OH Honestly Mariah 2.0

Hi there all, I am refocusing my blog on much more with OH Honestly Mariah 2.0.

animated megaphone guy

With this new updated version of the blog I will be bringing you not only my reviews & giveaways, but also some DIY projects, Arts & Crafts and frugal tips. Mixed in this you will find some posts about life and family.

I apologize for those of you anxiously awaiting my return since my Mothers death. I however had felt the need to reevaluate my priorities and hence the changes to my blog. Family, Friends and my Arts, crafts, and even (hopefully) some Community Theater and Voice Over work in the future will be occupying more of my time than the blog. However I do plan to share it all with you as OH Honestly Mariah 2.0 progresses.

I look forward to sharing more with you lovely folks soon!

Love and hugs,


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