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May Day 2013 – Colorado Denver Area Snow

Happy Spring chick on a daisy animated

While others in North America are enjoying a wonderful flowering Spring, here in Colorado we have had snow every week for the past 4 weeks and today “May Day” is no different.

You may Click on the Pictures below to see them full sized, I didn’t want to put them all full sized on the page, because the page would load slowly. May Day 2013 - Snowy Evergreen tree at honestlymariah dot come household

I cannot believe this, I know people have visions of Colorado Snowing all year round. This is not true, but it’s the expectations for the State, trust me I have a picture buried somewhere of the temperature outside when it hit 111 degrees last year. This mistake about the climate is sort of like the mistake that others made when I moved from the Eastern United States to Minnesota as a child and people thought I would go to a little school house like on Little House on the Prairie (an old TV show & book by Laura Ingalls Wilder).

May Day Colorado 2013 Snowy Crabapple Tree at the HonestlyMariah dot com household


snowy may day - a tree with bird houses and fence at the honestlymariah dot com household


Anyway in over 22 years in Colorado, I’ve never seen snowfall (that I recall) this late in the season… this freak snow storm has me really missing my favorite Spring Flowers that I recall from my youth out East.

I found some beautiful pictures of the Dogwood Trees at http://canned-time.com/april-2013-ominum-gatherum/ and she was sweet enough to let me post them here… ahhhh a taste of spring and some flowers that I really miss in spring. Thank you so much Angela for letting me share your beautiful photos with my readers!

Picture of the lovely pink dog wood in bloombeautiful close up of Pink Dogwood in full Bloom






White Dogwood bunch in full bloom

I always loved the white dogwoods most (I know  you’d expect it to be the pink) but it was because it always shows up more… the area at the middle end of each petal where it looks like the end of the petals have a blemish on them, and yet they are so very lovely. As an adult I think that that is the way I am with my friends, it’s those unusual/blemished and uniqueness inside and outside of them that makes them so very beautiful too! 🙂

Well, I hope that this is finally the last snowstorm of the season here… we really (I really) can use another taste of spring and doesn’t it figure my Plum Tree started blooming just the day before the snow! I hope that the blooms live through this.

Thank you again Angela for showing me a lovely breath of Spring from your area of the country and letting me share the beautiful pictures that you took, with my readers! 🙂

Love and hugs, as I wish you all Health, Happiness and Warmth on this May Day!