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Hi there, thank you for checking out my PR Friendly Blog Page. In here you should find the details of what I can do for you and how it works.


Target Market:

  • Women/Mom’s
  • Families


  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health
  • Arts, Crafts & DIY
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming & PC Programs
  • Pets
  • Life in General

What I can do for you:

I understand how to promote and market your Products & Services.

My Past Experiences in Sales and Marketing; as an assistant to the Area Manager of well-known Company in the Beauty Industry and Manager/Operator of several Beauty Shops. I also was responsible for the salon newspaper, and promotions within the salons as well as for a Tattoo Shop. And of course, my practical experience as I’ve been blogging for the better part of 9 years.

I will supply you with Blog Statistics Upon Request (there is an entry on the bottom of this page with blog stats from 2013)

Advertising Space for Rent:

I have terms available for Monthly, 3 to 6 Months or Yearly. Yearly will always less expensive than the shorter terms here at OH! Honestly Mariah. Pricing available upon request.

Post Options for you:

For some of these options I do accept monetary compensation as well as the product, service or Event Attendance to review, this will be determined by many things such as time to spend on research, writing, travel expenses etc… the compensation will have no influence what so ever on my review outcome. I only post my honest opinions in all of my reviews.

Product, Services & Events Reviews:

I only accept full size products or Services this insures that I am able to properly review your product or service. No sample size products, shall be reviewed.  Events, we can discuss details for this type of review or you may opt for another type of post.


All I need is to test out the Product, Service or attend an Event to review it for you. Please keep in mind that I do no accept samples for these.

Review with Giveaway*:

This is more work for me, however it does garner more attention to all your products and services or events and bring more traffic to you.

*Please note: 
It is your responsibility to ship any giveaway product directly to the giveaway winner, will not send out prizes to winners. 

Website Reviews or Posting Your Calendar of Events:

For this option, contact me and we can discuss compensation for the post.

Product Testing and Marketing Research:

This too is an option where we can make arrangements for compensation for the post, testing and, if requested, suggestions made for improvements, other uses etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

I don’t join Affiliate Marketing for products or services that I haven’t tried, I want to make sure that I feel that the products and services I have posted here are ones that I would recommend not only to my readers but my family as well.

What to Expect from me:

I will handle all the work of writing the review, promoting the giveaway and selecting the giveaway winner.

My Policy is honesty with all reviews. I share a Disclaimer at the end of the reviews, revealing what I received in return for it, the compensations for the reviews do not influence the end result of any of my reviews.

Products received will not be returned.

Once the products are received I will start using the product as soon as possible, so that I give you the best possible, most thorough review.

Please allow anything from 2 to 6 weeks for your review to be posted on the site. We can make arrangements if there is a specific date in which you want your post to go live on my blog, this will all depend upon my schedule and the reviews I may have ahead of yours.

In some cases, if I am reviewing and running a giveaway on products or services that are quite similar (example lip gloss from two different companies) I will try my best not to let the giveaways overlap so that each product may get equal time in the readers eyes without being overshadowed by another. But sometimes I may have no choice but to run both at the same time.

If I find a major defect in the product or service, I will attempt to notify you first of what I have found, giving you the choice to replace the product or opt out of the post. If I see possible solutions to the defect, I will gladly share the feedback with you whether or not I post the review.

I will notify you when the review is posted along with the link to your post.

I submit the reviews and reviews with giveaways on social networking sites. For giveaways, there is added exposure as I also post on several sites that list giveaways for those who enter frequently to see.

Typically the giveaways shall be active for entries for 3 weeks, we can discuss this if you want to change this time frame.

I will use a tool to randomly pick the winner(s) for you, and Email you with the information required for the winners to receive their prize.

When I winner is picked they are notified of their name being drawn and they will have 72 hours to respond to my email with the confirmation information I request of them. Example: Name, Address, phone number (possibly size and/or color of product). If I do not hear from them in a timely manner, I shall pick another winner… unless you’ve placed a deadline on the receipt of the winners info and we’ve surpassed that time frame, waiting on the winners responses.

What Others are Saying:



Hi Mariah,

Great review! I personally like the sliced cupcake 🙂 Looks really yummy…We are so glad that you enjoyed cooking/baking with Organic Matcha (I guess that made your kitchen the busiest part of the house!)

Best regards,


Hi Mariah,

Thanks for all your effort and for following our instructions.
Michael wants to let you know that he LOVES your review and he’ll be sure to reach out to you once we launch new products.
Again, thanks for your reviews and your kind words. We truly appreciate it.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


Valentia Skin Care


What a beautiful job. I am so touched by your sweet and loving words.
I do pray that some one is inspired to call on the Lord!
I know that God is working through you. I am certain that you will be Blessed for sharing your faith with your readers….I posted a link to your giveaway on my facebook wall.
I can’t wait to see who the Lord touches through your give away.
~Thank you and God Bless,

Thank you for the wonderful review. We are so happy that Agloves helps people with Raynauds. We did a survey and 100% of people with Raynauds found that they could operate touchscreens better with Agloves.
~Kind Regards, Jennifer Spencer President,


That looks great and I appreciate your help. You did a great job explaining the campaign, explaining your familiarity with the product and showed ways to switch to Silk. I also loved that added touch of putting in the video. There are definitely some fun videos on the channel. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future campaigns and see if they might work for you and/or Joan. As Ben (who works with Joan a lot) and I work on sometimes different things, we can both keep you posted on what we are doing. It was great to be able to meet you and work with you and your site, Ben has always told me that you/site loves to go reviews and with Silk this ended up working perfectly for you. With us knowing each other now, it also makes it easier for me to have you included right at the start of campaigns so then I can let you know right away what we are working on. It was a pleasure working with you. …I thank you again for all of your help and time spent on this…


This is Fantastic Riah, we are so excited, thank you for the post.
Hi Dear Mariah, Thank you for the review, it’s beautiful. So many kind words about me and my jewellery… Really thank you. I opened your blog and just cried.. You are a talented artist, you are awesome writer.
Mariah,Great Review! We really appreciated your time for writing this long review.
~Megan T.

To submit your product for review or for additional information, you can contact me through the Contact Me Page.


Blog Stats:

Report on Honestly Mariah – posted on July 25 2013 (before the end of July 2013)

Please note: I apologize for not updating this before May 2014 when my husband (who registered my domain) cancelled the extra fees for the Blog Stats.  In May 2014 we incurred an extra expense on the blog and  we needed to cut some of the blogging budget.  Although we are on a very tight budget here, we traded the extra price of the blog stats for, the more costly blog security & caching.  I felt it was more important to ensure your safety on my blog and give you faster loading pages as well.  This is all a part of my looking out for you, while you are visiting me. 


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