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His & Hers Tommie Copper Review & $50 GC Giveaway


Tommie Copper has once again honored me with the chance to review some more of their products on my blog.

Lets start off with a little history first, shall we? 🙂

Just like me, the inventor of Tommie Copper (Tommie Kallish) tried all sorts of support wear for his arthritis only to find that the products were bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Mr. Kallish then proceeded to try all sorts of fabrics out for himself until he found the one that worked best for him and his arthritis, the rest is history… Tommie Copper was born in 2010.

Tommie Copper New Logo
Tommie Copper New Logo

And just like any great company Tommie Copper keeps expanding and perfecting their line. The logo has recently changed, but the product is still as fantastic as ever, and I see some new and improved innovations in the new items offered. They now have “Innergywear”, their newest development in their compression line and an Active Fit Exercise Apparel line. Both of these have some amazing features, all of which you can look at on their page HERE.


Our Pain History:

Both my husband and I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis as well as Sciatica, including pain in hips and lower back. My husband injured his back about 7 years ago and became disabled. I have been disabled for many years with bad discs in my neck and back, as well as Lupus SLE. So we are quite the pair… together we may make one whole healthy person. lol Any-who these are the things that we are trying to address with Tommie Copper.

Experiencing Tommie Copper For Ourselves:

Several Months ago we received products to try out, yes this time hubby was included! Hubby was excited to receive his own Tommie Copper to try out and yet he had his doubts. My husband, like many of us, needs to experience the results for himself. Here was his chance, hubby received the Tommie Copper Men’s Short Sleeved Crew Neck Shirt and the Men’s Shorts to test out. I picked these for him, knowing how these could easily be worn year round, the material and the compression make these items easy to put underneath clothing when it gets chillier outside.

I already knew how wonderful Tommie Copper is. I have been wearing Tommie Copper since shortly after the company started in 2010. I already had the Women’s Short Sleeved V-Neck Top (from my first review) and the Women’s Tights (from my second review). The products I received for this review where, for my ankles and my hands and wrists. I received the Women’s Half Finger Gloves and the Women’s Ankle Sleeve. By the way the past reviews can be found in a search on my blog for Tommie Copper.

Having Experience Tommie Copper Before, I still check to make sure the compression wear is as great as ever. In the past I know that the stitching is perfect. The hems on the sleeves, neckline and bottom of the shirts and the tights are perfect too. They don’t cut corners, at least not in the past. As I wait for the items to come in the mail, I want to make sure that I check everything out as soon as the items arrive so that I can tell you how their products are today.

Important Note on Sizing your Tommie Copper:

men's top sizing chart via tommie copperIt is worth while to take out the measuring tape to make sure you get the correct fit. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string or yarn to measure with. Place the string or yarn around the area as instructed to measure and keep your fingers in place where the string or yarn meet. Then grab a ruler, yard stick (whatever you have to measure with) and line up your yarn or string and you should have your measurements.

Experiencing Tommie Copper for the first time (my husband):

men's top sizing chart via tommie copperThe Mail Man came with my husband’s Tommie Copper, my husband brought in the bag containing his products and all he could say was, “this can’t be it, the package is far too light!” lol I had to laugh, as I recalled that this was my exact statement when I received my shirt from them years ago.

The package was opened and the shirt he was wearing instantly got thrown aside, as he tried on and modeled his new shirt for me. Mighty handsome shirt, he was amazed at how soft and lightweight the fabric was and how comfortable the compression in the shirt is. And of course the fit was perfect… *I type this as a pat myself on the back*. The shipment also included the shorts and he tried them on a little later.

I examined the men’s shorts, these shorts are a lot like bicycle shorts, the stitching is still perfect on them and the stretch at these hems and seams are great too… doesn’t feel like their will be any pinching on any areas with the items. Nice to see that Tommie Copper hasn’t cut any corners in the 4 years they’ve been in business, everything looks fantastic.

As time went on, I noticed that my husband is wearing his Tommie Copper shorts a lot, the shorts have become his favorite item for sleeping in. I asked him what he thought after several months of wear and he commented that the shorts really help him sleep as they help with the hip pain (he has an injured back and it has resulted in sciatic nerve pain and pain in the hips). He also wears the shirt, but not as often, he wears it when his shoulder (he broke it about 2 years back) is acting up and it helps his shoulders too.

Hubby is now sold on Tommie Copper for his arthritis pain, his injured shoulder, his back and hip pain. I am so glad to see he is having a great experience with Tommie Copper just as I have in the past.

My Experiencing Tommie Copper Again:

My turn now, I received my packages in the mail a day or so later and I was tickled pink to receive not just one ankle sleeve but 2 and a special order of one in blue. Their line has been updated since our products had arrived, they now have new colors and a new logo on their ankle sleeves. The timing of my receiving the offer to review Tommie Copper was perfect as I had had my ankles acting up for just over a month at that time.

resting my ankle again this time sideways
Resting my ankle after working on the siding on the garage. Tommie Copper helps with the bad ankle a lot.

As soon as I received my Tommie Copper, I put on the ankle sleeves right away and realized that it was indeed helping my ankles, but something was still wrong on one foot. I thought I would tough it out and wait to see if this would help…I finally saw a specialist and the problem wasn’t Tommie Copper, it was that I was aiming the compression wear at the ankle and my problem apparently (on the right foot) was from the Achilles Tendon.  At that point and time I learned that the compression wear for the ankle wasn’t going to help the Achilles Tendon as the Foot Specialist said I needed full compression there… Tommie Copper didn’t hurt the Achilles Tendon, I did a while back as I heard a strange pop sound as I stood up on my tip toes to get something off a shelf. Because the compression wasn’t were I thought I needed it, it wasn’t helping much either.

Lesson learned, there is such a thing as heel pain that feels like it’s in the ankle but if the pain goes up the back of your lower leg, it could be Achilles Tendon problem. If this is the case it would be best go with Tommie Copper Compression socks for heel pain.

Elevating my Ankle in the garage after working on siding
top picture of my swollen ankle in the tommie copper ankle support. I sure helps me.

Now I did need the other compression Ankle Sleeve, I was over compensating with the other leg and foot for the injured one and that ankle was getting mighty “Angry” as I was told. So my Ankle Sleeve was indeed helping and it also helped that ankle as I wore the cotton-pickin Walking Boot on the other leg. The Ankle sleeve stabilized the other ankle that was now compensating for the walking boot being taller than any of my comfortable shoes. I could have worn a heel on my other foot, but what if I sprained that ankle? lol Yup, I could see it now! Yikes!

front side of tommie copper gloves while caulkingMy half finger gloves have been a God send, my hands and wrists act up easily and I’ve had to wear my wrist braces on my wrists many times over the years. The strain of typing takes it’s toll over time as does all the work we’ve been doing on the garage replacing siding etc. I worked and helped out hubby as we hauled Hardie Board, cut and put up the new siding together… I realized my hands didn’t want to grip anymore and so I excused myself and ran in getting my Tommie Copper Gloves.

Silicone gripper palms  close up of tommie copper womens gloves palm side
here is a close up of my caulking with the Tommie Copper Compression half finger gloves on. These gloves help me survive all the work on the hail the damaged garage… from hauling Hardie Boards, to replacing siding, caulking and even painting.

The rubberized lines on the palm of the gloves helped me grip when my hands felt like otherwise giving up. And once again, hands acting up I slipped on my gloves to work with caulking and painting the garage, the gloves have continued to helped support my hands and wrists. And the garage is not an easy task, it has a man-cave on one side and storage area on the other… it’s about as big as our house, without Tommie Copper and a bit of rest between doing work on the siding of the garage, Tommie Copper has once again come to my rescue and saved me a lot of pain.

Would I recommend Tommie Copper?

Yes! I am so pleased to see the latest expansion and additions to the Tommie Copper Line and can’t wait to see what comes next. They now have Sun Protection with zinc on some of their products too, the wicking action of their products make them all so easy to wear in the hot sun. I love the fact that their items can easily be worn under anything, I even wore the gloves under plastic gloves while painting.

The Gloves from Tommie Copper have more than helped me realized that although these products are great for pain, they are also great for preventing pain too… I would recommend this for anyone who is getting older, folks who are doing some manual labor that they aren’t (or are) used to, for me it prevented further injury and decreased pain. This is the same with our Tommie Copper Shirts, my tights and hubbys shorts from Tommie Copper… we’ve found it helps with nerve pain from sciatica, fibromyalgia, bad or injured spine and my lupus sle (a painful illness).

I would recommend this to Construction workers too! Check out the gloves if your hands cramp up or get painful, wrists as well!  Not that I am a Construction Worker, but with my experiences as we continue to fix up our large Garage/Man-Cave/Storage Room exterior, I have see how much they can help prevent pain and I suspect prevent injury as well.

Tommie Copper continues to put out a wonderful product still today, they haven’t cut any corners on the products since the beginning. All seams, hems are wonderful, the stitches are great without gaps or bad tension. The stretch is still wonderful, the material is still lightweight, soft (softer than most t-shirts) and attractive as ever. No pinching or binding on any of the items we tried for this review.

In the end, Tommie Copper is perfect for me and my husband too. Thank you Tommie Copper!

I thank Tommie Copper for their patience with me as I got to their review, things have been nuts here (more so than usual) and I am so thankful to have their products supporting my body, hands and feet with their soft comfortable compression as it embraces my body.

Now folks, it’s time to enter the giveaway, please make sure that your mandatory entry is placed in the comments below, so that I don’t have to disqualify you. Thank you for being my loyal readers!




Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed these product with the assistance of my husband’s in put on the products we received for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Tommie Copper and me.


Sabi Chop – Minimal effort pill cutter – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Hi all, I have received a Sabi Chop to review and I was so excited to try this little cutie. The package arrived safe and sound to my home, the instructions on the package were simple, use your palm and cut. 🙂

I have some cutters for my tablets around the house, one I gave to my husband is very efficient and is about 5 years old, my other one (which I rarely use) is about 12 years old at this time and the tablets get a bit crushed as it cuts as the blade is getting dull. So I felt it was about time to have a new pill splitter and I was so excited to get this product to review.

chop package front and back side by side. pill, tablet or vitamin splitter/cutterI received the Sabi Chop pill/tablet splitter in a very timely manner from my ordering on Amazon. The packaging was simple but perfect, I am sure that this helps keep down the price.

Using the Chop:

closeup Sabi Chop closed

I opened up this little cutie and had a tablet to cut, I first tried a round tablet and realized that the pad was made really for oblong shaped pills or vitamins. The cut was a bit crushed as I looked at the crumbs of the slit in the Chop.

Second trial, I went and got an oblong tablet and set the Chop on a solid surface, again smooching down the top with my palm. Upon opening up this little cutie (gee that chop is so cute)… I saw again the crumbs in the middle of the pad from “cutting” the tablet.

Old Cutter vs Sabi ChopTime to investigate, why I am getting these results:

Time to investigate what is going on with a new blade doing this to our medications. I opened up the Chop and found that instead of a metal razor blade placed in it, there is a plastic blade (if you can call it that). Well I compared the tablet split to the older dull razor blade type cutter and I found that the Chop was about the same results.

closeup of Sabi Chop so called "blade"My thoughts on Sabi’s Chop:

The Chop tablet splitter is easier to use, but you do have to put some oomph behind your pill splitting though and that is why it’s perfectly shaped for using your palm.

Sabi Chop Palm pill splitterThe cut is that of an old razor blade type pill splitters with a lot of particles from your tablets left behind.

Although the cutter is not as good as my newer (4-year-old) razor blade type pill splitter, this product could be brought in your carry on bag on an Airplane! This I feel is a BIG plus with Airlines charging what they do now for checking your bag in, most of us will now be going the route of the carry on and that is it for our trips.

You can find the Sabi Chop sold on Amazon CLICK HERE.

You can also find Sabi on the Internet here:

CHOP is made by Sabi:
Twitter: @sabi_brand

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Have Pill Box, Will Travel – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Sabi logI was lucky enough to receive a Travel Pill Box to Review.. this pill box is a Holster Clip & Go Travel Pill Box by Sabi sold on Amazon. As many of you know I am disabled with health problems, as a result of these health problems I have medications that I need to take several times a day. Whenever I go anywhere for the day or during the hours that I need to take my medications. I have needed to find a way to bring my medications with me on many occasions.

My Experience Before Receiving This Travel Pill Box from Sabi

In the past there has been occasions in which I have forgotten to bring my medications along with me. And/or I would be out for a longer period of time than I anticipated and so I wouldn’t have enough of my medications along with me.

I had used the daily part of my weekly medication pill box, in the past, however my new purse wouldn’t accommodate this daily portion, as my purse has fairly large spaces on both sides of the zipper. Worse yet the little container would pop open and I would end up digging in my purse for the medicines as they were loose in the bottom of my purse as a result.

My next solution was to place the little daily portion container in a ziplock bag. When that didn’t work to well, I started using little candy container to place my medications in, and I kept a supply in my purse for those “just in case times.” This seemed to work out fine, but after a while I realized that the medications were getting knocked around too much and the longer the medications stayed in the container the more breaking apart of the tablets became noticeable. Besides if I were in a movie theater or somewhere that I could not take my time, it was a pain to take out exactly what medications I needed.

Along came this Holster Clip & Go Travel Pill Box to the rescue!

Sabi pill box and box

I can place each of my medications into the separate 3 areas and have enough for one full day, since I take my most of my medications 3 times daily.

With the clip on this handy little travel pill box, I am able to clip it to my purse and not worry about the pill box falling out. I can also just slide open the pill box to remove the exact pills that I need to take and I don’t have to worry about digging around in my purse. Nor do I have to worry about swallowing pocket fuzzies with my medication… yes I admit it, I have gone so far, in the past, as to put my medications in my pants pocket.

Sabi pill box and the purseThe Quality of the Sabi  Holster Clip & Go Travel Pill Box, In My Humble Opinion

Pill Box in Pilot PocketThis BPA-Free pill box feels quite sturdy and so far, for almost a month of usage, I have not had a problem with it pulling open on me, and it is easy for painful hands, like mine, to slide open and close. I imagine that those with Arthritic hands would be quite pleased with this little pill box’s convenience and ease of use. I was able to fit into the compartments, 4 pills in all… and 2 of the pills are not small but rather large “horse pills” to me.

This pill box is just a part of the offerings by Sabi, as a matter of fact this is the smaller version of their HOLSTER grande pill box, so there are more options at Sabi for you to choose from. I like this smaller version, as it easily fits into my little purse, it would also fit into your pockets and taken where ever you go, I can see using this for airplane trips too!

Where to Find Sabi Online:

Sabi Website

Sabi blog

Sabi on Facebook

Sabi on Twitter

Watch for my next Sabi Review, as I also received their pill splitter.

Thank you to Sabi for helping make my medications handy and easy to access when I am on the go.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

TheraPearl Neck Wrap – Review

TheraPearl Logo from Package
I was offered a chance to review the TheraPearl Neck Wrap… a very unique product, that got it’s name from the innovative “pearls” of liquid in these wraps. I was anxious to give this a try and see what it could do for me. The products by TheraPearl are Hot & Cold Therapys and was curious as to how it can manage to go from Freezer to the Microwave to achieve therapy for my aches and pains.

TheraPearl Close up of the pearls in circleAs many of you know I suffer from a multitude of illnesses that cause chronic pain and I am always trying to find something new and innovative to relieve some of the pain. With Fibromyalgia and Lupus SLE (to tell you the truth they are thinking about it actually being Connective Tissue Disease, another form of Autoimmune Disease very close to Lupus SLE) and degenerative Disc Disease. I try not to take my pain meds too often on most days, leaving some extra for those horribly unbearable days. And as such I need something, anything to help relieve the pain, even on the pain meds I need something more, as my body adjusts to the dosages after a while and they won’t work too well.

I thought that this review maybe very helpful to many of my readers here, as I am aware of the Chronic Pain issues that it seems a lot of you regulars go through out there. And I know how everyone has those times in which they need some help with pain, be is sprains, pains, keeping tension in your neck etc. I hope sincerely that this review will help you out and give you a new idea of a product that I tried and worked for me. 🙂 And hey, as we grow older, it seems many of us experience more aches and pains with our bodies, like arthritis and past injuries.

TheraPearl Neck Wrap Box FrontNow Comes in TheraPearl, being that it’s hot and cold therapy it’s perfect, because my different conditions require different treatment, from cold therapy when the bursitis acts up, to heat and moist heat therapy for my degenerative disc disease. What do I do with TheraPearl for the moist heat, is wrap it in a thin damp towel, I personally use my old fashioned Flour Bag type of dish towels for this, this way it doesn’t over saturate my clothing with the moisture.

I had started with using ice bags for the bursitis, and electric heating pad for my neck therapy, however this limits movement some and the heating pad doesn’t conform to the neck and shoulders well. From there I went to home crafted pillows made with millet in them for relief of my pain, but I admit that they flop, are clumsy, and that weight doesn’t help with the pain much, infact, at times the weight can increase the pain level.

And for cold therapy I’ve tried Ice bags, the good old fashioned round ones, but for that I had to ice available all the time and in-between time I had to let the inside of the bag dry thoroughly to keep the bag in good condition. I later switched to the bag of peas, and well, that needs support so stay put which can hinder movement.

TheraPearl Box and Wrap side by sideI have found that using the TheraPearl has freed me up more, so I can move around and not feel constricted to sitting back to support it or worse yet tied to the cord of the moist heating pad and the weight is ideal for painful shoulders and neck.

The TheraPearl Neck Wrap is so thin that I can tuck it in my shirt and answer the door, I really don’t like answering the door to a stranger that when I look vulnerable (perhaps it’s just me or that I’ve just turned 50, but I have heard horror stories) and with the ability to have relief, answer the door and hide the therapy under my shirt actually makes me feel more secure. Okay, silly perhaps, but now a days can we be too careful?

The only down sides to the neck wrap that I found, was that some of my cervical degenerative discs are up higher on the neck and they require moist heat, the wrap, while heated in the microwave, doesn’t conform easily to the upper neck (base of scull) without my tying a scarf to hold it up there. However when I try it from the freezer (2 hours in the freezer gives you 20 minutes of relief) I find it conforms more easily and only a little support is needed for higher up on the neck. And the plastic smell, is more prominent when you microwave it, but it’s a fair trade for the ease of use, for mobility and being able to hide this handy therapeutic wrap.

The upside, it does what it advertises, it gives relief that lasts the perfect therapeutic amount of time (always 20 minutes, as per both the Doctors and Physical Therapists), it does seem to cool gradually as would any microwaveable products for pain therapy. You don’t have a lot of weight added to your neck and shoulders to support and it’s thin enough to hide under your clothing. And the instructions for use are plainly labeled on the TheraPearl, which comes in handy.

All in all, I’d say this is very innovative and great replacement for ice bags, frozen vegetables and for Millet filled microwaveable heat wraps or the old heating pad. I highly recommend this product and hope to one day try their product for lower back pain and knee pain too.

TheraPearl being used on DexterOh yes, and I saw one of the TheraPearls Packs being used on Dexter (yes I am a fan) during last weeks Episode, yes I caught it and I wondered. Then I verified it on TheraPearl’s Facebook Page… Pretty Cool! Even a TV Series supplied an actor with a great product for his “injuries” in that Episode! lol

If you wish to learn more about TheraPearl and all the other offerings for pain relief that they have you can find them on:

TheraPearl Facebook
TheraPearl twitter

TheraPearl pinterest
TheraPearl google +

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.