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Howdy everyone and happy Friday!

Just a quick note here today. I am pleased to announce that our 7 year old cell phones are retiring! As of yesterday we opted to update our cell phones to the newer HCT One M8 Cell Phones. It’s a big chunk on our T-Mobile bill as we pay extra for two mobile phones for 24 months, but our cell phones no longer had the ability to do much at all, including locking up and out juice in the batteries after 2 uploads to Instagram. My phone didn’t even have the capability to upload videos to Instagram at all.

HTC One M8Finally out of frustration with our cell phones no being able to use hardly any of the Apps we used, and not being able to upload or update apps, we threw our hands up and surrendered. Yes we are frugal, 7 years time and those old mobile phones look like they were from Caveman Days as we try to learn the new phones and what they can do.

Before we update any technology, we research, research, and (need I say it?) RESEARCH… we check for all the ins and outs, pros and cons with products out there and we were sure that this model was the perfect one for us and had the most bells and whistles. Besides we love Android phones! lol

The old cell was no longer supported to hook up to my pc, so I was very concerned about losing pictures, apps, ringtones etc from the old phone. I am currently downloading the HCT sync on my old phone.  Who’d know that even though your old cell phone is no longer on your Cell Phone Network that you can use your WiFi to upload to your old cell phone? I had no idea. I can’t wait to set up the new Cell like the other one was set up and be able to update old apps, gather new apps and use Instagram once more.

So far, I have to play around with the new phone, and learn how to use the newest of technology. I am excited that the HCT One M8 Cell phone has a front facing camera! While I was able to use the old cell phone on Instagram I had to take the picture from the reverse side of the phone so I had to go fishing for the spot to click on the other side to take a selfie. Now I have front and back lenses to choose from and the reverse side of the phone also has LED flash! Yay… time for fun, as soon as I get this set up here. 🙂

Anyway, I was excited to share this news with you and update you all on the excitement.

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