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Here are the Official Rules concerning the use of Honestly Mariah. Please read before entering any giveaways on our site.

last update: 10/08/2012 -updates included:

A) updated some portions of the rules that didn’t apply to Rafflecopter. for example we no longer use our own 3rd party Randomizer to choose winners, since we use Rafflecopter and their built in 3rd Party Randomizer that chooses winners. 

B) Added a Daughter Page to the Rules Guidlines Page that you are on now – A “How to” Page – this will be an ever growing page with how to enter our Giveaways and using Rafflecopter and how not to be disqualified from winning.

C) Added Rules: #14 & #15

I reserve the right to change the rules & guidelines, Disclosure Policy and/or the Terms of Service Policy on this site at any time. I will do our best to post a notice of any changes on our front page, so that you may be made aware of such changes. Please Subscribe to my blog to receive notification when the rules change, it will send you an email for the new posts on the blog right after they are posted.

By Entering any of our Giveaways you acknowledge that you have read and will comply with the rules & guidelines set forth here.

Please Note that I do check out winners to make sure that all of the winners entries are qualified to win.

1) No purchase is necessary. All entries are at your own risk. The odds of winning depend on the total entries for a particular giveaway.

2) You MUST BE 18 and over to enter. By entering, you are guaranteeing that you are eligible to enter these giveaways. Minors will have their entries disqualified.

2) I cannot guarantee that the sponsor of the giveaway ships out the product to the winner. I am not responsible for the shipping the product, timely shipment, nor am I responsible for the winner not receiving it from the sponsor. I will make every effort to see that the sponsor follows through but there are no guarantees.

3) The reviews are written in my own words and represent my feelings towards the product. I am not compensated monetarily at all for our opinions, and the opinions expressed here are our honest opinions. I only receive the product that I am reviewing, either by a Company Rep. or by my own purchase. And any money received is compensation for my HONEST opinion, Time, Market Testing and Research. I can not guarantee that all of our product reviews will be favorable, however if the review is not favorable a company may ask for the removal of our review.

4) All giveaways will end at 12:01 pm EST on the day specified (unless otherwise noted in the post or in Rafflecopter or another Giveaway Form); such as if the Giveaway states it ends on 05/05/05 it ends at 12:01 am Eastern Time Zone on 05/05/05.

5) After the entries have been verified and after the giveaway has been officially closed, I will use Rafflecopter (or another giveaway form) to automatically select the winner. I do not choose the winners myself, it’s automated. The prospective winners entries will be checked through to make sure that all of their entries are qualifying entries. This means I Must be able to see that you “Like” “follow”, tweet or what ever entries you have used to enter the giveaway and you follow the instructions on those entries you have chosen to use in the giveaway form.

6) Winners will be emailed their prize notification and they will have 72 hours to respond to the email. If a winner does not respond within 72 hours, another winner must be selected by our use of, there are no exceptions. Please check your spam email box regularly for missed notifications as we am not responsible for email not received by the winner.

7) I cannot guarantee any specific outcome for the sponsor of a giveaway or the donor of a product review. I do my best to promote the review and/or giveaway to the best of my abilities on various online sites, including Twitter, Facebook, as well as on other online sites.

8) This is a public website open to anyone to view and enter. I cannot be held liable for any comments or actions made by others. I do try and monitor comments, however, some may slip through my spam blocks as well as my viewing from time to time.

9) Please read our Terms of Service notice & Disclaimer Policy before entering any of the giveaways being sponsored on our blog.

10) Any taxes, shipping or other charges that may be incurred as part of the prize-winning are solely the winner responsibility.

11) I am not responsible for injury, illness or misuse of any product won from our blog.

12) I am only human and therefore mistakes happen. I am not responsible for errors, technical glitches, lost emails, lost comments or other weirdness that may happen due to technology or to human error.

13) I reserve the right to end or extend any giveaway that hasn’t hit 50 entrants.

14) No using the same tweet over and over again for all your tweet credits (for your daily Entries)… each Tweet must have a different URL in twitter. Please see: How To Page under “Twitter” for information on how to find your Tweets direct Link (URL) to post on your Rafflecopter Entries. Currently I am testing out a new form for giveaways that is currently doing a Beta Test of certifying to me that your entries are real entries for this, if this works all references to Rafflecopter rules can be ignored in the future. 🙂

15) Facebook, if you are claiming the extra credit points for your “Likes”, you will be disqualified if your “Likes” are Private. We need to prove that your entries are all qualifying and we can’t do so if you claim likes that are not shared in Public. Currently I am testing a new Form for Giveaways and they have a Beta of certification to me that  your Likes are true… lets hope this works so the giveaways are much easier for  you and I.

Also all giveaways contained may ask for you to join me on Facebook or Twitter, the entries shall be bonus entries and these giveaways are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter.
As per the rules on Facebook, I state herein that: Any Likes may provided information to Mariah Lockwood/Honestly Mariah and not to Facebook.

If you have any questions about the policies of this web site, please feel free to email me using my Contact Me Page


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