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Last Day for Mothers Day Gifts Coupon Code – Save 40% & Free Shipping on Pretty Aprons


I wanted to make sure you are aware of the Mothers Day Gifts Coupon Code. With the code you can purchase items at a 40% Savings and get free domestic shipping through flirty Aprons. This is a last day of the Coupon Code, it expires at Midnight tonight.

Mothers Day Gifts Coupon Code - Kiss the cook apron in pink, white and black. with kiss the cook on a pocket

I have fallen in love with so many of their aprons here, there stock is forever changing and I believe that they have aprons for every taste in stock there. And don’t forget, the savings isn’t just on Women’s Aprons, you can save on more and start stocking up for the holidays, birthdays, hostess gifts and more with this sale. I love the fact that you can buy aprons for the Mother and Daughter that match too! How fun would that be to bake cookies in matching aprons with your little girl at your side? Or buy one for yourself and for your teen, and get some good Mother Daughter bonding time cooking or baking together.

Mothers Day Gifts Coupon Code to save 40% this is the Venetian Rose Apron a beautiful vintage inspired fabric that reminds me of victorian in apprearance.
One of my personal Favorites, it seems very retro and is so very feminine!

40% Off + Free Domestic Shipping (First Class & Priority)  This offer is Good through 05/05/13. Easy Coupon Code (just Copy and Paste this upon checkout) MOMSDEAL40


They also sell Oven Mitts and beautiful rubber cleaning gloves (helps to keep those manicures pretty!).

Mothers Day Gifts 40% off with Coupon Code this is a picture with their pretty rubber cleaning gloves in it.





Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review

Hi all I was asked, by Joan, if I wished to test out the Benjamin Moore Paint in their new Aura Paint line as part of our Blogs membership to Bzz Agent, where Joan and I are both BzzAgents. Joan knew that I still had 2 small rooms to paint since we bought our home 2 years ago. We painted all but the laundry room and the little room that is my “craft and dressing room” because I couldn’t decide the colors I wanted them in and needed to unpack my little pint of paint I had gotten once for free in a favorite color and of course my fabric in more favorite colors that I also wanted to match.

I knew that one gallon of a good quality paint would paint these two tiny rooms in my modest little house, so I wanted to use the same paint for both and have a different personality in each room. One my craft and dressing room… well I now have a star on my door, lol, my Mother thought it was cute that I was calling it my dressing room and picked up a gift of a star for on my door. What else was I to call it when our closet in our bedroom is all of 3 feet wide and we have only enough room for a tall dresser. I needed a place for my clothing in the other 3 foot closet and room for my dresser in that other room. *sigh* And the personality of the other room, since it could be claustrophobic in there, I want it in fun & cheerful colors for the laundry room.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Eggshell, small can that came in my Bzz Agent package it's White.

I jumped at the chance and took pictures right away of the door that has been bothering me in the bathroom, that was just lightly coated with what seems to be sprayed on primer, you can’t wash the door or you wash off the so called paint on it… frustrating. As I waited for my coupon for my free gallon of paint & a small can of white eggshell finish paint in Aura to arrive, I read up on this paint and got excited with what I read.

“Aura® is a Green Promise® product, which means each shade and coating is environmentally friendly and low in VOCs.” ~As read in BzzAgent Campaign update email.

(below you can see the color swatches of the Affinity Colors that Benjamin Moore sent me with my BzzAgent package.)

Benjamin Moore Affinity Color Swatches, many to choose from

I have fabric I picked out ages ago for my curtains, knowing that someday I would have a house and that it would have to go into my craft room. I also had some paint for the shelves in the little closet of a laundry room in a periwinkle purple. So the challenge was to match colors to something in the fabric for the curtains and make sure it would look nice with the little can of paint for in the other room, the laundry room.

Looking at all the Affinity Color swatches that Benjamin Moore sent me, I knew I had a lot of options, but I thought I bit off more then I could chew. But low and behold, I found each color in the flowers and leaves in the design on the fabric had a color match in these swatches!

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors in Affinity Swatches, some colors to match the fabric I will make my curtains out of in my craft room.

Next task, stir up the old periwinkle purple paint and see what works with those color swatches that match and make sure whatever color I choose was pale enough to not overpower both tiny little rooms in our little home.  I finally found the color, it’s called Urban Nature and I decided to get the color in a satin finish so it can handle the moisture in the laundry room and it can handle some washing without fading or coming off on the cloth.

Affinity Colors from Benjamin Moore Paint for the Aura paint, the color I chose "Urban Nature" the lighter of the two greens I looked at previously

I hadn’t bought any high end paint ever for any of my homes, so I about fainted at the $60 for a gallon of paint, though the guy at ACE Hardware told me I will never wish to use any other paint again… I then teased and thanked him for ruining the rest of my painting experience for the rest of my life after this. I admit it, I can’t afford this kind of paint, but I was dying to try it out and see what the huge deal was about.

Aura by Benjamin Moore, a can of satin finish paint in the color Urban Nature. the can is sitting on the fabric for the curtains in my craft room/dressing room.

Next came prep. I spent the day before painting, gathering up the rest of my supplies and cleaning off the front and back of the bathroom door and the living-room door for painting. The next morning I used painters tape and started painting over the old flat paint (or as we suspect primer on the doors) with the new paint. Using the small container of eggshell finish Aura paint in white. The container was so small that really it should have been used for trim, however the trim in this old house was painted wrong and has a lot of peeling and such all over them. And besides that the doors really needed to look cleaned up.

Below are examples of the bathroom door before painting:

Before painting closeup of bottom of bathroom door, this picture shows the bad chalky old paint that wipes off when I tried to wash it.

Before painting closeup of bottom of bathroom door, this picture shows the bad chalky old paint that wipes off when I tried to wash it.

Cleaned and prepared bathroom door with old flat chalky paint before apply the new paint. Closeup again.

Cleaned and prepared bathroom door with old flat chalky paint before apply the new paint. Closeup again.

Well the paint went on just right on the doors, the foam brush wasn’t as nice as the paint brush… a roller would have been better for such a big task however since with the old calky like paint on both doors and the yellowed color on it (who knows what color they used) the brush strokes showed up. But the paint levels out nicely and it just took another good coat with the brush to clean up the doors and make them look nice and new.

 The door after painting with the new paint, the Ben Moore Aura in White color with eggshell finish. (below)

finished painting the door with the new paint, the Ben Moore Aura in White color with eggshell finish.

Unfortunately after taking the before pictures and cleaning up around the walls of the laundry room, I found that washing the walls in there were impossible as it soaked into the walls. Not only did it soak in, but it started peeling the flat paint off in sheets of paint! So I waited for the wall to dry and just coated a small area, instead of doing the whole room. We are going to wait and see how it takes, but talking to several people about the situations it looks like putty knife time and a lot of peeling and starting from scratch with the walls in there. Sigh

 my little closet like laundry room, with the terrible paint job and texture on the little closet like laundry room, with the terrible paint job and texture on the walls.

An example of what happened after washing the walls in the little laundry room. Unfortunately this means more cleaning and scraping off the old paint first.

old paint after cleaning this ugly old chalky paint... it started peeling off the wall!

Below is the small area that I just had to place my paint on, oh how I wish I didn’t have to scrape all the old paint off first. *sigh*

Ben Moore Paint (Aura) in the color Urban Nature. Next to the old paint that started coming off after washing.

The other room, my craft room will not get painted for a while, I have tons of boxes in there since I started on this blog with Joan right after I moved to this new house and our previous house (pre apartment life for a few years) was a 2300 sq ft home and this one is just barely 900 sq feet, I have a ton of sorting to do etc before I can clear out that room for a painting. And how much you want to bet that since that room is the same color as the laundry room, we have the same strange peeling problem there as in the laundry room.

You’ve seen before how the color I picked looks with the fabric I am making curtains out of for my craft room. Here is a sample with the paint in Periwinkle Purple that I will be using in my little closet like laundry room. Pretty there too huh? 🙂

my Periwinkle Purple paint up next to the Aura Paint from Benjamin Moore... in Urban Nature (green) and a satin finish.

The test are that I worked with in the laundry room was with just a brush and I was amazed at how easily the color covered the old color and how nice the satin finish looks on the wall. The color is true to the swatch which is reassuring. Oh and when I went to pick up the pain at the local ACE Hardware, I saw a big rotating display case, taller then me… okay so I am short, but I swear that thing was 6 ft tall full of little sample bottles of the colors of Benjamin Moore paint! I took a picture with my cell phone, but unfortunately I lost it trying to get the picture moved to my computer and all the sudden most all my pictures on my cell phone are suddenly corrupted. I have to say though that that whole display case had me day dreaming about my painting the walls with my decorative painting skills, having a blast with the vines and peekaboo fairies looking out of the vines around a room, like I had planned to do years ago to a room. 🙂

 On my computer these pictures aren’t doing the color justice by the way. This is a close up of the Urban Nature (light green) with the satin finish… you can really see the satin finish well in the picture. Close up of the small area I painted in Ben Moore Aura Paint in Urban Nature color & Satin finish

I tell you this paint maybe more then what I’d usually pay for paint, but with all positive points to this paint, from the low VOCs, low odor to the high performance, I can see why people would want to buy this paint at this price. There isn’t hardly a scent when it comes to painting with this paint the colors are truly vibrant and I’ve been told about how this holds up very well by a friend that is a professional painter. I am looking forward to painting my rooms with the lovely color I’ve chosen, too bad (with my disabilities & chronic pain) I couldn’t get more done after my package finally arrived from bzz agent, but I have to say I am impressed and excited to have the chance to use this once I get all the prep done on the rooms by scraping off that old paint that started peeling once I cleaned the walls. The color is just dreamy and cheerful to look at.

So, what color is your Favorite color at Benjamin Moore’s Full Color Gallery? What room would you paint that color? I know I could have a blast with many of their colors, making each room have a totally different personality and yet all blend in well with the transition from room to room… just by looking at how the colors from Affinity Colors harmonize with each and every other color in there!

Disclaimer: I, Mariah Lockwood, personally reviewed this product. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, Benjamin Moore, Via BzzAgent provided me with a free sample of this product to test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by me.

Lex Arcoiris (glitter) Nail Polish – Review and Giveaway

Bling those Holiday Fingernails with Arcoiris (Glitter Nail Polish) from Lex!

Lex Cosmetics LogoHi all, I have had the pleasure of playing with some fantastic nail polish from Lex, Lex Arcoiris. The Arcoiris which is a fun, glitter filled polish. I feel this polish is fantastic for the upcoming Holidays, let those nails celebrate!

Look at those Lex polish bottles, I love love love the decorative tops on these bottles!

Lex bottles, how very lovelyAnd know that your health is as safe as can be with Lex polishes, why? If you haven’t read my nail polish reviews previously, I will tell you some about what I call The Terrible Triplets: these are dangerous, toxic and cancer causing ingredients: Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene were once very popular ingredients in nail polish… more and more cosmetic companies are struggling to formulate safer nail polish. Some out there still don’t have the formula quite right, but others like Lex have been very successful in their formulation. All polishes by Lex Cosmetics are free of these dangerous toxins, so rest assured you aren’t harming your health with the use of their products.

Why are some nail polishes more successful than others in my mind?

I look for longevity of the polish on your nails, wearability, chip & crack resistance as well as length of drying time and application. With these attributes in mind, Lex has passed the test for me. I type daily and the polish lasted through my wear and tear on my nails, they didn’t chip, crack or fade in days of wear. Some glitter did let loose, but as far as glitter polish goes this is not a concern as inevitably you will lose a couple of bits here and there especially prior to top coats of clear polish.

Lex has the most “glitterific” polish I’ve ever run across! This nail polish is so thick with glitter that you must pat it on, I found it a lot of fun playing with different design ideas!

french manicure in drk blue with glitter tipsSpeaking of glitter, I do find that any glitter polish can be sharp. I’ve had some glitter polishes that during removal have put scratches on my skin around the nail bed causing irritation and small abrasions in the skin. I’d like to also warn contact lens wearers to be careful with glitter polish, I used to wear contacts and I found the glitter polishes out there hard on the lenses, no matter what you do, even after careful followup with top coats, it can have a few glitters that catch on things and even scratch lenses while you handle the lenses. If you are a contact lens wearer perhaps you can try wearing some sterile medical like gloves to handle your lenses while wearing Glitter polish, just a thought, I won’t guarantee it would work, but that maybe worth a try. Otherwise, I would say either forgo the glitter polish or place on your contacts then do your nails, taking off the polish carefully before handling your lenses again.

If you know me, you know I am a former Cosmetologist, loving anything to do with Skin, Hair and Nails… and I just love anything sparkly. Joan knows this too well about me as she asked the representative of Lex Cosmetics send me this lovely polish. And nothing says Holidays to me  like sparkle on the fingernails for the holidays. In the 80’s and 90’s I would paint my fingernails red and attach a stripe or 2 of metallic gold to the surface of my nails. As the world of nail polish has evolved into easier and a larger variety of adornments for your fingernails, so I evolved to start using easier products to get the fun celebration on my nails. In the past I have used, little gems, stars etc on my nails, the only problem is how many coats of clear polish it took to seal in these adornments so they would stay put, not catch on clothing, falling off or sharp edges exposed on the nails etc. After my application of Lex Arcoiris, I did have some catching, I needed to file the edge of my nails, after applying the polish, I filed to get some that hung at the edges off and I then followed up with 2 coats of good top coat and that helped a lot.

nail polishes on top, which are used as background colors for lex's glitter polish called Arcoiris over top. Thumb nail is done with only Lex Arcoiris.My favorite looks with this polish? the color of a bright pink, red, metallic green, metallic bronze and a deep blue as total base coverage with glitter polish over top, was fantastic. The polish by it self is fantastic over a nude nail too. The top most look for me was placing the product as a french tip on the dark blue all over the nail.


closeup number 1 of different color backgrounds with lex over top closeup number 2 of different color backgrounds with lex over top

For my experiments I used a small flower shaped punch and a small star shaped punch on some tape (I placed on a backing from some old self adhering stamps so as not to plug up my little punches with tape). This did not work, I failed to realize that the polish glitter was so heavy that the design, once the tape was pulled off was going to be distorted. However for future reference this makes a great stencil for regular nail polish to place a design on your nails… you can always try add the glitter over such a design with a Stylus (found in art supply stores not to far from the brushes and palette knives.)

Next I tried to free hand the french tip, but the glitter is so very thick that while dabbing I found I had a thick french tip and difficult to control the application area. So this is what worked for me:

thumbnail with blue polish and lex on french tip as accomplished by my french manicure techniqueInstructions for Mariah’s Lex Arcoiris Glittering French Tips.

You will need:

an old plastic lid or a coated paper or disposable plastic plate


rectangle makeup spongea sponge makeup applicator – you can use makeup wedges, or the squares/rectangles (the squares/rectangles aren’t so great for makeup application and I mistakenly picked up a bunch years ago, so not to let them go to waste this is what I used). I recommend getting the non latex type for those who have allergies.

Some Tape* – I have used both painters tape (as it’s not to sticky) -OR- Use some pre-made french manicure (rounded) sticky strips (I think I found some of these pre-made “cheats” at Sally’s Beauty years back)

*If you are using tape, you will need:

*a pair of scissors to cut the tape into a curve that will match your nail edge for the french tip look.

*a pencil or pen– to trace a curve onto the tape

For cleaning up edges of nail and cuticle (polish on them) you will need:

cleanup cuticles and edges suppliescotton ball

nail polish remover

orangewood stick (found at beauty supply stores, usually in bulk, so share with friends)

Start off with a fresh manicure, using a basecoat and then the color of your choice over the whole nail (or just basecoat if you choose to have the nude nail look with the glittery french tip).

If you’ve oops-bood (made a mistake) and get polish on your skin, it is time for clean up.

to clean up, take your orangewood stick, dip in nail polish remover (helps it stick)

take a very tiny amount of cotton off the cotton ball and stretch the cotton and twirl around end of orangewood stick. You don’t want that too thick with cotton and it can take some practice.

orangewood stick set up for cleaning up edges around the outside of the naildip your cotton tipped orangewood stick in nail polish remover and carefully remove the excess polish off the areas of skin around the nail, being careful not to get the cotton on the nail and removing polish there.


picture showing my removing cotton from orangewood stickWhen you need to change the cotton, just curl you paper towel around your cotton end of the orangewood stick, pinch and pull to get the cotton off.

Wait for your polish to be good an dry now.

preparing painters tape for my french manicure trick with thick glitter polish like Lex Arcoiris*This is for those making their own french tip stencils, peel off some tape, you can use the base of a round nail polish bottom to trace out your curve for your nails. then cut out the shape and place on your plastic lid, so it’s easily removed when needed. Some companies have ready-made french manicure like guides in adhesives, you may also use the outer edge of the punched paper hole stabilizers (the little doughnut shaped adhesive shapes that you would put over loose-leaf paper that goes into a binder).


Cut painters tape for my french manicure stencil

Tape on fingernail to prepare for french manicureWhen you are ready place strip(s) of your french tip stencil (curved tape) to the tips of your nails, leaving part of the nail exposed at the tip where you want the french tip to be.


picture of lex glitter polish called ArcoirisIt’s now time to dab out a little nail polish onto your plastic lid or plate, being ready to use you applicator right away so it doesn’t dry. You may need to dab on a little for each nail at a time from the polish so you don’t waste much.

Taking your makeup sponge dab it into your nail polish that is on the plate, I found using the edge of the square/rectangle makeup sponges works the best for controlling where the polish goes and not going past your stencil (especially the pre-made store-bought ones that are very narrow).

Take off the stencil carefully before your newly applied french tips dry, if you wait too long you may have problems removing the strip.

Once your nails are dry, follow up with a top coat or two and you are ready to show off your lovely new blinged out nails to the world!french manicure in dark blue with glitter tips

closeup of Lex on blue polish in my french nail technique If you have any questions please do ask and I will try my best to answer you. 🙂

You can not only look beautiful on the outside, but feel just is beautiful inside knowing you are helping others out with your purchases at Lex Cosmetics as a percentage of all their proceeds go to some very worthy Charities! So please check them out and consider making a purchase, and you will glow with inner and outer beauty my friends! 🙂

Disclaimer:  Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, Lex Cosmetics provided me with a free sample of this product to test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Lex Cosmetics and me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Moriarty’s Gem Art – Gem Review


Hi folks, today I would like to review a fantastic gem that I received from Moriarty’s Gem Art at

Moriarty's Gem Art Logo for

I received this beautiful gem, it is a Round Cut Praisiolite, and I have to say that the cut on this is exquisite! There is a ton of sparkle to this beauty! The color is the most lovely pale green.

Mariahs gem

This gem is so shiny my little old Canon freaks out while I try to take a good picture, this does the gem no justice, but you get an idea of how it looks. And just think the palest of greens and you’ve got it. Continue reading Moriarty’s Gem Art – Gem Review

Easy Canvas Prints – Canvas Print Review

Hi there everyone, I would like to share with you a truly innovative process and the most lovely way to display your Pictures on your walls. I am talking about Easy Canvas Prints and their Photos on Canvas Prints

easy canvas prints logoA while back I was invited to try out a 8 x 10 Canvas Print for on my wall from Easy Canvas. I was so very excited! I had just heard of this last year when I was the proud recipient of a print made of one of my Mothers beautiful Oil Paintings. So I was familiar of the term “Giclee” (pronounce Zhee-klay) and thought that this is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread, through prints done on Canvas like this all 6 of us siblings received a very detailed reproduction of my Mothers artwork to hang up in each of our homes.

I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use for my canvas print, the picture was taken 20 years ago on my wedding day and it truly shows our silliness and cheer on our happy day.

The picture? My husband and I had just tied the knot and while taking pictures, I suddenly spotted a grocery cart just outside the College Chapel. I laughed and pointed out the grocery cart and suddenly had a funny thought… “look Ma, I got me a husband!” So being silly as I can be, I asked around if any of our guests just happened to have a magic marker or pen to write on the front of the cart “just married”. The resulting photograph, from one of the many that were taken at the time shows the great joy and our sense of humor in this moment in time.

Mariah hubbies Wedding Day pictureI was really hoping to scan in the original photo again to try and better capture the words “Just Married” and it occurred to me that I could Photo-shop the words in but I decided to stick with my original scan. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not an option for everyone with the pictures they want printed on canvas.

With my picture located and it was time to go to and get to work. Well, work is hardly the word for it, I found the website not only very easy to navigate but very easy to design and adjust your pictures in. No more accurate name for this company could possibly be found, so Easy Canvas Prints is the perfect name!

Meter to rating the picture quality for canvas printsI was re-assured that my picture would turn out well, when I went to the step to upload it, I love that meter. Luckily my quality was right on, even with what was perhaps the very first consumer scanner that was used ages ago to scan in the original photograph. Whew

Not to fear, if you ever find yourself reconsidering what you want your edges to be in size, placement of your picture or size of the picture on your print, you can always click the “back” button and make changes.

Picture of my Canvas Print on my wallMy picture arrived very carefully wrapped and secure in the box… I must admit that I shook like a child opening up a wonderful present when I got my package. Wait? Nope, couldn’t wait…

Easy Canvas Prints, it’s not only easy to do but it’s the Elegant Way Display your Precious Photos!

Do I love the love the Canvas Print? OH YES and here it’s been hanging up for quite a while and I still smile every time I look at this canvas of our beautiful wedding day. The Canvas is such a lovely texture to the photograph and it adds a sort of Elegance to my wall, without all the fuss of finding the perfect frame. For me this is perfection, others may wish to order their canvas print framed, it is an option and they do all the hard work for you?

I would recommend Easy Canvas Prints to anyone. The hardest part of the whole process? Waiting for the print to arrive, although it was surprisingly fast, I was just so excited it was difficult to wait even the little bit of time it took to arrive.

Also as a side note, my friends, they have another online store, I haven’t personally seen their products in action, but I believe that Joan and reviewed them previously and we had a very satisfied winner of that giveaway. I just now realized I failed to mention them to you and that just was my mistake… if you need some great signs done, everyone sounds very pleased with them. Please go and check out signs at: (

Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, Easy Canvas Prints provided me with a free sample of this product to test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Easy Canvas Prints and Myself.