All Points Bulletin – trying to reach Dorothy Teel!

Update: Yay, I just heard from Dorothy, she saw several of my APB’s out for her!

Hi all, I am striving to reach Dorothy Teel, she won a giveaway but the form that she filled out with the Giveaway had a problem and the sponsor said the choice of her prize was not clear. I will never use the Tomoson pre-made giveaway program again since it didn’t give me Dorothy’s Email address, nor did it give it to the sponsor. *sigh*

Please if you are Dorothy I need to hear from you so your prize can get out to you. I’ve sent you a private message in Facebook about it (from my Mariah Marasch-Lockwood account, for some reason I can’t do this from my Blog Facebook Page). And I sent you also a Friend request in Facebook so as to get your attention & so we could send a message back and forth in private.

Animated_NewsboyIf any of you know Dorothy Teel who enters giveaways here, please let her know I am trying to reach her ASAP. The sponsor may just have to pick out a prize for Dorothy and hope she likes it, since part of the form that was unreadable was for the product choice.

If you all could do me a favor and get the word out in social medias that I am trying to reach her, please do so! I don’t like the idea of the sponsor sending things to people that may not be what they wanted or expected for their prize. If you’d be so kind, I’d be so grateful and I could give you a shout out on social medias and the blog! lol I don’t have anything to give, but a big hearty thank you for your help! 🙂

Here is an idea of what I sent out on Facebook at my All Points Bulletin:

Trying to reach Dorothy Teel on FB… are you out there Dorothy? you won that prize with us but the field, where the sponsor asked for your choice was not filled out correctly or garbled in transmission to them. Please Send me a Message ASAP on Mariah Marasch-Lockwood account (where I requested this info in private, as well as to friend so we could fix this order).

Another on just sent out on all social media:

Please RT: Dorothy Teel, I need to reach you please! We had a problem with your prize form please contact me:


2 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin – trying to reach Dorothy Teel!”

  1. I am Dorothy Teel, I please contact me at – this address. I had to give up on my facebook bill for phone was too high, being retired I am at i.teel (at)

  2. Thank you Dorothy! It was nice to “meet” you on the phone, when I called you from another message that you left me. 🙂

    And I thought I’d say “Hi” from the blog, since we both said we’d be seeing each other here. lol

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