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Laughs on Age and Computers

Here are some laughs on Age and Computers.



Thank God!
Thank God!
Yes indeed!
Yes indeed!
Can you say "Hot Flashes"? I knew you could!
Can you say “Hot Flashes”? I knew you could!

your 10 and have an iPad When I was your age




























Well, folks that’s it for today… I am going to be doing some work on a review coming up really soon (I lost my work, silly me, when I didn’t save my final draft of it, so I needed to start from scratch once more).

Sending you love and hugs,

I had to share it again. Such a smart Haircut on this Security Guard – Humor


Years ago I saw these pictures and the story of a Garage in New Mexico that had been robbed a few times. These clever people came up with a solution that even made “the would be Thieves” call the police.

The owners of the Garage put out the word that they bought a Guard Lion, a Mexican Guard Lion (I guess that is why it looks different) for security in their garage. Reportedly they also got the word out that this Lion would attack anyone that broke into the business or climbed the fence.

When the Police came to the business, with the report of a dangerous Guard Lion on Duty, this is what they found:

Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 1
Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 2 you can see the dogs face
Rawr…. oops, ummm…. BOW-WOW, WOOF!

This was just too tempting and I had to post this today… I know I posted these pictures before, ages ago on an old blog of mine, but most of you probably have not seen it. 🙂

Have yourself a Great Hump Day!

Welcome to Honestly Mariah Grand Opening Month & Redirect from the old blog

welcome photo animatedwelcome_zpsc9518f43.gif
Welcome everyone! Today (March 1, 2013)  is the official Grand Opening Month of Honestly Mariah and the Redirect from the old blog, Joan and Mariah’s reviews. Please if you came from the old blog (that is now officially closed), you need the new URL to bookmark so please Click Here (or copy and paste this URL to the top of your browser) so you are on the new URL and then bookmark the website.

I am so excited for our Grand Opening here, I have some fantastic reviews and giveaways coming up this month as some wonderful old and new sponsors have joined me in this Grand Opening Month Celebration.

I spent yesterday in the ER with a fever and bad pain in my tummy, I am still sick, but gladly I am home. I am going to try and get a review up later today if I can manage to get my brain to work well over strong doses of pain meds. lol

Anyhow, please be patient as I make some changes here to make it easier to navigate to the giveaways and certain topics, I am searching for plugins to assist me with this task.

While you are here, please do join my Google Circles, Facebook, Twitter and more, all listed in the sidebar and don’t forget, please replace the Joan and Mariah’s Reviews Blog Button with the new one as well. Thank you!

I am looking so forward to all the fun we will have here with the new blog! And seeing both old and new faces here… I look forward to getting to know you all.

Now… an important note: Please Don’t Swallow your Bubble Gum, Folks! Your Mother was right (isn’t she always?), but she may not have warned you about what happens when you swallow that bubble gum, especially if you are working out and had some cabbage or beans to eat. Please follow this word of advice and just DONT DO IT! (See the picture below if you don’t believe me, it’s proof plus of what can happen).

80's style workout on the balls, looks like they swallowed their bubble gum
Your Mother was right, this is what happens when you swallow your bubble gum!

Love and hugs,



“Guard Lion” – A Mexican Lion?

I love this Guard Lion:

How do you like this security system?

This is a true story of a Garage Owner in the Southwest.

He was sick & tired of thugs breaking into his garage shop to steal tools etc. So he came up with this idea . . .. He put the word out that he had a new “Mexican Lion” at the shop that would attack anyone who tried to break in or climb his fence.  The would-be thieves saw the “Lion” from a distance and fled the scene.

Ingenious guy!  

Beware a Mexican Lion can be see below.

Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 1

for more scroll down, I promise it will be worth it!

Keep scrolling down…really, you should

Okay here it is, another picture.

Guard Lion picture of a dog with a haircut made to look like a lion view 2 you can see the dogs face
Rufff, Ruff! *wink*

I’ll give you 5 minutes to stop laughing !