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A Warm Gesture

I needed some cheering up today (find the reason: and found a warm gesture that made me cry happy tears. Just what I needed! I knew I simply had to share this with you all in hopes that it makes you feel warm inside, like it did for me.

There is nothing like an act of Kindness to warm the heart… Here is the story of a picture that was sweet and went viral!

Nothing like a Warm Gesture and Random Act of Kindness to warm my heart and make it sing with joy.

So have you ever done a random act of kindness, smiled at a stranger offered a helping hand to a stranger etc? Maybe we all need to try to reach out to others in this way more often, what a beautiful world would be if we all did, right?

I hope your day is filled with Love, happiness, good health and feeling appreciated my friends. I appreciate you all!

Love and hugs,


Brush On Peel Off Nail Polish – Bo-Po Nails – Review

The Return of the Bo-Po Nails – the Original Brush it on and Peel it off Polish.

In the 1980’s there was a nail polish made by Tinkerbell that was every young girlie girls favorite list and it was found in the toy section. This proprietary formula was picked up by Worx Toys and along with their relaunch of an old favorite, the colors are more vibrant and the formula is improved. Now those that were little girls in the 1980’s can share this old favorite with their children!

I was tickled pink (yes even at the ripe old age of 51) to get the chance to play with a toy like Bo-Po, I was a Cosmetology Student and then a Cosmetologist back when these were introduced. And I thought it was so cute, the little girls playing with their nails in the waiting room, painting their nails and later peeling away at them. I sort of envied those little girls and their new toys, my makeup toys were plastic little items that looked like the real thing but didn’t do a thing at all.

BoPo 1 Mariahs package for reviewI received my little kit of two polishes from Bo-Po in the mail and the colors I received where a vibrant blue called “Cloudy Day” and a green glitter called “sweet dreams tint”. The Cloudy Day color was opaque and the Sweet Dreams a semi-transparent color. I first noted that the smell of the polish was Vanilla!!!! And not that sickeningly sweet vanilla, but a nice softly sweet vanilla. This polish surely isn’t an anyway like “Mommies” nail polish. Next I noticed, as the first coat dried, that the look of the polish is a bit matte as it dries (but the tint with the glitter look to it is a bit more shine to it) so, for the Mommies out there, you can tell they didn’t sneak into your own nail polish! Nice to know  you could tell… just don’t tell the children that you know the difference Moms!

BoPo 1 Mariahs nails done for review
blue used on all nails, one nail has the tint on top of whole nail and all the rest have the green tint at just the tips.


Next I played with the amount of coats to the fingernails, and I discovered that you did need more than 2 coats of the polish to make it peel, I tried one then two coats and tried to peel and it didn’t do so, it came off in chips. When I stopped at 3 coats and let it dry the peeling was very easy! Now my coats of nail polish always appeared to be less polish than when I’ve watched friends doing their nails, and especially when I watch children putting it on. I have the habit of wiping off access on the lip of the bottle opening, and so I would say for most people it would possibly work with just one or two coats. Also my nails have ridges on them from Lupus SLE, and those ridges could have been the culprit with my nails needing more coats to peel off nicely, without little chips all over the place.

BoPo 1 spill proof on sideBoPo 1 spill proof upside down

This polish is non-toxic and spill proof, yes I tested out the spill proof part and sure enough it is!

The Bo-Po Polish comes in 10 colors and I wouldn’t mind having a few more, for those days when I want a quick change in nail color without fussing with nail polish remover. 🙂 I may have to pick up more of the Bo-Po Nail Polish to “test out” and this time, find some special time with my niece, she’s my little sweetheart… runs up to me with a big huge hug every time I see her and I would love to have special girls time together someday! I think we’d have to play with some of their pink that is called “Razzmatazz”, this looks like my neices kind of color, if not? Oh well, it’s Auntie’s Color! lol

The Bo-Po Polish can be picked up online at Bo-Po or at online retailers & major brick and mortar retailers near you too:

o Amazon
o Nordstrom
o Burlington Coat Factory
o Bed Bath & Beyond
o Learning Express Toys store
o Bealls Florida Department Stores
o The Johnson Smith Company

And you can follow Bo-Po at:

o Website
o Facebook
o Twitter
o Pinterest

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Fun Learning Spanish with Pimsleur Course – Review

I am having fun learning Spanish with Pimsleur! I have studied several CD’s of these 30 minute/1 time a day lessons. And I find this course not only fairly easy but entertaining as I learn to understand and speak the Spanish Language. The program has native speakers so you can get your pronunciation right.

I was already interesting in learning Spanish, but I was really intrigued when I learned these thing about the Pimsleur Language Courses:

Pimsleur course review 1The Course is based on Dr. Pimsleur’s “Rapid Learning Method” which helps you hold real conversations. The program for this course is not a program that you have to install into your computer, you can learn it directly off from you CD’s or easily place your CD’s onto your mp3 player. The Course is only 30 minutes of your time Once a day and so you pick out a time in which you are alert, not fatigued and where you can be in a quiet space to relax, speak when asked to and learn.

Dr Pimsleur’s highly successful course has been featured on PBS and has been purchased by the FBI!

This Course is Learning Spanish 1, it has 16 hours of lessons, and it’s enough to help you not only speak the language but hold actual conversations, all without textbooks, just practical language speaking skills are taught. To me, the reading and writing Spanish is not what I really need as much as learning to speak the language, since we have some Spanish Speaking neighbors that do not speak English at all. This could come in handy as I try to communicate with them.

Pimsleur course review the course secured in foam closed boxI found and ordered my Pimsleur Course on Amazon, and the package arrived to my house in no time at all. The Course was secured very nicely and cushioned in the box, and presented very handsomely (as a Gold Edition deserves to be), I was impressed with the presentation!

While learning, for me, the hardest part is getting the words to sort of meld together as the native speakers do. I still think and speak in one word at a time and am having a problem working the words together, taking time to think of each word. As time goes on I find that speaking, as the native speakers do, is getting a little easier, but I have a ways to go yet.

Pimsleur course review first opening the boxStrange as it seems, I didn’t think I had a aptitude for speaking any other language, other than English. And lets face it, even a native speaker of the American English Language, like me, can still not be perfect at that as well. lol I often hope that my former English Teacher isn’t reading my blog, first off, he’d have a heart attack and secondly I’d simple die of embarrassment just knowing the mistakes I make (they must be in every post) and how sloppy I’ve gotten over the years (since high school).

Now I am not creating a video for this review, I am rather embarrassed and become quite shy while I am learning new things. As a result, when I am learning new things, I become even more self conscious then I already am. And lets face it you don’t want to see me sweating bullets on a video as a stumble and pray that I am sounding okay and that I look presentable etc etc… or do you? lol

Pimsleur course review inside the box2Anyway, I am excited to have this course for my husband and myself… I am beginning to be able to understand some conversations on the CD’s, though I may ask Spanish Speaking individuals to slow down a bit for me. I do think that as time goes on I will be able to understand real time, real speed Spanish in conversations with others, I however am not sure if I am happy with my pronunciations as of yet, I think I am very close but just not quite there at this time. However some words I am pretty sure that I am spot on with. 🙂

Would I recommend any of these Pimsleur language courses to others? Yes, I would! The courses are entertaining as with each lesson I am learning more and more and building on what I’ve already learned (sort of reinforcing the words so that they stick in this brain of mine). I find the courses fun too and it keeps this ADD brain of mine going all the time and not wondering, as it would naturally over time.
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Coupon & Recipe for National Soft Pretzel Month

Oh I simply cannot resist a good soft pretzel and I just realized that April is National Soft Pretzel Month! Here a coupon, some fun facts and a recipe for making your own.

First off this link came in my email today for Super Pretzel Coupon (and yummy, I’ve bought their pretzels before and love them for late night snack attacks): this strange looking link brings you right to the coupon on Red Plum. 🙂

Fun Facts:

Did you know that Soft Pretzels have been around back in 600 ADs?

Did you know, The common pretzel shape was created by Monks in the shape of praying hands? And that the shape has also said to represent good luck and prosperity.

Alton Brown's Soft Pretzels
Alton Brown’s Soft Pretzels

Here is a link to a Recipe to make your own Soft Pretzels from one of my favorite chefs Alton Brown (gotta love his sense of humor): Alton Brown’s Recipe for Soft Pretzels on the Food Network

Have fun with the remaining days of National Pretzel Month. Incidentally this past Saturday was Nation Pretzel Day… shucks I missed it! Ah well, National Doughnut Month should be coming up soon! 🙂

*This post is not sponsored, nor have I received anything for posting this, just the satisfaction of knowing that some of you may enjoy this information that I discovered for you! 🙂

Embarrassed About Making A “Stink”? – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

A while back I received a little packet of the handy little single use toilet additives that help to get rid of that stink in your bathroom when you go. Okay so perhaps you’ve figured out what stink I was talking about? lol Just a Drop was featured on The Dr. Oz Show (Dr. Oz is a regular user of the product) as well as The Doctors TV Show, so you know that this product is good!

.05 oz Just a Drop bottleWhat can I say these handy little packets do do the trick, you open up the packet and empty into  toilet before you go and the product (“Just a Drop”) makes a deodorizing layer above the water surface and it reportedly stops 98% of the odor. Now I had my hubby test the product out and it did help a lot! I wouldn’t say that it was 98% (how do you measure that anyway?) but I would say a significant amount of the smell disappeared!

just a drop singlesThe smell of this Environmentally Friendly product? Have you smelled the newer smell of port-a-potty, recently I noticed that hardly have a smell of… well… you know what, to them. I think that this product must be the same scent as what they are using in the port-a-potties now. The scent is Eucalyptus, something I had never smelled previous, so I just kept telling my husband that the outhouse at our favorite fishing spot smell rather good! Lol A shame they took away that port-a-potty there, and now I have to wonder out into the woods and hope no one spots me to go. Lol Okay that is off topic Mariah (yup, I not only talk to myself by type to myself… I told you all I was slightly nuts!)… was that TMI, friends? Lol

A reminder that those that haven’t used a port-a-potty or an outhouse in a while, you’d be surprised at how odor free they are now. I the scent will clear the air, my friends, of course others may notice the Eucalyptus scent, but isn’t that better than what they could be smelling? lol

“Just a Drop” does help me feel more secure when I am out in public, visiting people or have company over and I have some in our bathroom (yes, I bought some when I ran out). I only have one bathroom in my tiny little house, so when we have people over the odor of the bathroom can spread quickly to the living room and who wants that? So this is a must have in my house, with people stopping by all the time lately.

Just A Drop Packets in hand
Just A Drop Singles in their plastic carrying pouch.

The Singles of the “Just a Drop” come with a handy little plastic sleeve that contains 10 packets of this product, so you can carry them in your pocket, purse or place them in your desk drawer and no one will be all the wiser, nor look at you wrinkling their noses because you stank up that bathroom that they needed to use. Instead, this product not only can save you from the embarrassment but it is a great way to show respect for others around you… so why not use it? 🙂

There is also a bottle of the product that you can purchase, it is perfect for in your bathroom at home or if you’re the boss and you are very nice, in the bathroom at work! The size of the bottle is it in a .05 ounce. Hey, if you use this you could actually tell your co-workers that your you-know-what don’t stink! 😛

Just A Drop Package
Sorry the package was opened for the picture, so here I hold the Package closed as best I can so you may see what the package looks like.

For me, I personally love the portable ones, as I carry some in my purse and put a few others in my bathroom. What is great (other than just keeping your air clean) is that it only takes a drop or two to do the trick, so it’s very economical… so don’t let the small size bottle scare you, it will last a long long time.

Here is information on where to pick up Just A Drop (from their website

Just a Drop is not yet available at retailers in the US. You can purchase it by clicking here. You may also place an order by phone using a major credit card at (888) 887-3468. Our representatives are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST. Just a Drop comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if the product doesn’t work for you for any reason, simply send it back for a full refund.

You can find Just A Drop on Facebook and Twitter:

I apologize to Just A Drop for reviewing this product so late, and being patient with me as I go through health issues and family emergencies here.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.