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Blog Stats for July 2013, Thus Far

Here are my Blog Stats for July 2013 – WOW!

Thank you said in many languages

Report on Honestly Mariah – on July 25 2013

Nice! I wish to thank everyone for Visiting and Making this blog GREAT! 🙂 These stats are just FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for your visits and giving me something new to smile about!

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Monthly Statistics for July 2013

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Mariah’s Brief Absence – Slow Return to the Blog

Hi all, sorry about my brief absence here, I am sure you’ll understand the reasoning behind it.

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"

Some Of My Hubbies Health Issues Revealed:

My husband and I thought he had a heart attack back in, about, 2006… our Dr at the time checked him, called an ambulance and had him stay in the hospital overnight. The next morning before I took him home, they had him do a stress test (prior to his injuring his back) on a treadmill and the test was finished and they acted like it was nothing, sending him home with medicine for heartburn! Yup, true deal and one of the things that had us leave Kaiser Permanente as it was be beginning of our wondering if they were treating us right.

Sick Teddy Bear Bandaid Taking TempuratureRecently our new Dr, outside of Kaiser, took a very close look at my husbands health history and placed him on aspirin and some medications for his heart health and stated straight out that he had a heart attack back then.

Possible Further Heart Problems Discovered

My husband went in for some epidural shots in his lower back (he is disabled now in Chronic Pain) and the Doctor, that was to do the procedure noticed not only a fast heartbeat but his heart had skipped (what looked like half on the paper read out that I looked at with the Doctor) beats. The Doctor explained to us that we needed to see a Cardiologist and he refused to give him the epidural shots. The Doctor stated that if he got to close to a nerve he was afraid my husband would have a heart attack during the procedure.

Months Of Testing from March Onward

The final test was the clincher… one of the many tests that our Primary Physician ordered showed a problem. The test was a the Chemical Stress Test… it was time to finally see the Cardiologist, who’s office we visited for the Chemical Stress Test (this was 2 weeks ago).

The visit to the Cardiologist:

He revealed that my husband had PVC’s all over the place and it was either time for dangerous medications or time for surgery, angioplasty and a couple of stints, “ASAP.” And to look at the tip of the heart that appears to be dead. OMG Panic Mode here and Major stress hit us at home.

Close up of Mariah hubby after heart surgery

The Surgery For Hubbies Heart

Last week, on Thursday, we had my husband’s surgery and they explored his heart as they were at it. As my husband was going through all the Surgery Preps, they let him know that he not only had a heart attack, back when we were with Kaiser, but he had another one during the stress test. The surgery went well, however they found not the 2 arteries that were 90% blocked but a 3rd as well… so it wasn’t just one or two stints but 4. A nurse at the hospital indicated that we will know if he needs bypass surgery in a while, but we wait until after he looks healed for now and I am sure further tests will be involved.

hubby after heart surgery
Yes that Tattooed Man is my dear hubby. Here he is after surgery, He cannot remember this picture or the other one where he modeled for it. Poor baby was talkative but sooooo out of it. My job, keep him still, his back hurt laying still for so long and he kept trying to lift his head, a no no after his type of surgery.

The rest is history, my husband is home safe and sound, he refused to stay in the hospital since our Medicare Advantage through AARP would charge us a lot more than we could afford on $1500 a month that we live on (since we are both on Social Security Disability). My husband is on a lot of restrictions right now as the stints heal into his arteries of his heart, no stress, no exerting himself etc. The time period is up for the lowest amount of lifting, which was no more than 10 pounds, but still he has to be careful.

Stress and The Solution, A Get Away

Squirrels one massaging the other, in an animated picture
Hey These two know how to achieve some relaxation! It’s time for hubby and I to De-stress too.

As I am sure you can imagine, at this time, my life is still in crazy mode here. We did, under my husband’s insistence, go fishing on Thursday. He insisted that I was stressing far to much and he knew that my health can be at serious risk with stress and of course my stressing made him stress which is a big no-no.

the 5 fish we caught, my 2 Rainbow Fish, my 2 Brown Trout and My Husband's small Rainbow. Check out what we caught, my husband caught one small Rainbow Trout and I caught two nice sized fat Rainbows and 2 German Brown Trouts. One was 16 inches large, we measured it for the picture, however I was holding the tape measure with the hand I have to snap photos with and the tape measure slipped (as did my camera when I tried to get the whole fish in the picture).

My 16 inch German Brown Trout and it being measured at 16 inches.
Not a fish tale/tail (lol) my husband holding my big catch of the day. He kept saying you have “Bragging Rights” and we had to get a tape measure. It measured 16 inches, however at this angle it looks like 15 1/2 because of my moving the tape measure, the angle and we missed getting the whole fish in the picture as I couldn’t get far enough away. lol Believe it or not, It was a great catch and wonderful flavor for our healthy, heart smart meal. 🙂

We had a wonderful time fishing up at George Town Lake here in Colorado, here are the Road trip pictures and the picture of the scenery that I took while I was fishing. 🙂

Beautiful Scenery on the Way to George Town, Mountains & Road
Beautiful Mountain Scenery on the Way to George Town Lake, Colorado. The Brown Sign in the distance says, “Wildlife Viewing Bighorn Sheep” (I cannot read the exit number… this was on I-70.
Yay, almost at George Town Lake, our exit
Yay, almost at George Town Lake, our exit 228
Pulling up to George Town Lake, Colorado
Yay, here we are pulling up to the lake! Nice George Town Lake isn’t too far from home in Westminster, Colorado.
George Town Lake, Colorado Scenery As seen by Mariah of
As I sat down to fish, I first found I had a welcoming by some mean Red Ants. I did move my chair a little further over and after tucking my pants into my socks (with my big floppy hat tied on because of the wind, I sure looked like a Dork!) I looked up and saw this scenery. WOW! Much needed chance to relax and not worry about a thing was finally underway! What a Day!

I am trying to come back, although my life is still crazy hectic,  my reviews will possibly be a bit brief for me (maybe a welcome site for some of my readers, since I do tend to be wordy), but I will try to do them justice.

Thank you for your patience as I try the balancing act of health issues, family and the blog.

Love and hugs


Giveaways, My Mother, and More News!

biting my lip

News on Giveaways, the Blog etc

Hi all, you may have noticed that the blog was down for a while, seems I was too popular as one of the many excuses for “suspending” my account was “hits”. Well they came up with a lot more excuses as time went on as the Analytics weren’t reflecting the “hits” they said I was having per hour.

It looks like it may have been a new plugin to help make small urls straight to my blog instead of through Owly or the others. Anyway when they finally gave me access to the back end of my blog I had shut down that plugin and they then had me shut down all the other plugins as well. To make a long story short, I am working here in the background resetting up everything that I can with the plugins and hopefully the Giveaway Countdown will be up on the sidebar soon so it’s easier to find the giveaways. In the mean time, I wanted to let you know that I am re-opening one of the expired giveaways and adding days to all the currently running giveaways to make up for down time and more.

I will be working on some more posts later on this evening/tonight after I recover the plugins all back into working order and get them plugged in to their proper places. I am still limping along here on my laptop with the fan acting up, so things are running slowly here all the way around.

Jeep Cherokee that I am willing to barter for on Craigslist

In other news from the Lockwood Home Front

My husband and I are trying to use Craigslist for the first time. My husband listed my old Jeep in the barter area, after which we realized that perhaps he should have added in there that we’d exchange it for a high end computer, since the fan on mine is going and I could certainly use a new laptop. Who knows I may be able to make a sweet deal in exchange for the Jeep. Of course we did discuss all the work that we would like to have done around the house in exchange for it, but hey, we will take what we can get. 🙂

It will be quite a while before I can get my laptop repaired the new vehicle wouldn’t pass the required emissions testing so we have a huge expense right now to get my new vehicle running, so it will be a month or so before I can get the fan fixed on my laptop…. this is the reason why we are looking now to see if possibly we can barter for a new laptop for me. Then this laptop could be eventually repaired and become a spare.

My Mother and Father,  just purchased a van with hand controls and a ramp for my Mother and they had an old vehicle that they knew I could use! How sweet is that? Mom, Dad and I keep teasing people (from nurses at the life care center to my neighbors) that the price of my haircuts have gone up. I cut my Mothers hair this weekend and so we have been telling people that I do haircuts now in exchange for a car! lol You should have seen a neighbors eyes when I told her that she’s do for me to give her another haircut again! lol So anyone. reading this in the North Suburbs of Denver. need a GREAT haircut?

News on my Mother

We witnessed my Mother actually moving her other leg just a little bit this weekend. 🙂 She still cannot put weight on her right leg, that can move just a little and feel sensations just very slightly with as she is so weak and the nerves are hopefully re-routing themselves. Hopefully the movement in the left leg wasn’t a fluke and maybe those nerves are starting to repair some.

My Mother has also put on some weight now… instead of being just 70 pounds she is now 100 lbs! Yay! Lets hope that she can continue to be at a healthier weight than she was.

And Mom will be finally released soon from the Life Care Center in Longmont, Colorado as soon as she gets her electric wheelchair that was FINALLY approved today, they say it could be a week or two before she receives it.  My parents have been trying to get Medicare to approve the wheelchair for her since February. Yay FINALLY!

Just to remind you all, I will be up in the mountains, at my parents house for a week or so after my Mother gets home. I hope to assist with the new adjustments to my Mother being a paraplegic now… from diapers, to lifting and more, my Father is going to have his hands full. I will be up there to help out with the things that I may be able to handle with my disabilities, and work on some fun crafts and cooking/baking etc. we will have a lot of laughs too, I am sure.

In closing

I wish to thank you all for returning to the blog after it was “suspended” for the weekend+, I apologize to all for any inconvenience.  Hopefully the problem with the blog is resolved now that I will not re-install the little links plugin as I cannot afford to have to purchase a virtual private server for my little blog.

Watch for the giveaways to increase in time allotted for entry soon, I have a few different things that I need to do to get the blog fully functioning yet and get the countdown for the current giveaways up and running again too, for ease of finding the current giveaways.

Love and hugs



New Blog Button Code.

Unanimated Sample of Honestly Mariah Blog Button "Oh! Honestly Mariah"
Just a picture of the button, not the real thing. 🙂 You may get the code below.

It seems I was missing a tad bit of code in my blog button, that should have been included. For those of you that have already posted my button, please consider changing it to the updated code, I really appreciate it.

In case you want to grab and share my blog button on your website or anywhere else… please do, it is greatly appreciated and will help us in the long run, since it may up the blog scores enough to get in some even bigger and better giveaways!

I tried adding the code here and it took out a major part of the code and made it a link… sorry I was trying to help you copy the code here, but it just won’t work… even in visual editing instead of text editing (in wordpress).

Thank you everyone for showing your support by sharing my button!