Fun Learning Spanish with Pimsleur Course – Review

I am having fun learning Spanish with Pimsleur! I have studied several CD’s of these 30 minute/1 time a day lessons. And I find this course not only fairly easy but entertaining as I learn to understand and speak the Spanish Language. The program has native speakers so you can get your pronunciation right.

I was already interesting in learning Spanish, but I was really intrigued when I learned these thing about the Pimsleur Language Courses:

Pimsleur course review 1The Course is based on Dr. Pimsleur’s “Rapid Learning Method” which helps you hold real conversations. The program for this course is not a program that you have to install into your computer, you can learn it directly off from you CD’s or easily place your CD’s onto your mp3 player. The Course is only 30 minutes of your time Once a day and so you pick out a time in which you are alert, not fatigued and where you can be in a quiet space to relax, speak when asked to and learn.

Dr Pimsleur’s highly successful course has been featured on PBS and has been purchased by the FBI!

This Course is Learning Spanish 1, it has 16 hours of lessons, and it’s enough to help you not only speak the language but hold actual conversations, all without textbooks, just practical language speaking skills are taught. To me, the reading and writing Spanish is not what I really need as much as learning to speak the language, since we have some Spanish Speaking neighbors that do not speak English at all. This could come in handy as I try to communicate with them.

Pimsleur course review the course secured in foam closed boxI found and ordered my Pimsleur Course on Amazon, and the package arrived to my house in no time at all. The Course was secured very nicely and cushioned in the box, and presented very handsomely (as a Gold Edition deserves to be), I was impressed with the presentation!

While learning, for me, the hardest part is getting the words to sort of meld together as the native speakers do. I still think and speak in one word at a time and am having a problem working the words together, taking time to think of each word. As time goes on I find that speaking, as the native speakers do, is getting a little easier, but I have a ways to go yet.

Pimsleur course review first opening the boxStrange as it seems, I didn’t think I had a aptitude for speaking any other language, other than English. And lets face it, even a native speaker of the American English Language, like me, can still not be perfect at that as well. lol I often hope that my former English Teacher isn’t reading my blog, first off, he’d have a heart attack and secondly I’d simple die of embarrassment just knowing the mistakes I make (they must be in every post) and how sloppy I’ve gotten over the years (since high school).

Now I am not creating a video for this review, I am rather embarrassed and become quite shy while I am learning new things. As a result, when I am learning new things, I become even more self conscious then I already am. And lets face it you don’t want to see me sweating bullets on a video as a stumble and pray that I am sounding okay and that I look presentable etc etc… or do you? lol

Pimsleur course review inside the box2Anyway, I am excited to have this course for my husband and myself… I am beginning to be able to understand some conversations on the CD’s, though I may ask Spanish Speaking individuals to slow down a bit for me. I do think that as time goes on I will be able to understand real time, real speed Spanish in conversations with others, I however am not sure if I am happy with my pronunciations as of yet, I think I am very close but just not quite there at this time. However some words I am pretty sure that I am spot on with. 🙂

Would I recommend any of these Pimsleur language courses to others? Yes, I would! The courses are entertaining as with each lesson I am learning more and more and building on what I’ve already learned (sort of reinforcing the words so that they stick in this brain of mine). I find the courses fun too and it keeps this ADD brain of mine going all the time and not wondering, as it would naturally over time.
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