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Howdy all, you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. Well this past weekend I had a garage sale at my house, two households across the street from me also held their garage sales at the same time. On the last day of the garage sale I was fortunate enough that two sweet ladies joined me in my front yard and sold some of their homemade, hand sewn pillows, while keeping me company. It was a shame that I didn’t have much relief from sitting out there, minding the garage sale, so I didn’t get a chance to visit with my other lovely neighbors that were across the street from me.

I kept myself in the shade, wore my sunscreen, my sun sleeves (from Sunny Sleevez) and a big floppy hat. I was well protected from the sun, but still hauling out (and back in) the items that were being sold at the garage sale did me in terribly, as did just being somewhat exposed to the outdoor heat and some sun. I’ve been fit to be tied… just so very exhausted and in a lot of pain.

I have finally recovered, somewhat, from all of this days later. I thank you all for your patience.

Another picture of the whole sign this time a little closer look at it.Mariah's Artwork, hand painting lockwood sign closeup lower right side flowersI have to say that one of the very first things that sold were my little hats that I knit years ago… and I’ve had an offer to sell more of them for a bigger price tag to cover the heads of some more kids nearby. So when I manage to get some free time, I will start doing some more of my knitting. I also had many complements on my sign up front, the one I hand painted… one person thought it maybe decoupage, because they couldn’t believe that someone painted it by hand. lol NICE HUH? Loved the complement! So perhaps someday I will be working on my painting once again and finding a way to make some money to help out with the bills at home here. I don’t know where I will find the time, but I will try! Who knows, I may have a way to finally make ends meet when it comes to my blog as well as our specialists and our medications here. πŸ™‚

Mariah's Japanese Tea Set
You cannot see it well in the photo but this set is really ornate, gold like metal paint(?) all over the tea set design. Lovely, I never used it or displayed it… just don’t have room for this set, but not sure of the value (if any). Click to see larger image & feel free to message me if you have an idea of the maker and value. πŸ™‚

I also met some fantastic people, including a man that told me to pull my Japanese Tea Set from the sale, saying that he has collected some like it and they are possibly too valuable to sell at a garage sale. I listened to him and pulled the set and as I gathered up a few more items for the 2nd day of the garage sale I pulled away from selling my little Cat Tea Pot from Japan as well, when I found that the line was discontinued in 1994 (yes I started checking online before putting things up for sale).

Mariahs Japanese Cat Teapot White Blue Flowers Ribbon Otagiri
My Japanese Cat Teapot White with Blue Flowers and Blue Ribbon around neck. Made in Japan by Otagiri (a line discontinued in 1994). I am also not sure of the value this has, the only cats like this, that I found online were blue background (quite popular) so this one seems rare. ???


I stillΒ  haven’t found the value of the Japanese Tea Set, nor the Cat Tea Pot, but I am holding onto them for a while just in case. πŸ™‚

sunny sleevez on armMy health is doing well here, except for the pain level from the weekend. I am thankful that I had my sun sleeves (from a past review that I’ve done) to help shield me from the sun and keep my arms cool at the same time. One thought on them, if I had the review to do all over again or I went to buy another pair of Sun Sleeves, I would choose a more neutral color… I did feel a bit like an eccentric old lady out there with sleeves that bright on my arms and the big floppy hat. lol But I did do what was best for my health with the Lupus SLE and used them and they did the job! No sunburn folks! Yay!

Another big thank you to Sunny Sleevez for the great product, with my purple ribbon on them (Lupus and Fibromyalgia Awareness Ribbon is Purple).

2 thoughts on “Finally Recovered Here”

  1. It’s not something I know much about at all, but I have the odd piece of Japanese ceramic pottery…I love that style! I found something very similar on eBay. Your set seems to have more pieces, and if the price of the set I found is any indication, that man really did you a favor! How nice of him! You could make a good few bucks on eBay, maybe! πŸ™‚

  2. Great eye Heather! Thank you very much! Looks very much like it and scrolling through the pictures the gold leafing (leafing? I don’t know if it’s the correct statement for pottery) doesn’t look nearly as fully covered on his set as it is on mine. SWEET! Going through the pictures, he does have the complete set, I wonder if mine (just marked Japan, I believe) is worth as much of more now.

    Thank you for your kindness in doing a search, mine kept coming up with a big old zero, and I got sick of looking through pictures after a while. lol

    You, are so greatly appreciated by me Heather! You never fail to stay involved in my blog and your comments are always just as sweet as you are!

    Thank you so much for being such an active member of my blog Heather!

    Love & hugs,

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