still felt able to go out. 🙂 I do recommend that once you open the self sealing flap and use your first Safari Towel, seal it back up well and place it in a ziplock bag to help preserve the moisture… just in case, I always do this to products that have that flap.

You friend, should take a chance & enter to win your own Anti Monkey Butt… your choice of  Original or Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder and you will also receive a package of Anti Monkey Butt Safari Towels! Just enter to win and Good Luck to you all…

(((hugs))),                                                                                            Riah