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Increase Mental Focus Supplement – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I’ve been fortunate to have received a product to review from BioTerra Herbs , this supplement helps you to increase your mental focus. I love this companies sense of humor in their labels and names for their products. This product to help with your Mental Focus is called “huh?”. lol

On on side of the label, it reads:

Mental Focus

Sometimes it’s just really hard to focus. Your head is in the clouds, you can’t stay on track and the amount of work that actually is getting done… will probably have to be done re-done. Whatever the epic task – from punching keys on a computer to cramming mid-term studies (really? in one hour?) to training for a three-legged hula-hoop triathlon opposite grandma – it’s time to buckle down and zone in on the assignment at hand. Grab your hula-hoop and put your game face on- Grandma is going down!

LOL! I just love a company that is not only herbal, all natural etc… but has a sense of humor!

Huh? herbal supplement with 2 capsules and a glass of waterWe are all bombarded for almost every waking hour of the day with the constant incoming stimulation from constant distractions in our world today. The distractions from modern contact with the outside world, mobile phones, television, computers and tablets are everywhere and constantly vying for our attention. Not to mention how busy divided we are with work (especially work at home), children, spouses (or significant others), friends and family all needing out attention too.

This is where my desire for increased focus comes in…

I live in a small house, my husband and I are disabled and so we are home all the time. I have 2 little lap dogs, the weather outside is becoming nice and Spring like… and technology drives me to distraction.

Health issues that cause chronic pain and ADD, also contributes to my problems focusing.

Can you identify with any of these?

Basically, we live in a world full of distractions which inhibit your ability to focus.

I received the product from BioTerra shipment in a very timely fashion. I feel very safe taking “Huh?” as it’s an herbal supplement.

The herbs, in this natural supplement, are:

Active ingredients:

jujube seeds (not jujube candies, but seeds of the fruit that they were possibly named after), Poria, Asian Ginseng Root, Desert Boomrape stem, schisandra fruit, polyagalla root, grass-leaf Sweetflag rhizome.

Other ingredients:

Vegetarian Capsules & rice flour

You can look up all of these ingredients with a search online to see any safety information, and/or the properties of these natural supplements.

Now you shouldn’t take some of these ingredients if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are on Medications, please see your doctor and show him the ingredients to see if you can take it. Basically, as always, I advise you that it’s always better to be safe than sorry! For me, there were no problems with my taking this with my medications, I just had to be sure to take it after a meal.

My experience with “Huh?” (lol, I love the name) one day, while my ADD was acting up, and I opened up the box. The shipping box was cushioned nicely inside, securing the product inside for safe shipping. The bottle cap was safety sealed with plastic around it, and then the top of the bottle (under the cap) was also sealed over the opening. I removed the seal and found a the cotton in the top of the supplement capsules, keeping them nice and safe from any jarring in shipment.

I read the label and took 2 capsules, since I had eaten not to long before. I was prepared for anything… I really didn’t feel anything but a soft sort of energy, my mind was wondering less and I was more focused indeed. It wasn’t anything too powerful, but what would be powerful would have to be a miracle pill or would perhaps over energize my body and not my brain focus. I also noted that with repeated use, at 2 capsules per day, that the product seemed to build in effectiveness… NICE!

I admit there was a bit of time there that I had not taken these, though I could have used them a few times during my recent visit to my parents home in the mountains. I neglected to bring the bottle with me, but I had the box (yes I save and use the box for in my reviews, for information contained on them). I did intend to write up this review sooner, however I chose to just visit with my parents and I only wrote up one review in my time up there.

huh supplement mental focus capsulesMy thoughts on the product:

  • The focus is very nice.
  • The supplement it’s gentle on me…enough so that I don’t notice being jittery nor do I notice being too relaxed to concentrate.
  • I notice the difference when I don’t take the “Huh?” Supplement.
  • With the product, I do seem to focusing better, especially with the distractions Spring time finally starting up.
  • I’ve learned to love this product and I feel that I can honestly recommend it to others because of my experience with it.

Thank you so much BioTerra for entrusting me with this review and choosing me to receive the product to try through Tomoson. I love the experience I’ve had with this supplement.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Gungho for Brain Focus/Health Supplement – Review Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Hi friends, I am in love with this Product I just sampled called GungHo, a real scientific breakthrough (in my humble opinion) of Brain Health, Focus, and recall. As I read up on GungHo, preparing for my samples to arrive, I was very impressed with all the studies and the work of the PHD’s on developing a safer, more effective and actually long term brain health of this product.

But we all know “the proof is in the pudding”

Hai. (that's Ninja for hello) on the cardboard cover from GungHo ("For Ninja Like Focus")

My 3 sample packets of GungHo arrived safe and sound to my home, it is packaged in the most brilliant folded cardboard, full of great information and some good laughs too. Speaking of laughs, who ever heard of a Focus Supplement that gave you energy and yet improved your mood? I hadn’t until I was introduced to GungHo and for me this statement by the company is true! Alas I am rambling again… lets get back on topic here. Lol

Yes, as many of you know from past reviews, I have ADD and sure enough I show it often in my struggle to write reviews and if my ADD is acting up terribly, my dyslexia comes out more as well, making writing a real chore. Add in my CFS (Chronic Fatique Syndrome), Fibromyalgia (which often creates something called “Fibro-Fog”) and you have yourself a but you folks are kind enough to bear with me. Now on with the show… lol

My Packets of Gungho

My GungHo Challenge:

1. Avoid energy drinks / shots or sodas for 3 days (so you don’t crash from them)
2. When you are tired, take a GungHoR instead – convenient tiny liquid packet can take with you anywhere
3. You will note a smooth boost of energy & focus with no jitters or crash

“* Over time, GungHoR will also build brain health, capacity to focus and memory recall…but you won’t notice that in 3 days”

The above is a qoute from GungHo on the Challenge I accepted

The Challenge, how I got started:

We ran out of soda in the house and coffee for a while (we shop once a month with our disability checks, so this happens from time to time) and it was the perfect time to take the challenge! So no caffeine, sodas or energy drinks… just water on hand for a week. I went 3 days with just water, then I did a 2 day test (I gave my husband one to try too)… okay so I cheated on my challenge, by sharing… however my Mommy taught me to share and it has stuck with me. lol

I did start getting a headache for the first day without soda or caffeine… but it soon went away with some generic Aleve that I had on hand.

Gungho easy open pkg

My thoughts on Gungho:

I have run out of my GungHo and I am saddened by this, as it really did help me stay focused on the tasks at hand here, I can get so distracted by the Boob-Tube (which is almost always on here, since my husband has become disabled recently, so he’s home all the time)… and of course the demand of the blog, the keeping up with social media, emails and my 2 cuddly dogs demanding attention. The GungHo has helped me focus on one thing at a time and I just have to say, you need to try this to believe it!

On GungHo I am relaxed, yet more focused, I am energized but not shaky and I feel a sort of sense of wellness… a satisfied feeling that I cannot describe as anything else other than a cheerful disposition. Amazing the balance that has been achieved in this formulation and how completely they covered all the bases of this unique product, I’ve never experienced this before like I did with GungHo.

As I mentioned before, I shared one of the packets with my husband, he felt a little difference but being a man of few words he didn’t tell me much more than energized some and a feeling of the focus some as well.

Now the long term effects that are mentioned by GungHo, are brain health building… this is with longer term/daily use of GungHo and I would be tempted to keep a stash on hand for daily use, had I had the means to do so… with my very limited trial I am pleased!

Gungho Real Brain Science Information

Who would I recommend this product for?

Mothers, we know how draining just being a Mother can be!

Students, oh yes, as I always recommend with studying, take it as you study and then make sure to take it as you do your testing (the studies have all shown you must be in the same state as when you were studying for better recall when you are testing or public speaking for that matter).

Gamers, as some of you know, until I started blogging, I was an avid gamer since the 1990’s, and I really could have used this when my group would be in highly dangerous game areas and I was stuck spamming out heals constantly. Yes I always played the supporting role of a healer, it’s hard work, but really beneficial to most power gamers out there.

And those that have trying work/jobs, be it physical, mental or that have demonstrations or public speaking involved etc.

I would have loved this while working as a Cosmetologist and during memorizing lines and preforming in plays.

Now one of you can take the GungHo Challange for yourself, enter to win your own 3 pack sample of GungHo

Click here for the giveaway!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Gluten Free Dog Food Review & Giveaway

Oh yeah, we’ve all heard about the health benefits of going gluten free… now why on earth would be treat our selves so much better than we’d treat our dogs? After all they are our Fur Babies aren’t they, and being a true member of our families like they are don’t they need consideration to, when it comes to their diets? Well, it seems to me that those clever people over at Rachael Ray Nutrish are keeping our Fur Babies in mind when they come up with the new recipes for the Dog food.

I have had the good fortune in the past to have had my dogs help me review Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet dog food, which BTW is one of only 2 types of wet dog food that my dogs can eat without getting their sensitive little tummies upset. Yay, nothing like “taking the risk” with a new food back when I posted that review, and being rewarded with finding a brand of dog food that I could trust for my dogs. No diarrhea and no throwing up, no need to wash the house of the dogs as a result of their participating in a review for my blog. 🙂Zero Grain Dog food picture of bag, food in dog dish & ingredients like turkey

Fortune smiled upon me once again as I was invited to try the newest product by Rachael Ray Nutrish, the new Zero Grain Dry Dog Food! And just like the Nutrish Wet Dog food proceeds from every bag benefit Rachael’s Rescue, which is an Organization that helps animals in need, including rescue dogs like my dog “Tiny” (you will often hear me call him “Tiny Dog”, as that has sort of became my nickname for him).

My (Mariah) Zero Grain Creation with grains and a red circle with line through it in red beans
Okay so red beans are not a grain, but I wanted something red to get the no grains idea across. lol

For my review, I am concentrating on the fact that this food is gluten free, however, there are other great qualities in the Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain, the most obvious one is that it doesn’t contain grains. It also doesn’t contain, fillers, by-products, artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors. Nutrish Zero Grain is made up of all natural products, the flavor is “Turkey and Potato Recipe” with:

Real Turkey (The first ingredient in the recipe, the turkeys are U.S. Farm Raised), Turkey Meal (contains amino acids and B vitamins), Whole Potatoes, peas and Tapioca, Beet Pulp, Whole Flaxseed and poultry fat.

Our Experience With Nutrish Zero Grain

The Dogs Interest in the food:

Mariah's Zero Grain CreationI had started my dogs eating the dog food just the week before my husband’s heart surgery. I watched as my dogs sniffed the unopened bag and begged at the table when they saw the bag. To my opening the package… and pouring it into their enclosed dog food container and again watching the dogs showing more than their usual casual interest in the food as they danced around the food container. I set the, now empty, bag on the kitchen floor and went to work around the house and on the blog… suddenly I heard strange noises in the kitchen, as I walked into the kitchen I caught my oldest dog trying to insert his whole body into the bag as he was licking it out! “Wow,” I thought, “Rachael Ray Nutrish has done it again, I can’t wait to have my dogs try this dog food.”

Sure enough, I decided that, though it wasn’t their meal time, to open up their dog food container and give them each a few tastes from my hands of the dog food. Well they munched it up and asked for more, which I had to deny them… and as I mentioned this excitement to my husband, he explained that this is not something to truly get too excited about yet, as the dogs probably just loved the fact that this was being hand fed to them and that alone my be why they enjoyed it so much, especially my Tiny Dog who is such a picky eater.

Tiny Dog eating Nutrish Zero Grain
Tiny Dog chowing down on Nutrish Zero Grain
Mr Peanut eating nutrish zero grain
Mr. Peanut Chowing down on his Nutrish Zero Grain

Okay, dinner time came, and I got to see Tiny Dog Dance for his food for the first time in a long time and gobble up the food so fast that it was incredible. What a great reaction from the picky eater of mine! Well, still not the true test… we have to see if the excitement mellows with time after eating it meal after meal.

Weeks later and Tiny Dog is still not doing his usual walking away from the dish, staring at it from a distance (only to keep the older dog, Mr. Peanut) from eating his food (Mr Peanut, my long haired Dachshund is a piggy and will eat anything and everything) or taking a bite or two in his mouth and hauling it off to his dog bed and nibbling. Tiny Dog used to refuse to eat unless he was terribly hungry. Now Tiny Dog continues, weeks later, to dance for his meal and eat it in record time, no nibbling on the food, no hauling off only a bit or two at a time to his bed, but eating his whole bowl of dog food with no hesitation.

Tiny Dog looking at me happy with his eating Nutrish Zero Grain, he's one happy dog
Tiny Dog Asking for more Nutrish Zero Grain hes one happy dog

What We Noticed about Switching Foods:

With most products out there, my husband and I found that we had noticed switching their brand or flavor caused terrible tummy problems from throwing up to diarrhea.  With Nutrish Zero Grain we were pleased to see that this problem didn’t exist at all.

The Doggie Deposits on the Lawn:

If your dogs are like mine, and do what we here at home call the “walk and squat” where they cannot/do not stay in one place to leave their deposits, it can be very difficult picking up the lawn. It was bad enough when we were living in an apartment needing to bring multiple bags with us, or deal with walking with an open bag that already had deposits in it. Now that we are in a home we get lazy about cleaning up the back yard and so the weekly clean up can be a pain, as we play hide and seek with the doggie deposits. I hate to admit it, I had cleaned up the deposits the week before my husband’s surgery, then tons of appointments have kept us running around a lot and now it’s been 2 weeks since his surgery, I finally cleaned up yesterday. I had to do less clean up with the old “pooper scooper,” as a result of this dog food… Yay!

Mr Peanut licking his lips after eating Nutrish Zero Grain
I caught a picture of Mr. Peanut licking his lips after eating his Nutrish Zero Grain

Digestive System:

Also I have noticed no tummy upsets with Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain, I am not dealing with a dog that is so intense that he will not let me sleep at night as he has a sick feeling tummy or diarrhea. And I have not noticed any of the gagging that came with their upset tummies… even if it didn’t result in the dogs throwing up, I was getting this achy old body up and running them to the linoleum floor out to the outside so they can throw up where I could easily clean up… now I get to sit and relax so much more! 🙂

My Thoughts on Gluten Free Dog Food (Gluten and My Dogs):

Reading up on Gluten Free Diets, and watching Dr. Oz (thanks Mom, now my DVR is full of his shows… I have notes to take on most shows, sheesh…) I understand that we, people, can be allergic to Gluten and looking up information online… I see that dogs too can be allergic to gluten. The side effects that I remember from my research are bloated tummies, upset tummies and more digestive problems (from constipation to diarrhea ect). I feel that both of my dogs must have a problem with Gluten and I am so pleased to have been introduced to this new product as it has helped to take care of so many of the problems that I’ve had with my dogs. And as a result of what we’ve experienced, here at home, we will be purchasing this product from now on.

picture of my heart napkin holder next to Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food loose on table top
Honestly, I love what this dog food has done for me, my dogs and that it has helped us in so many ways. Thank you Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain for letting me review this great product, you’ve won us over!

In Conclusion, what do I think of Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain?

The lawn is easier to pick up now! I have already found nice sized bags of Zero Grain at Walmart (and it’s cheaper than Iams). And I have found that I can relax a little more as I don’t need to deal with my dogs having digestive problems as a result of their new food.

Rachael Ray hugging a dog, for Rachaels RescueI can honestly recommend this to anyone wanting less clean up, less digestion problems with their dogs, better nutrition for their dogs and a product that can be found easily at the store. Additionally, I love the fact that proceeds from each bag of Nutrish go to Rachael’s Rescue, an organization that helps animals in need. Having a rescue dog, I greatly appreciate the fact that this organization is doing so much to help out animals. 🙂

You can find out more at The Nutrish Website and while you are there, click on the link on the right hand side (top of the page) entitled “Switch to Nutrish” and request a coupon for their dog food like I did… and I saved $4 off my Nutrish Zero Grain Dog food for my Gluten Free Dog Food.

Here is your chance to win a 6lb bag of Nutrish Zero Grain for your (or a friends) Dog! U.S. Entries only please.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Nutrish and me.

Beautiful Wood Furniture And Enjoyable Scents, Thanks to Daddy Van’s – Review and Giveaway


Daddy Vans Logo Daddy Vans A Whole Lotta LoveHowdy Folks! This Colorado gal is pleased to introduce you to another great Colorado Company and their products! I simply love the ingenuity and that the products, that I’ve found in Colorado, are typically environmentally friendly, all natural and safe for the family. Daddy Van’s is no exception, the company has “The National Products Association Seal of Approval”, “The USDA BioPreferred Certification”, the approval by “Green America” and much more. Check out their Daddy Van’s Home page and their “About Us” page for all the wonderful things about this Company. I would be remiss to leave out the fact that a portion of all their profits are donated to Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthy Child Healthy World is dedicated to protecting the health and well being of children from harmful environmental exposures.


Daddy Vans products that I receivedNow lets face it, like most people, I hate house cleaning, polishing furniture and caring for the cupboard exteriors are no exception for me. Not only do furniture polishes tend to smell of either the same old boring lemon scent (artificial and it smells like housework!) or they smell of chemicals. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t make much of a difference in appearance to me in most cases, if it does it’s short lived. And a lot of polishes out there actually start to build up on your furniture, so much so that some companies started selling products to use to get rid of the build up (from their other products) a few years ago.



Daddy Vans Sweet Orange Oil Furniture Polish that I used on my cupboardsAfter receiving my products from Daddy Van’s, I went to work right away on my cupboards, it made a huge difference on the cupboards in this house. Imagine a house that has spent many many years with renters in it, as most of you can imagine we have a lot of work to do. It seems that the landlord (that we bought this home from) not only hired people that did not do their jobs right or only did their jobs halfway (no supervision) but let the renters who couldn’t pay their rent fix things up to make up for past due rent. Including the cupboards which were varnished terribly and obviously the doors were varnished while they were still hung up and they were handled while they were still wet.


Cupboard badly varnished and fading before using daddy vans sweet orange oil polish
Before Using Daddy Van’s.
These are the badly finished cupboards I’ve been living with, areas without finish and drips as a result some serious fading of the wood.
Cupboard that was badly varnished and fading after using daddy vans sweet orange oil polish
After: My Cupboards look so much better now after using Daddy Van’s Sweet Orange Furniture Polish.

I didn’t think that I could make a change to how these cupboards looked, and when I read about using the Sweet Orange Oil Furniture Polish for cleaning up cupboards, I went to work. I couldn’t believe the difference, what a joy! The scent of this polish is a wonderful Orange scent to it and it makes you almost want to eat it! The job that the Sweet Orange Furniture Polish could speak for itself but, as with most pictures, it doesn’t do the changes justice. The Furniture Polish will help me hold off on taking down the cupboard doors and stripping  and refinishing them…. the cupboards look so much better. The faded and dulled areas on the cupboard door wood, now look nice and shiny and deeper in color and it goes better with the areas that someone did manage to cover with varnish… it almost disguises the areas of dripping and where they were handled while they were still wet.


daddy vans beeswax and lavender steel container on a wood drawer that it made look lovely
Daddy vans beeswax and lavender steel container on a wood drawer (before inserting into the buffet cabinet). Doesn’t it look beautiful?

The Beeswax and Lavender Furniture Polish I used it on a special piece of furniture that my parents delivered to my old apartment, just before I moved into the new house 2 years ago. The piece of furniture is a beautiful buffet cabinet that has been in my family since I can remember. I regretted that, when we moved into our new house, I set down some Spray on Bug Repellent onto it and I was shocked as there was just enough of the product from the aerosol spray on the bottom of the can that it ate through the finish (kind of frightening when you think about it)!  I also regretted that we placed the Buffet up to one window and the house is so small that the opposite window shines light on it here in the tough Colorado Sunshine, fading everything that gets exposed. And in two years time I could already see the difference not only in the top of the buffet but on the front. So it’s time to move the buffet cabinet and take good care of this important piece of furniture.


My 1950s or 1960s buffet before I realized that the window was not only a bad place but I needed to revarnish top
My 1950s or 1960s buffet before I realized that the window was not only a bad place but I needed to refinish the top due to a bug spray can.

Before applying the Beeswax and Lavender Furniture Polish to the buffet cabinet, I decided that we needed to refinish just the top of the buffet cabinet especially since this is where we keep our coffee maker in my tiny kitchen. I left the rest of the Buffet alone as the wood was once so lovely and I believed that Daddy Van’s furniture polish may improve the appearance (I was crossing my fingers).

My 1950s or 1960s buffet before using daddy vans beeswax and lavender furniture polish
Before Using Daddy Van’s beeswax and lavender furniture polish. The Buffet Cabinet is not as rich looking as it used to be.

As with the cupboards, I applied the polish onto my buffet and let it soak in a few minutes. After some time went by I buffed the buffet with a nice clean soft cloth. I love the smell of Lavender and this product was very pleasing to my senses as the smell made me smile, later on my husband even commented on how great the scent was! Wow, if you hear about the scent from my husband, you know it’s great!

I moved the banquet away from the window and it was a blizzard outside 2 days later (so the picture is a little less light on it than it had during our nice weekend when I refinished the top) but here are the results. It looks fantastic, just like I remembered it looking years ago.

After Application of Daddy Van's Lavender Polish. Now my 1950's or 1960's Buffet Cabinet Looks lovely and rich in color and shines beautifully!
After Application of Daddy Van’s Lavender Polish. Now my 1950’s or 1960’s Buffet Cabinet Looks lovely and rich in color and shines beautifully!


In Conclusion:

Daddy Vans Ingredients and FAQs
I saw this on Daddy Van’s Ingredients and FAQ’s Page and had to insert it here! With their Trademark “A Whole Lotta Love” isn’t this just perfect and so precious? 🙂

Daddy Van’s has made the best furniture polish that I’ve ever tried, and I love it that it’s environmentally safe and safe for the whole family… I caught my dog licking the cupboard after I used the Sweet Orange Oil Furniture Polish and though I stopped him from doing it, I wasn’t in a panic worried about what he just digested. I love the results and the scents and dare I say it? Okay I will, it made one of my least favorite tasks much more enjoyable, seeing beautiful results and smelling the lovely scents of both the lavender Polish and the Sweet Orange… I am even thinking about bringing some up to my parents house to “test” it out on their old yet very lovely furniture… maybe I should pick some up just for them. With my Mother returning sometime (hopefully soon) from her paralysis from surgery and her limited mobility, I will be up there for a week, up to a month to help out at home. This would be a great joy as I am sure she’s going to wish to have a lot of dusting and cleaning done… this stuff makes these tasks such a pleasure!


As you can see in the picture of all the products I received, I also received a nice spray bottle of Room and Linen Spray, I chose the Relaxation as I just adore the scent of the lavender and the mixture of essential oils sounded interesting. Continue reading Beautiful Wood Furniture And Enjoyable Scents, Thanks to Daddy Van’s – Review and Giveaway