Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Hi all, I am so honored that Dead Sea Premier chose me to try out their Premier Duet Kit to Review on my blog.

I often talk about how sensitive skin my skin is while writing reviews, and I am usually ultra cautious about the products I will even try on my skin.  The foreknowledge of a products ingredients (the whole list) is usually the top most on my list before I consider trying any product. However, I have tried Dead Sea Products ages ago, in my 20’s (for the bathtub) and I was in love with them. When I saw Dead Sea in the name of the company and the name of this eye care kit, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to try (even before looking up any information on it). Yes, even I get so excited about the sound of something that I forget myself and jump at it, even with skincare, this former Cosmetologist can forget herself from time to time. lol

Premier Eye Duet Kit Review in shipping box




I received my Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet Kit in a box filled with foam peanuts, it arrived in great shape though in transit the box on the outside was slightly damaged the contents arrived safe and sound. I was just shocked at the luxuriance of the box that contained the products. The box is so much more beautiful then the pictures could ever show. The storage box is lightly padded with a beautiful soft leather-like covering in a soft golden shade.

Close up of Premier Dead Sea Eye limited edition box
Close up of Premier Dead Sea Eye limited edition box

When I opened the decorative box I discovered the most beautiful blue green glass serum container and the lovely round glass cream container to match. I wondered at the beauty of these containers alone and knew instantly that no matter the results of using the product, I would be proud to display them on my vanity. The only problem is, I am torn as to display them in the case our outside of it… either will be perfect (when I finally paint the room and get my vanity set up again).

Premier Eye Duet Kit Review open box

I tried to pump the bottle, containing the eye serum, and found I couldn’t pump out any of it, a light turn of the spout and I had no problem getting the product out onto my fingers, the problem, I let way too much out. Too much product on the first try was not a problem, I used it to smooth into my hands. Lol Next time I went to use the serum I remembered to take it easy and only let out a few drops at a time, easy.
There was a light scent to the eye serum that reminded me of an old favorite, that I can pick up at the drug store that begins with an “O” (I don’t like to ever mention other brand names of other products in my reviews). The scent had me a little concerned because I started to run into problems with some of that “O” brands products after a while, be it the ingredients or the scent. I haven’t seen a reaction on the skin around my eyes yet with this product.

I then opened up the eye cream and found that it had a nice metal seal over the top and it was easily peeled off, then inside of that was a plastic cover that I took out. I smelled the cream and instantly I registered the same scent, a little stronger in the cream than in the serum.
Scooping up some of the cream onto my fingertips, I felt it between my thumb and facial fingers*, the cream felt emollient enough to be gentle on the tender eye area, and yet not too emollient that the ingredients are watered down.
*For those that either don’t recall or are new to my blog, the facial fingers are the only fingers you should use on your face. They are the middle finger and the finger next to your pinky finger, they are far more gentle on your skin.
Premier Dead Sea Eye Duet Kit ReviewIt was only after I tried the products that I looked at the myriad of ingredients in these products, luckily so as I would have been quite fearful of trying them. I wouldn’t have been fearful for the ingredients themselves per-say, but I would have been fearful of this abundance of ingredients. My mind may not be feeble at 51, but my brain cannot wrap themselves around so many ingredients and my knowledge of the products do not extend to any interactions between a lot of them. So today I will not go over the ingredients for you, but merely say that the sensitive eye area could react much more easily to ingredients that are not friendly to the skin, and being that my skin is hyper sensitive, I have to say that I have not reacted in the least bit to them.

All in all, I have to say that although every part of this former Cosmetologist rushed into the use of the product, instead of being ultra cautious as usual, I would have traded this experience for the world! I love the product. The skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves haven’t reacted poorly to the ingredients, nor the scent. The lift of the serum has indeed helped my eyes that are starting some puffiness do to age and the skin being less firm. And though the cream then seems like it would be counter productive to the lifting of the serum, the combination seems to help. Of course nothing, other than perhaps surgery, is going to help 100% of the appearance of aging skin around the eyes. This product does help to a degree and I cannot be a huge judge of how this works compared to other eye serums and creams as in the past I have only had limited use of these sort of products, perhaps to my detriment as this does have me sold that some can make enough of a difference to be noticeable to the most critical eye, my own. 🙂

Am I 100% sold? Well, for now I am, until I can find a product that does the same for me as this does. The price tag of this limited edition kit makes the product prohibitive for me ($500!) when this runs out…initially, I didn’t even look up the site, so I didn’t look up the price on this luxury product. So, for now I will bask in the luxury and the assistance that this product gives me and the complements that I receive. I will morn the loss of the last drops of serum and cream when this runs out, but so far I can say that it will be a long time to come as a little goes a long way!


Premier Eye Duet Kit Review closure for the limited edition box
close up on the Limited Edition box, closure with what appeared to be an area for a key. *note in this picture, I hadn’t removed the plastic film protecting the metal closure yet.

Two side notes: The beautiful box didn’t come with a key, though it has a place for a key on the lovely box, I wish that it did though. Once the product runs out, I plan to use the box for jewelry keeping or cosmetic tools, sponges etc, so it can still have a use on my vanity table.

Thank you so much Dead Sea Premier for allowing me the luxury of trying your Limited Edition Eye Serum and Eye Cream! I have never felt so honored as to be entrusted in a review of a product as I have with this one. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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