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Blinded By The Light! Micro LEDs String Lights – Review

Hi folks, simply unbelievable light is emitted by these teeny tiny Micro LEDs String Lights!  Take a look at these fantastically bright little lights that I received for this review. The 20 LEDs String lights are on a small plastic coated wire that is 7 foot long and spaced 4 inches apart. The color of my lights are green and it takes 3 AA batteries.

Lit micro LEDs string lights RedLit micro LEDs string lights Green

There is not much that I can say about these lights other then WOW! I see that these light would be perfect for crafting, the Micro LEDs String Lights are so tiny and thin that they are easily manipulated to a design you want.

led lights craft project envelope
Step One was making the pocket and attaching in nearby the project (in this case my screen door)
led lights craft project shamrock
This Picture was taken at dusk.

For the crafting idea I had for these lights, since the lights are green, I decided to tape it up with simple scotch tape in the shape of a shamrock on my back door window. I first took an old CD/DVD envelope (in this case plastic) and folded it over loosely around the battery pack and then used Packing Tape to Attach it to the Screen Door Frame. The battery pack is light enough that those paper like CD/DVD Envelopes should work too. I then just strung up the lights in a Shamrock like shape taping it up here and there with clear scotch tape. When I do this for St. Pat’s Day I will use some Poster Paint and paint the shamrock green and tape the lights up around it, so that the design is more obvious (poster paint washes off from windows/glass easily).

night time led micro lights shamrock
Sorry blurry, for nights now we’ve had thunderstorms so finally tonight I stood in the garage to get this night shot of the shamrock.


I am very impressed with these little lights and I am sure I will come up with more design ideas for them as time goes on.

This is an uncommonly short and sweet review, as these lights would outshine my words in every way! I never could imagine that a battery operated LED Light could be so very bright and last for over 48 hours on the batteries! Impressive aren’t they? 🙂

Thank you so much to RTGS Products for entrusting me with this review… these lights are so handy, just the thing I needed (a chance to do something Crafty again).

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Webcam Spying – Protection – Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Webcam Spying has been the topic of many News Stories for some time now.

I hear all the news stories out lately about those that have had their online cameras (webcams) hacked, pretty frightening stuff!

What resulted in my being so concerned about Webcam Spying? Yes the news stories weren’t enough… BUT suddenly I HAD to turn our gaming console webcam away from the main part of the living room. As a matter of fact, I have the consoles webcam looking at the back of a DVD, right now. lol  Why? Well about a year ago the webcam indicator light kept turning on and I noticed it while the console wasn’t being used. Nothing like fearing that just because you bought the extra accessory for your gaming console you could be being spied upon. Especially if you are sitting rather un-lady like in a dress watching the old boob tube! Problem solved easily, the only problem is that now I don’t want to bring up any of the games that I could use on the console because I need to take care of setting it up “just right” so the finicky camera can see me again.

Previous to the above experiences, I had heard the news stories about spying through webcams. And yet, until that happened several times on the gaming consoles camera, I never worried about our privacy here. Hey it always happens to other people, not to you right? WRONG! So what to do? band-aid over the webcam on the laptops? Nope don’t want the gooey adhesive to ruin the lens, nor to need to try and place a new one over the lens in just the right place.

Okay so thinking about gooey mess, how about a good ol’ sticky note? So I proceeded to place a clumsy old sticky note over the webcam… but it no matter how I folded it it obstructed my screen and it flapped with the rooms fan running. I finally gave up and just closed the lid every time, even when I was in the middle of working on my laptop… oh yes sometimes forgetting to save a draft of all the work I had done and a few times I even lost information (my hard drive was going bad). So back on with the sticky note, until now.

I received an offer about a month ago to review a Webcam Safety Cover, called the C-Slide Webcam Cover, you know I JUMPED at the chance to have one of my own! The C-Slide comes in Black, Silver and White, I chose black.

webcam safety C Slide blackThis is what their review offer had to say about the product:

C-SLIDE Webcam Cover 1.0 is a patented design that works with all laptops, computers, monitors, Smart TV’s, PS4, Xbox Kinect, and some External Web cameras.
Product Features:

  • Super Thin: 1mm thick so laptops are able to shut with ease
    Length: 1.5”
    Height: .5”
    Applications: double sided tape
    Durable : made from high-grade plastic
    Won’t Scratch: designed to open and close without harming the camera lensAlso available at the following stores: C-SLIDE, eBay, Amazon, Open Sky, and Etsy

cardboard that the c slide came onI proceeded to look at the envelope that I received from the company and wondered if the Cover was intact, sure enough, though the pictures of this looked rather small, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. lol Sure enough it was intact in that envelope and simple to apply, just peel off the backing to the two little strips of tape (like double stick tape) and apply! Now, I do have fingernails so it may not be as easy for some to peel those tiny little slivers of tape backing off, but it was simple enough for me to do.

Now the true tests of this product come into play

Does my laptop close and do what it is supposed to do when I close the cover? Yes.

Does it slide open and closed easily so that you can use your webcam when you want and close it to get rid of spying eyes? Yes.

How does it hold up opening and closing frequently? It does well, those tiny little thin pieces of adhesive tape are holding up!

What do I think? I think I need to pick up some more, for our cell phones as well as hubby’s laptop, that’s what I think! This little thing is great for my piece of mind… especially knowing that the hacks out there don’t even turn on your little LED indicator, as some would think that they do.

You can purchase this at the places listed above or at their store! And they even sell a multi pack to protect your family from webcam spying too! Or catch all your devices? How many of us only have one device with a camera on it that hooks up to the internet after all? And with you purchase, if you don’t simply love the C-Slide? It’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unhappy with your purchase they will send you another unit or for a full REFUND!

Now is your chance to win one for yourself or a loved one.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Win An Xbox One – Giveaway

And here we go folks, the Giveaway you’ve all been looking forward to… your chance to win an Xbox One!

Thank you to NY Saving Specials your hard work on this giveaway! And a thank you to all the Lovely Co-hosts for helping to make this wonderful giveaway possible!

I still wonder why, after all the Xbox editions Microsoft has brought to the market, why they decided to call this the Xbox One. *shrug* Who cares, though… as long as you like gaming systems then why not win and get yourself one for free? Right?

Of course hubby and I are behind the times we have the PlayStation 3, but before that we had the very first Xbox (and we just traded it in for credit towards our PlayStation 3 two Christmas’ ago lol), so we are not as behind the times as we once were. lol

Okay folks now it’s on with the show here… without further adieu here is the giveaway you’ve been waiting for!


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You can be the lucky winner 

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Free Solar Panels – No Catch? – Review Part 1

Hi folks, I am going to review this Company and their service on my blog. We are doing this ourselves and this is not a sponsored post.

Solar City LogoWe just had a nice young man who represents Solar City come to our door. It was a really pleasant visit with him as we asked a lot of questions and yes, we asked the hard questions too. So far so good, we signed up and have an appointment for June 2nd where they will come out and survey our roof top and see if they think it’s worth installing the solar panels and (of course) free solar panels onto our home. We love the idea of helping the Environment and saving ourselves some money on our Electric Bill.

The “catch” not really a catch when you look at it, they pay for the installation and panels, we get a reduced price on our Electric Bills. Why did we choose to go with them? We couldn’t afford our own Solar Panels, yet they install them, maintain them and cover all those prices. They will however make the money from the Electric Company for the extra supply of Electricity the Solar Panels produce, and yet we will see a savings as well.

So far this looks pretty cool to me, even if it’s only a few dollars a month, even a little bit of savings will help us out! Besides, we’ve heard that having Solar Panels on the house will bring up the value of our home too!

I will further my review as time goes on here, the next step is the Survey of our Rooftop on June 2nd and we will go from there. For right now, they did have to check out our Credit Score for acceptance and we were accepted, we have 30 days to back out, if we so choose. We were a little nervous about supplying the Social Security Number to them and signing a electronic contract, but we asked a lot of questions and I looked up reviews on the company online and thought it was worth the risk, besides we have Life Lock and that will help us monitor the usage of our information. Now if we didn’t have lifelock on our SS numbers we could have just had them look us up for a credit score by name and address… but we have our safety in place to be aware of anything going on that is off.

What do you think of the Company friends? Would you go for this too, if so why and if not why not? Please let me know.


Xbox One Giveaway Coming Up! – Future Giveaway

Xbox One Giveaway

Are you a Player? No no no, not that kind of player… do you love to play games, sick of that old gaming console? Well soon you will have a chance to enter to Win yourself a new Console!

Watch for this Giveaway for an xBox One June 6 to June 16! Woot Woot!

I can’t wait to see you all have fun entering to win this puppy!

Remember the date, mark you Calendars and come on over at that time to enter to win the Xbox One Giveaway! (why do they call it “One” after all the other Xboxes? don’t know…hmmm)

Love and hugs, Mariah