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Happy 4th of July – Patriotic Nail Design

Hi Folks Happy 4th of July, I thought I would show you my idea of a fun little Patriotic Nail Design. You know me, as a former Cosmetologist, I love to play with anything beauty and that does include making my own nail art designs. 🙂

I took the time, late one night last week to create this patriotic nail design and meant to post it back then, however I got extremely busy again. And because I was so busy and doing messy things my nails aren’t the same as they were then. Basically with hard labor doing what we did this past week, I managed to almost ruin my manicure. I will tell you all about the fun we’ve had for almost 7 days now, demolishing an exterior wall from all our hail storms and the resulting water damage, etc etc. *sigh* Two disabled people shouldn’t have to do this, but when insurance calls it “flood” from the resulting water damage from repeated hails storms and drenching rains, you’ve got to do some of the work yourself… unless of course you have the money to hire out the work.

Well here is the patriotic nail design that I created for the 4th:

Oh, and I almost forgot, what am I calling this Patriotic nail design? It’s my Wonder Woman Nail Art! lol

 patriotic nail art design 4th of julypatriotic nail art design 4th of july

I didn’t include the polishes that I used for this look, as I used odds and ends, it took me forever to find the perfect colors for this look… however these colors have been my favorites for creating fun nail designs and unfortunately I wore out the labels. However watch for my post soon, with some colors in it that would do the trick!

Here is the link to my other post, I am so jealous of you lucky newbies to this free nail polish & cosmetic box offer, I am a member there already and I will have to use their secret store to order these individually.

Polishing It Up With Nail Cones – Review

Hi friends, I was fascinated by the concept of Nail Cones and their helping to protect your skin from nail polish. I was fortunate enough to be chosen out of the applicants on Tomoson to review this new and innovative product.

As a former Cosmetologist, I am so very picky about my fingernails when I polish my nails, and I spend a lot of time with my dominate hands, fingernails removing the sloppy polish that have gotten onto the skin from my non dominate hands application.

nail cones in packageMy Sample Pack of 12 Nail Cones arrived in an envelope, and my first impression? I thought that the design on these nail cones needs to be placed on some full finger Nail Art Stickers or Water Slide Appliques! The design is simply beautiful and a shame that they are on products that you use and dispose of. Next impression, my reviews are typically full sized product and not samples, I was sad to learn that my review writing and using the product was not worth a full size product.

Next I examined the Nail Cones and shrugged, the inside of the nail cones are cut out round, not the oval shape that I expected to actually cover all of the area around the outer edges of the nail.

Well here we go… time to try them out.

nail cones back of packageThe instructions for use on these Nail Cones were very simple to follow. This is how I used the product:

I Washed my hands, first using my usual soap, then I realized that the stickers weren’t adhering well as my usual soap has a moisturizer in it.

Next I Washed my hands with a non moisturizing soap. This helps to make sure that the oils (or moisturizers) on your fingers won’t interrupt the adhesion of the stickers both from handling the stickers to apply them and from interrupting the adhesion of the stickers.

Applying the stickers, for me, were quite difficult as I had to find the ones that fit the nails. Luckily my sample had 12 nail stickers (3 sizes), though I do wish that they had more, since all I used were the medium and large stickers (this is why I usually don’t review samples of products, I don’t get to test the product thoroughly enough).  So having only 8 stickers from the pack that I could use was was a sad prospect. Note the packages that you buy from Nail Cones have 60 stickers in them.

I wasted more nail cones as I struggled to get them right… my nail beds are elongated compared to the Nail Cones which has only a round cut out, leaving a gap around the nails exposing skin. Now I am down to 6 nail cones to use on my fingernails. I tried bending these little beauties to get them to cover all of the skin around my nails, not a good idea fussing for 30 minutes trying and trying to no avail and the stickers were not adhering as well.

So I gave up and finally just did the remainder of my nail cones on the few nails that I could, the result was the polish did go into the round gap between the nail cones and my nails. The product is almost perfect, I do think it could be in a slightly more oval cut out for the insides of these stickers.

My Nail after using nail conesI did have some clean up to do, both from over handling my samples of the product and from the rounded gap in the sticker that I couldn’t straighten out to form up to my nail bed.

french tip with the round removable area of Nail ConesI did use the middles, cut out areas, to help me form a nice french tip to my nails. So I found a use for those little leftover insides of the forms. You need to use them on dry nails and take that center placing it on clothing or skin and peeling off several times to reduce the adhesion. Once the adhesion is reduced some, you stick it on the nail, covering the area you don’t want to get your french tip on and there you go… paint away! 🙂 It works well. 🙂

All in all, the Nail Cones will prevent a lot of cleanup around your nails, you may have a little rounded gap around the nail edge, as I did. And if you have acrylic nails that you polish, because of the thicker bead that is placed midway at the applied nail tips, you may not have a gap at all. Is it worth it? At $5.99 that is almost $1 a sticker, you decide. For me, it’s a give or take on the product, the application was easy with practice and learning not to be so picky, and the small rounded gap was easy to clean up later… however once I have set up to clean up the edges of my nails, I may as well clean up more than I have to with the Nail Cones.


Thank you Nail Cones for giving me the opportunity to review your product, I think it’s on it’s way to being a perfect product. My recommendation is to elongate the cut out area of the forms, to more of an oval shape, not round and you may have the perfect solution to avoiding any clean up with the nail cones.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Derma Roller – Review & Amazon GC Giveaway

Hi friends, I have a really unique review for you, it’s for the Derma Roller… hey and there is a Couple of Amazon Gift Certificates to Giveaway too! Yay! Now I see both pro’s, and to be honest, cons with this product, so take it or leave it my friends.

What is the Derma Roller? It is a tiny little roller that you roll across your clean skin and it is reported to help with Collagen Production as well as Cellulite and more. The Derma Roller is also called a Micro Needle Roller System and also called by some Skin Needling.

skin secret derma roller roller in use on womans faceI received my Derma Roller in great condition from my order on Amazon, I looked at this little device and wondered what I was thinking! I ordered a little device with little rolling needles on it to roll across your clean skin. Now you cannot roll it across skin with Rosacea, Lupus Rash or broken out in any way. I didn’t think about any of the above when I applied for the review, between my rashes on my face, breakouts from being peri-menopausal and then my thinking about the needles, I cannot and will not use the product at this time. I couldn’t even use it for my cellulite as there again I have skin issues.

The great features about the product is that, in concept it should work. The teeny tiny needles will indeed help you develop more collagen and elastin, also help you absorb more of your moisturizers and those products that help with collagen & elastin. As the extremely limited damage (if you don’t go hog wild and over do it) that it does to the skin will indeed cause your body to build more collagen and elastin.

skin secret derma roller roller close upHere is what Skin Secret, the maker of the Derma Roller, has to say about the features of their product:

Product Description

  • STIMULATES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION Collagens have great tensile strength, and provide these body structures with the ability to withstand forces that stretch them. Collagens consist of three polypeptide chains arranged in a triple helix, and are bundled together in fibers. This can be used with collagen creams, collagen lotions, collagen supplements to amplify the collagen production and improve skin quality
    HELPS ELIMINATE SCARS INLUDING ACNE SCARS scars will become less vissible over time, including acne scars. This is a good alternative to invasive laser surgery. This product works with othe acne treatments by allowing product to penetrate skin
    REDUCES APPEARANCE OF FINE LINES AND WRINKLES this will help eliminate bags under the eye, skin discoloarion, large pores. The skin will appear firmer. Works well with skin lotions, skin creams and skin serums like ascorbic acid vitamin e hyalurunic acid.
    REDUCES CELLULITE AND STRETCH MARKS. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. This is without liposouction or other invasive procedures.

My problem with the product is that I know, from my husband owning a tattoo business years ago, that any kind of a needle should be autoclave sterilization in between uses. Okay with that bit of information out of the way (I hate to post a review of a product that I won’t use), I want to tell you that you really MUST keep the product clean and to reuse, well that is a worry. The product comes in what looks like an autoclaved/sterilizer type sealed bag, so it looks as though it should have been properly prepared for usage and reading the label it’s been sterilized when you receive it, by UV/Gamma Sterilization. This is good to start with, however I repeat, I am wondering about repeated use as it has no instructions as to what you should do with more than one use. I also wonder about the fact that in the tattoo industry sterilized products that sat in their bags for anything over 6 months (this means unused & unopened), had to be sterilized all over again… so wouldn’t this product have an expiration date? Nope, I couldn’t see one on the bag nor the box. Okay so I still wonder about the product and with Lupus SLE…I don’t want to think about this.

skin secret derma roller in trayNow what is my worry about sterilization of this product? I worry about blood born pathogens, which could be transmitted using this product, DO NOT SHARE! Also I worry about air born pathogens like common cold and more, if the hands that come into contact with this have anything on them from touching doorknobs to your having someone else touch the handle or the needles etc you may make yourself sick… not to mention setting it down on an unclean surface in your bathroom for instance! I also have been worried about people doing this at home and going wild with it, you could damage perfectly healthy collagen and elastin as well as make your skin suddenly sensitive to your cosmetics and skin care treatments… even the stray hairspray mist or perfumes. And, of course the more little holes you put in your skin, I would think the higher the risk of getting any sort of infection.

My advice, if you really want to test one out, do so, but also remember the above precautions & please consider my concerns… oh and for heaven sakes please seek advice from your doctor or better yet a dermatologist before you try this on yourself.

skin secret derma roller in trayOkay so there you go a review of a product that I decided not to use after some research and talking to my former tattooist husband. I am sorry Skin Secret, but your Derma 540 is not my cup of tea and I have to be honest in my reviewing products, even if means that I leave negative information and warnings in my review.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Hi all, I am so honored that Dead Sea Premier chose me to try out their Premier Duet Kit to Review on my blog.

I often talk about how sensitive skin my skin is while writing reviews, and I am usually ultra cautious about the products I will even try on my skin.  The foreknowledge of a products ingredients (the whole list) is usually the top most on my list before I consider trying any product. However, I have tried Dead Sea Products ages ago, in my 20’s (for the bathtub) and I was in love with them. When I saw Dead Sea in the name of the company and the name of this eye care kit, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to try (even before looking up any information on it). Yes, even I get so excited about the sound of something that I forget myself and jump at it, even with skincare, this former Cosmetologist can forget herself from time to time. lol

Premier Eye Duet Kit Review in shipping box




I received my Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet Kit in a box filled with foam peanuts, it arrived in great shape though in transit the box on the outside was slightly damaged the contents arrived safe and sound. I was just shocked at the luxuriance of the box that contained the products. The box is so much more beautiful then the pictures could ever show. The storage box is lightly padded with a beautiful soft leather-like covering in a soft golden shade.

Close up of Premier Dead Sea Eye limited edition box
Close up of Premier Dead Sea Eye limited edition box

When I opened the decorative box I discovered the most beautiful blue green glass serum container and the lovely round glass cream container to match. I wondered at the beauty of these containers alone and knew instantly that no matter the results of using the product, I would be proud to display them on my vanity. The only problem is, I am torn as to display them in the case our outside of it… either will be perfect (when I finally paint the room and get my vanity set up again).

Premier Eye Duet Kit Review open box

I tried to pump the bottle, containing the eye serum, and found I couldn’t pump out any of it, a light turn of the spout and I had no problem getting the product out onto my fingers, the problem, I let way too much out. Too much product on the first try was not a problem, I used it to smooth into my hands. Lol Next time I went to use the serum I remembered to take it easy and only let out a few drops at a time, easy.
There was a light scent to the eye serum that reminded me of an old favorite, that I can pick up at the drug store that begins with an “O” (I don’t like to ever mention other brand names of other products in my reviews). The scent had me a little concerned because I started to run into problems with some of that “O” brands products after a while, be it the ingredients or the scent. I haven’t seen a reaction on the skin around my eyes yet with this product.

I then opened up the eye cream and found that it had a nice metal seal over the top and it was easily peeled off, then inside of that was a plastic cover that I took out. I smelled the cream and instantly I registered the same scent, a little stronger in the cream than in the serum.
Scooping up some of the cream onto my fingertips, I felt it between my thumb and facial fingers*, the cream felt emollient enough to be gentle on the tender eye area, and yet not too emollient that the ingredients are watered down.
*For those that either don’t recall or are new to my blog, the facial fingers are the only fingers you should use on your face. They are the middle finger and the finger next to your pinky finger, they are far more gentle on your skin.
Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet Kit ReviewIt was only after I tried the products that I looked at the myriad of ingredients in these products, luckily so as I would have been quite fearful of trying them. I wouldn’t have been fearful for the ingredients themselves per-say, but I would have been fearful of this abundance of ingredients. My mind may not be feeble at 51, but my brain cannot wrap themselves around so many ingredients and my knowledge of the products do not extend to any interactions between a lot of them. So today I will not go over the ingredients for you, but merely say that the sensitive eye area could react much more easily to ingredients that are not friendly to the skin, and being that my skin is hyper sensitive, I have to say that I have not reacted in the least bit to them.

All in all, I have to say that although every part of this former Cosmetologist rushed into the use of the product, instead of being ultra cautious as usual, I would have traded this experience for the world! I love the product. The skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves haven’t reacted poorly to the ingredients, nor the scent. The lift of the serum has indeed helped my eyes that are starting some puffiness do to age and the skin being less firm. And though the cream then seems like it would be counter productive to the lifting of the serum, the combination seems to help. Of course nothing, other than perhaps surgery, is going to help 100% of the appearance of aging skin around the eyes. This product does help to a degree and I cannot be a huge judge of how this works compared to other eye serums and creams as in the past I have only had limited use of these sort of products, perhaps to my detriment as this does have me sold that some can make enough of a difference to be noticeable to the most critical eye, my own. 🙂

Am I 100% sold? Well, for now I am, until I can find a product that does the same for me as this does. The price tag of this limited edition kit makes the product prohibitive for me ($500!) when this runs out…initially, I didn’t even look up the site, so I didn’t look up the price on this luxury product. So, for now I will bask in the luxury and the assistance that this product gives me and the complements that I receive. I will morn the loss of the last drops of serum and cream when this runs out, but so far I can say that it will be a long time to come as a little goes a long way!


Premier Eye Duet Kit Review closure for the limited edition box
close up on the Limited Edition box, closure with what appeared to be an area for a key. *note in this picture, I hadn’t removed the plastic film protecting the metal closure yet.

Two side notes: The beautiful box didn’t come with a key, though it has a place for a key on the lovely box, I wish that it did though. Once the product runs out, I plan to use the box for jewelry keeping or cosmetic tools, sponges etc, so it can still have a use on my vanity table.

Thank you so much Dead Sea Premier for allowing me the luxury of trying your Limited Edition Eye Serum and Eye Cream! I have never felt so honored as to be entrusted in a review of a product as I have with this one. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – Do they work? – Review & Giveaway

Hi all, I was so impressed with the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, thanks to my sponsor Christen, I have now joined her in selling this wonderful product… please feel free to use my link to get yours… the rest of the links on this page belong to Christen, after all she sponsored the review below, here is my link:

Hi there friends, today I want to share with you Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! I was so excited when I came across, quite by accident, someone talking about Fiber Lashes online. Until then I had never heard of fiber lashes. I read through the comments just to test the waters and see what others were saying and as I continued then to read the comments, I was fortunate enough to find someone looking for a blog review of another brand of fiber lashes! I figured that I was just that blogger that she was looking for, and took a chance looking her up and then writing her an email. And the rest, as they say, is history!

(added May 31)- At the end of this post there will be a special freebie with order, continue reading to learn more.

Now, I may have never heard of Fiber Lashes before, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t stumbled upon them from time to time, unknowingly. As a matter of fact about a month ago my husband took me to our favorite burger place and the lady behind the counter had the most lovely long lashes! The length of these lashes were unreal! I spoke up, I couldn’t help myself, “wow, did you have lash extensions done?” “No,” she replied. “Wow, your lashes, you are so lucky” I said. Yet staring at her lashes (with a skeptical eye and that of a Cosmetologist) not only were her lashes longer than long, but some of the “lashes” looked slightly off, so I was sure she’d done something. But I wasn’t sure what she’d done to get such a beautiful look. I really have to tell you that, at first glance, the lashes were very impressive indeed and I at first thought she had extensions or some marvelously naturally scattered lengths of, a never seen before, false strip lashes on.

I really respect that she has a filter for such things, and didn’t tell me what her magic trick was for those glorious lashes. I, on the other hand, lack that filter and, now that I have figured out her trick, I am not afraid of telling anyone that I am using fiber lashes! Guess that’s why blogging reviews works so well for me, I love to share! lol

after and before from youinque fiberlash product pgSo once again we are in Lash Territory, lets go over a few tid bits that I mentioned in a recent post:

My Mother used to brag to people about how long my lashes were. However my eyes have always been hooded (dare I say it seems to get worse with age?). No matter how long my lashes are, I never felt happy with their length as the hooded eyelids hid them a lot.

In the past I tried false eye lashes, the strip lashes and the little groups of individual lashes that are supposed to stay on for weeks. The strip lashes, being applied to my oily eyelids (right next to my lashes) never stayed on well… and the little groups of eyelashes that come with a special adhesive that is to sort of glue the little groups right onto the eyelashes were both hard to put on and when they were on, these hooded eye lids of mine got so irritated from the adhesive scraping at the lids, that I took those puppies off as soon as I could with my eye cream.

Others could have problems with the Lash lengthening options above:

From the lashes being made of certain materials that can harbor bacteria especially any of the non natural lashes like the poly-nylon blend lashes (from something I read a while back) there are spaces within the fibers that hold in moisture and can grow harmful bacteria. The glues too can cause allergic reactions, some are not ment for on the skin, true enough, but consider the hooded eyelids out there that do touch, even the cured glues… allergies can run from rashes to loss of eyelashes.

Speaking of loss of eyelashes, there is a strain on the natural lashes that you have when your own lashes get to their optimal length, add on even the tiniest amount of glue and some extensions and you do run the risk of starting to lose your own lashes as well…did you know that it takes about 7 to 8 weeks for your lashes to grow back. And if you do have extensions, it is also extremely expensive to keep up monthly.

3d fiberlashes outside hardcase3d fiberlashes inside hardcaseMoonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes:

Along came my email from Christen, a Younique Presenter (see her page), and sure enough she was still interested in having a review of this product! Yay… I waited just a little while for the mail to arrive and found that they took no time at all to arrive. I was so excited that had to open the envelope right away, after admiring the cute hardcover case and looking inside the case at my newest product to test, I read the documentation that came with it.

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, I learned, that the fibers are made from 100% Natural Green Tea Fibers! Pretty Cool!

I decided to do a test and use regular mascara on one eye and the Moonstruck 3D Fiber lashes on the other eye… I decided that I would walk around like a freak for the day with just one set of eyelashes with the product on it.

Mariah eyes closeup 3d fiber lashesI experienced rain that day and walked around with it on that one eye, I also did sweat that day (oh wait we women don’t sweat we glow!) and still no sign of the 3d lashes coming off or the dark mascara like coating coming off giving me raccoon eyes. And my regular mascara was causing a bit of a bad look though by the end of that hot, then rainy day… I had mascara above and below that eye while the 3D Fiber Lashes still remained looking gorgeous and fresh.

How simple are the 3D Fiber Lashes to put on?

Very simple, it’s like putting on mascara, just a quick 4 coats in all:

Moonstruck 3D Lashes see those wonderful natural fibers1st Apply your regular mascara

2nd Apply the Transplanting Gel on the lashes

3rd Apply the fibers onto the lashes, doing this before the Transplanting Gel has a chance to dry.

(this is where I recommend that you use  your lash brush, on these Fiber Lashes)

4th Apply the Transplanting Gel to the lashes to seal the fibers onto your lashes.

5th, sigh as you look in the mirror and realize how lovely your lashes look, long and up to 300 times thicker and longer lashes.

Feel free to use your lash comb at any point in this application if you wish… it’s all good. Just remember if you are going to curl, curl those peepers before step 1 and that’s it! 🙂

Now you can go out, flutter your eyelashes and enjoy, with no worries at all, all day and all evening long.


When it comes to removing the fiber lashes, I used just my facial cleanser, but I’ve found that I prefer to take them off first with soap and water then follow up with my cream facial cleanser as I use it on my whole face. *When working cleanser (or anything into the eye area remember to use light touches and your “facial fingers” (the middle finger and the finger next to your pinky).

After removing my fiber lashes, from Younique, I have found that my lashes feel softer than soft. The ingredients in the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes seem to have helped the condition of my eyelashes as well, time will tell as I use it over time.

The fibers scared me one day when I went to put them on and some of the fibers fell into the sink, I wasn’t sure what sort of fuzzy insect it was, then I realized what I was seeing. I picked them up and felt them, they feel like silk! Again these are made of 100% Green Tea Fibers, who would have thought they would be so delicate, fine and soft? And even with the transplanting gel sealing the tops of these lashes, I didn’t feel that stiffness that I feel with mascara.

I do admit that I need a better, wider toothed lash brush (if they exist). The typical lash brushes never get between my lashes, just like this head of hair of mine (I’ve been told it’s so much that it should be on at least 2 people) my lashes grow thick (though they are super fine). Your results, will most likely be different than mine, but me? I am just as pleased at having my lashes super-thick and extended out. Hey and I can tell you that my husband seems to love them, and the things that I can say now with my eyes in these fiber lashes are magnified… “flutter flutter”. Lol

mariah in full makeup with 3d fiber lashes
Hubby captured a picture of me with my Fiber Lashes on and full makeup… he said he’d take me out to dinner. Awe shucks, it never happened, but I did go around and show my neighbors the look! They seem to all want this 3D Fiber Lashes for themselves now. 🙂

Easy Peesy! I love these fiber lashes so much that I want the whole world to know about them. I even want to do a show and tell for my beautiful Asian Dentist, who pays to have her lashes done (and once said to me said “OMG, you have Asian Eyes,”)… who knows, perhaps she would love the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes too. And I just know that anyone would feel great about saving a ton of money!

Don’t be fooled folks by product names, I’ve seen a few big companies say “Fiber” in their mascaras, this is NOT (I repeat) NOT the same! These cheap brands I’ve seen are one step mascara. They are not what you would expect and the fibers, if they are in there would be all mashed up together and only serve the purpose to thicken lashes and coat them with mascara. This is a two step process, and when you find some with two step processes (As I’ve seen since discovering these wonderful fiber lashes) these from Younique are the only ones that I’ve seen the fibers to be all natural. And the only ones that I’ve seen out there that look like they may work are almost double this price, yet I didn’t see them freely sharing their ingredients… I would almost bet that they are not natural fiber for those fiber lashes either!

I wish to thank Christen for allowing me the honor and great experience with the Moonstuck 3D Fiber Lashes, as you know I am so very in LOVE with them, they are a great addition to my beauty arsenal! I would love it, if someday Younique would make these in a brown or better yet an Auburn so it would go more with an every day look for folks like me (Gingers) or those with lighter colored hair… but I must admit, I’ve been using this for my every day look and I am loving it, even bare faced! 🙂

Now is you chance to try Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes for yourself or give it to a loved one please, just give it to that person as a “Happy Happy” (my Father’s saying, basically meaning “a gift just because”) because they’d never forgive you for holding out on giving them this great prize! Trust me on this!

One of you will win your own Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, thanks to Christen’s Generosity!

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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Younique and me.