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Perfume for almost free just for signing up under me

Hi everyone… just thought I would drop this in my blog for you… If you sign up through me for this offer, you will get an instant credit for the value of $10.00 and the mini perfumes seem to run between $11.99 to $23.00 (from what I saw while I shopped for my mini perfume)… so nothing to sneeze at. While your at it and signing up refer your friends and they get the same deal and you earn a credit for about 50 cents…. now one has paid for a thing to get this. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Oh and while I am at it, they have a sale going on right now use code: Coupon Code PD1915 during check out to get 15% off your purchase. If you want to check this sweet deal out right now CLICK HERE, if not keep on reading. 🙂

So that is the short and sweet of it… now below is the letter they wrote for me to send out in emails.
I just wanted to tell you about a new program i found called Beauty Bucks, it pays you cash in the form of Beauty Bucks everytime you make a purchase at perfumeemporium. You can then redeem your Beauty Bucks for FREE Beauty Products. Unlike any other beauty sites i know, it rewards you for making purchases. Hey, we do it anyway, why not get Beauty Bucks for it! Sign-up is free and for a limited time receive 50,000 Free Beauty Bucks when you sign up. ($10.00 value)
Also they are currently running a coupon promotion where you get 15% off any purchase. To redeem this coupon enter Coupon Code PD1915 on the order form during checkout.
Sounds good? You can sign up right now by clicking on the auto sign-up link below – it will automatically take you to the Sign-up Page. Once you do that I’ll get referral bonus, so you and I can both earn some Beauty Bucks!!
To get your Free Credit worth $10 now CLICK HERE.

Maybe this will help you and me both get ourselves some nice fragrances for ourselves, for gifts or for stocking stuffers (never too early to plan for the Holidays). More than likely for me it will be a nice little mini perfume for me, since I think I have all of 4 regular readers here, but hey… a nice mini is better then nothing. lol

Birthday Gift(s) from Companies to you…

Hi, I have returned, worse for the wear I fear… but all my “stuff” (thinking of George Carlins old joke) is in my new house… more about that at another time. 🙂

I am going to make an effort to update this post on a regular basis, I don’t know if it would be best that I just keep adding in the info in the same (or like) topic or if I just edit in this post. But I will try and think on this between my unpacking and my pain meds, yet chronic pain sucks and even more so when you are overdoing it with something as simple, it seems, as brushing your teeth. *sigh*

Without further ado, here is the first entry to a beauty gift/present from a company to you on you birthday:
Click here to join Aveda’s Birthday Program today and get a free, full-size product on your Birthday! Yay!