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A Quick Note – Comments Problem- Blog Announcement

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"I am experiencing technical difficulties folks. Something turned off my comments on my newest post for the $50 GC giveaway. As a result I am seeking a resolution at this time. The blog may be off line, off and on, for a while as I disable all plugins and re-enable them all one at a time.

I will try to repair this on my own… and if that doesn’t work I am calling support from my host, since I pay extra for some help I may as well use that. In the mean time please go visit my friend and former blogging partner, Joan at her blog, I am sure she has some really great giveaways up and running right now. πŸ™‚ Here is the LINK to Joan’s Blog.

I will announce when the blog is fully functional again, thank you for your patience. And as always, I really appreciate your following my blog and entering my giveaways.

Love and hugs,

New Cell Phone Equals More Instagram – Blog News


Howdy everyone and happy Friday!

Just a quick note here today. I am pleased to announce that our 7 year old cell phones are retiring! As of yesterday we opted to update our cell phones to the newer HCT One M8 Cell Phones. It’s a big chunk on our T-Mobile bill as we pay extra for two mobile phones for 24 months, but our cell phones no longer had the ability to do much at all, including locking up and out juice in the batteries after 2 uploads to Instagram. My phone didn’t even have the capability to upload videos to Instagram at all.

HTC One M8Finally out of frustration with our cell phones no being able to use hardly any of the Apps we used, and not being able to upload or update apps, we threw our hands up and surrendered. Yes we are frugal, 7 years time and those old mobile phones look like they were from Caveman Days as we try to learn the new phones and what they can do.

Before we update any technology, we research, research, and (need I say it?) RESEARCH… we check for all the ins and outs, pros and cons with products out there and we were sure that this model was the perfect one for us and had the most bells and whistles. Besides we love Android phones! lol

The old cell was no longer supported to hook up to my pc, so I was very concerned about losing pictures, apps, ringtones etc from the old phone. I am currently downloading the HCT sync on my old phone.Β  Who’d know that even though your old cell phone is no longer on your Cell Phone Network that you can use your WiFi to upload to your old cell phone? I had no idea. I can’t wait to set up the new Cell like the other one was set up and be able to update old apps, gather new apps and use Instagram once more.

So far, I have to play around with the new phone, and learn how to use the newest of technology. I am excited that the HCT One M8 Cell phone has a front facing camera! While I was able to use the old cell phone on Instagram I had to take the picture from the reverse side of the phone so I had to go fishing for the spot to click on the other side to take a selfie. Now I have front and back lenses to choose from and the reverse side of the phone also has LED flash! Yay… time for fun, as soon as I get this set up here. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I was excited to share this news with you and update you all on the excitement.

All Points Bulletin – trying to reach Dorothy Teel!

Update: Yay, I just heard from Dorothy, she saw several of my APB’s out for her!

Hi all, I am striving to reach Dorothy Teel, she won a giveaway but the form that she filled out with the Giveaway had a problem and the sponsor said the choice of her prize was not clear. I will never use the Tomoson pre-made giveaway program again since it didn’t give me Dorothy’s Email address, nor did it give it to the sponsor. *sigh*

Please if you are Dorothy I need to hear from you so your prize can get out to you. I’ve sent you a private message in Facebook about it (from my Mariah Marasch-Lockwood account, for some reason I can’t do this from my Blog Facebook Page). And I sent you also a Friend request in Facebook so as to get your attention & so we could send a message back and forth in private.

Animated_NewsboyIf any of you know Dorothy Teel who enters giveaways here, please let her know I am trying to reach her ASAP. The sponsor may just have to pick out a prize for Dorothy and hope she likes it, since part of the form that was unreadable was for the product choice.

If you all could do me a favor and get the word out in social medias that I am trying to reach her, please do so! I don’t like the idea of the sponsor sending things to people that may not be what they wanted or expected for their prize. If you’d be so kind, I’d be so grateful and I could give you a shout out on social medias and the blog! lol I don’t have anything to give, but a big hearty thank you for your help! πŸ™‚

Here is an idea of what I sent out on Facebook at my All Points Bulletin:

Trying to reach Dorothy Teel on FB… are you out there Dorothy? you won that prize with us but the field, where the sponsor asked for your choice was not filled out correctly or garbled in transmission to them. Please Send me a Message ASAP on Mariah Marasch-Lockwood account (where I requested this info in private, as well as to friend so we could fix this order).

Another on just sent out on all social media:

Please RT: Dorothy Teel, I need to reach you please! We had a problem with your prize form please contact me:


Putting on the Overalls – News From Home – Update


I’ve been putting on the Overalls and acting like a Construction Worker here. It’s been a long long busy 10 days here. We had a lot of hail damage here in May. Our insurance has decided to cover only the roof, paint, caulk and very little else…. oh and the cover to our fire pit. The rest of that garage (garage with 2 additions, a “man cave” on one side and a storage area on the other) and the damage from warping boards to some of the interior water damage (what they call “flood damage”) is our responsibility. However the damage to the siding was extensive, as was the black mold growing on the inside drywall and we are working hard tearing out damaged siding, one whole side had to be demoed and put not only siding up but they failed to have a vapor barrier inside! So, being that that side of our garage and attachment rooms to it, is right up against the fence, and it was the most highly damaged area of the building we had to tear down the chain link and crawl through to the other side of the fence to work on that side of the building. We have finally finished that major part of the project.

neighbors side damage to our garage 2neighbors side damage to our garage 4neighbors side damage to our garage 4Neighbors Side left Windows befor

Above are some samples of the Neighbors side of our garage and the hail damage from days worth of rain and hail.

Neighbors Side Garage Siding Replaced n painted
Most of the garage is shown on the neighbors side (the side worst hit by hail). This is just after we finished days and days worth of work replacing all the boards, calking and painting. If you look closely you can see my head peeking out of the window and grinning at you. I have on a white baseball “Sally Hansen” baseball cap. lol

Now we are repairing the odd siding boards here and there, with Hardie Boards, and of course we are calking, painting. And once the roofers get their work done, we will be taking care of the black mold, the holes from leaks in the ceilings and the inside of the windows where the water also came through.

hail damage to firepit cover
hail damage to fire-pit cover, this IS covered by our insurance.

Okay so I didn’t literally put on some overalls, the pair that I have are ripped in the seat and I didn’t feel like I could even lift my sewing machine to do some patchwork. lol Hubby and I are both disabled with chronic pain so this is a long and drawn out process here. I have to say though, that though I hurt, I am excited to learn more of my DIY as I work with hubby. I love doing many things for and by myself, making things and I am quite good at fixing things… hey my last bread machine, I repaired 3 times without instructions and made it last almost 15 years. lol

neighbors side one sample of windows leaking
Sample of the leak damage to the inside of windows.

I have learned about our materials that we’ve used and I love Hardie Boards (they are fiber cement boards), though it was a pain to lift, they are not light. And what a pain to haul in a van, without a pickup truck and our one volunteer never returned a phone call to say he was ready to help with his pickup and never returned hubby’s phone calls. So hauling the Hardie Boards and one piece of drywall went on top of our van, so glad that there was a tall man at Loews to help hubby reach… I could barely climb to help put the strapping up to strap those puppies down, much less reach with heavy board to put them on top of a van.

Man Cave Side of Garage Ceiling
Sample of one of the leaks in the ceiling.

We are calking all around the garage with Dap’s “Alex Plus” (acrylic plus silicone), we bought the 12 pack Contractors Case. The people that previously worked on siding didn’t caulk much at all, so we are caulking like made all the way around the building. I have to say I have become the queen of caulking, I put up a wicked nice bead now. lol Though my hands get tired easy as they are pretty weak and painful from my neck problems. I love the caulk as it is paintable and it covers small holes from the hail damage well.

Valspar Ultra PaintThe paint we are using is WONDERFUL, we are using Valspar Ultra Paint and Primer in the color “White Pepper,” the color is so much better then the light buttercup yellow (what I am calling the color) that they used on the house trim and garage. This stuff is working wonderfully, covering up the Hardie Board, the caulking and even the old paint used on the garage. The Valspar Ultra is heavenly to use as it covers wonderfully with just one coat, hubby has been playing with a paint sprayer with the Valspar Ultra and some product to thin the paint, a product from Flood called “Floetrol.” The only problem with the paint sprayer is that I think we haven’t gotten the viscosity right with our first mix with the paint as it went on way too loose and dripped all over our cement as I tried to use the brush to spread the paint out more and it dripped all over. Finally I figured out how to use the paint brush to sort of scoop up the paint some as I worked the sprayed on paint.

Side of Man Cave one third painted
About 1/3 the way done on one side of the garage, all caulked, primed the gutter and starting to paint the new color.

Speaking of brushes, we did go the cheap route as we needed some new brushes and we went with Project Select, 3 piece Painter’s-Pak, cheap is as cheap does. The large brush in the pack that I chose to use had the head fall off, I knew it felt loose as soon as I got it out of the package, come to find out the little nails that were in it weren’t fully inserted from the ferrule into the wood handle. I dropped that brush into the dirt, I am glad I didn’t have to fish it out of the gallon of paint! I washed the brush head off and hubby went in and put in some little screws to hold the brush head onto the handle. Now the brush works better, although the cheap brush loses bristles now and then, I am glad that I know not to get the paint in the ferrule area while painting or it would be worse.

Okay so, this is what I’ve been up to lately, smoothing on my 50 SPF Sunscreen, putting on an old baseball cap, my Sunny Sleevez (still saving my arms, but now full of splatters of paint and some caulk)… I have to say that sometimes these products for reviews are so great, I don’t know how I lived without them! I have some other things helping me out, but that is for a review, not for a News From Home Update. πŸ™‚

Well folks, I took a break while writing this for a few days, as I needed to help cut some Hardie Board, do some more calking and painting, while the weather held out. Oh and we just couldn’t take the heat in the house any longer, and installed an old Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioner was donated to us by my parents, and I believe we had it in the 60’s in our homes, so it’s not energy efficient, nor is it strong enough to do much (even in this small house). But cooling off the house to 92 degrees, when the thermometer is reading 102 outside is a help!

Of course we put in the AC just yesterday and I put up plastic, then we had a bad thunderstorm andΒ  water started coming in through the plastic last night, so I was running around gathering up most all the towels we had to sop up the rain water that was coming in. lol Today we cut up an old board to cover the area around the window and I am crossing my fingers that I don’t have another night like last night again… Wish me luck!

Okay off I go closing this up, nothing like writing a post over several days (3 to be exact), this old gal is tired, in pain and worn out, but loving the look of the work we’ve done so far. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until it’s all finished and I am crossing my fingers that we can manage to get a newer AC in the house soon, one that will really do a lot of cooling and be more energy efficient, I am so tired of feeling like I am melting all the time. lol And of course I am anxious for out projects to be completed so that I can recover, relax and concentrate on the blog more again.

Side of Man Cave one third painted
“Man Cave” side of the garage has carpet damage and black mold (just a sample of the black mold there).

In the mean time, I felt that I needed to share with everyone what I am going through right now in my life at home. Life happens, and between these home emergencies, chronic pain and disability issues, things (like the blog) get set aside.

storage side corner black mold
Just a sample of all the black mold on the storage room side of the garage. It’s all long the wall that faces the outside. Problem, the people that worked on the siding last didn’t bother with a vapor barrier… we are adding that while we work. A job well done saves these sort of problems.

I thank you all for understanding my doing some rush posts here and my otherwise absence, I hope that we can get back to normal here in the next 2 weeks. Most of the repairs to the siding have been done now and almost half the painting is done. πŸ™‚ The huge project will be at the back of the garage is on a hill… it’s going to be a real pain to caulk and paint! Then, of course we will be working on some Kilz, new Dry Wall, Dry Wall Patching and floating (what hubby calls what we will be doing around those windows that had the water coming through) all around the interior of the garage.

So who putting on the Overalls and coming help us out? lol Hey, can you blame a gal for trying? πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I, Mariah Lockwood, have not been compensated for the products mentioned in this News From Home, all items mentioned have been purchased with my own money and I just thought they were worth mentioning in this News From Home Update. As usual this is just my option and my experiences, yours may differ from mine.