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About Mariah (AKA: Riah & Maria Marasch):

Mariah was born in the Midwest and brought up in a large family of Artists, who taught her work ethics, creativity and instilled her with the love of Family, Community and Country. Mariah is a people person, who loves to share her thoughts and opinions with people. Mariah is former Cosmetologist that appreciates beauty and products that actually work, and accepted hugs as a tip from her customers, she was in a car accident in the 1980’s that left her with chronic neck problems, she has since been diagnosed with Lupus SLE, Fibromyalgia and related illnesses including Chronic Pain. But she still loves to cut, style, color and apply makeup for friends and family. In the early 1990’s she moved to Colorado and met her wonderful chauffeur, body-guard, best friend, lover/husband, where she feels right at home admiring the beauty of Colorado where she paints, draws and basically can be seen trying anything that is either creative or money-saving, including making her own laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, as well as throw rugs and bed throws out of old t-shirts, sheets and blue jeans.

Hi folks, Mariah here:

I’m a living my “happily ever after” with my husband Rick a Marine (I’ve learned not to say Ex Marine nor Former Marine, “Once a Marine always a Marine” I’ve been told). I have 3 grown step children and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, in a suburb of Denver along with our two lovable lap dogs.

I am a former Cosmetologist, former Salon Manager, Assistant to Area Manager and Trainer of Advanced Techniques for Licensed Professional Cosmetologists and I have my PHD in Color.

As a People person and having extensive experience in Marketing & Advertising in the Creative world of Cosmetology has brought me to to this point in my life where I can now enjoy blogging and sharing experiences (in products, services and events) with my readers. I feel that despite my being disabled (we won’t go into that right now), I can be useful and give back to the online community that has given so much to me. I love to do reviews and giveaways, I not only get the thrill of sharing my thoughts and experiences with others, but I get the thrill of seeing the excitement that others get as they win something to try out for themselves. 🙂

I bring to this blog my knowledge as a former Cosmetologist (Cosmetology: The study of Hair, Skin and Nails), with advanced knowledge in all aspects of the Beauty Industry, makeup Artistry, and my marketing knowledge from having managed Salons to being a former owner of a Tattoo Salon where I helped with advertising and drawing/creating women’s tattoo designs. As an Artist and DIY lover (who has also done makeup for the Theater) and loves to sew, knit and crochet have a special love of fashion, pets, family, friends and all things creative.

I have to sweet lapdogs that enjoy being featured in a sort of “Guest Post” on my blog as they love to get involved in my pictures, videos and help review dog related products.

You may wish to check out another blog, my husband has his own Review Blog as well.
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