Musewear Flip Flops – Review & Giveaway

I received some fabulously comfortable Flip Flops or as we used to call them Thongs (does anyone call them thongs anymore? or does that just mean underwear? lol)

This is a great new product, you have a choice of many quotes or zodiac flip flops from Musewear! These flip flops are a dream, so very comfy and nothing like picking a favorite quote or zodiac sign to slip your feet into.

Information about Musewear Flip Flops:

musewear logoConceived in Singapore. Born in Brazil. Launched from Prague. Fulfilled in the United States. Designed by American, Indonesian and Philippine artists. People are talking about the recently released “thinking flip flops!”
Asheville-based designer Diane Curry came up with the idea of “walking the talk” following a 30-day experiment during which “thank you” were her first two words of the day, as her feet hit the ground.

At $20 a pair, and with Free shipping, Musewear flip flops are a high-quality bargain. They get people talking, and laughing and appreciating life, and that’s a lot of mileage for the world’s most beloved footwear – the humble flip flop.

Our premium Brazilian rubber is the the same used by Havaianas, the leading Brazilian brand–only ours are thicker, more cushy and filled with inspiring words and artwork! With the 2014 World Cup fast approaching, “made in Brazil” will have more cache and appeal than ever.

Consumers like the good conscience behind Musewear. Our flip flops are made at an ethical, fair-wage manufacturer in Brazil with recycling built into the process. No sweat shops for us. We looked for two years to find a US based manufacturer and they all turned us down, saying “go to China.” That was never an option!

15% of profits go to causes that help give a voice to the voiceless: SunSignSoles benefit The Nature Conservancy to help us hear what planet Earth is telling us; Walk The Talk benefits Amnesty International in its work to liberate persons denied free speech; Wit Flips benefit local and national animal rescue efforts.

Musewear Flip Flops come with a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Currently Musewear Flip-Flops only come in Adult sizes.

Dog thinks you are musewear flip flops
My Goal in Life is to be the kind of person my dog already thinks I am.

Flip Flops with Sayings and Zodiac:

You have 3 categories to choose from:

Walk the Talk:

6 different sayings to choose from, to quote part of what Musewear says on their page:

“…The music is in the message: Keep the Faith, Stay the Course, Find your Center, Live and Learn, Be Your Best…”

This is wear I found my choice, the name is “Live and Learn” (more about it below)


Wit Flips:

4 different saying to choose from. Here is a quote from Musewear on the selection:

“Wit Flips are the shout-out you need to give yourself: The life you’re living right now is the only one you’re ever getting and only you can make the most of it”

An Example of what can be found here:

Be yourself
Everyone else is already taken ~
Oscar Wilde


SunSign Soles:

All 12 Zodiac Signs are represented. Here is a quote:

“Some people are so true to their signs it’s spooky, and for others, it’s hard to admit ANY of it might even remotely be true”

Taurus flip flops musewearlol, what they say about this category of shoes made me laugh, they come out and say exactly what I am thinking of, when I think of the zodiac. I am a Taurus and sure some of the qualities fit me:

Powerfully Stubborn Affectionate Patient
Devoted to Family Tranquil Nature Dependable
Savors Security

Dirty Little Secret (DLS): Not every bull is looking for a fight.

LOL and the SunSign Soles (if you believe in this stuff) tell you who to find and who to flee, well I am almost a believer looking closely at those flip flops…. it says I should find someone with my husband’s sign. Yay! lol


There are so many great choices, but once I found my quote I knew that this was made just for me!

My musewear flip flopsThe quote I chose:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow”
“Learn as if you were to live forever

                                                   ~Mahatma Gandhi

This is exactly the way I try to live my life… here is my philosophy:

“Live (life to the fullest), Love (with all your being), Laugh (at yourself & don’t fear being silly in the eyes of others) and Learn (all you can, satisfy your curiosity).”

The sizing for the Flip-Flops is cleverly innovative and actually fun to do! I like the fact that you can make sure your flip-flops fit before you purchase them! You do need a printer for this, and trust me it’s worth a piece of paper or two to get it right!

This is basically how you measure for your flip flops:

You use a measuring tape on the measurement guide to make sure the print is the actual size… if (and when) the measurement is correct, you then place a pencil at a marking on the shoe (would be the location of the thong area) and place it between your toes and “slip” the shoe on. Perfect fit for me! What a unique idea and it works!

When I received my flip flops I was honestly surprised at the weight, you can instantly feel the good quality!

I love the idea of having a favorite saying to slip your feet into all summer long. The ink inside these beauties hasn’t turned my feet colors like the ones that I was given as a gift from a friend (they were from Old Navy) and they turn the bottom of my feet black!

These Flip-Flops have the perfect amount of cushion to them, they are so nice to walk on and feel better then all the other pairs of flip-flops that I had in my closet. I have only saved 2 old pairs, one is pink, the other one is the one that turns the bottom of my feet black and that is only because they are the only shoe that works okay with my walking cast.

It’s a shame that these Musewear flip-flops don’t show off the sayings inside and they are far to comfortable to slip off all the time and show others what they say. Lol I do love the comfortable thong part that goes between the toes, it didn’t need breaking in at all!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Replaced Aleve with Natural Turmeric Supplement – Review

Hi friends, I just replaced Aleve with Natural Turmeric Supplement from Nutraviva. I hadn’t heard of the benefits of Turmeric before, but looking it up online it sounded like some sort of snake oil… but you know me, I had to try it. Anything that can help with a lot of my problems with chronic pain and is all natural… well, who could blame me? 🙂

I loved the sounds of the Premium Natural Turmeric Supplement by Nutraviva… so there we go, I ordered it on Amazon!

This supplement has been used for centuries for many problems that we experience, especially as we age or have a autoimmune disease (like I do). The uses, reportedly are for an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. Sounds great for Arthritis!

Why Else Would I Take Turmeric Curcumin?

Benefits of Nutraviva Turmeric Supplement
Benefits of Nutraviva Turmeric Supplement

Turmeric from Nutraviva is a C3 Complex with Bioperine (which, with my studies on Bioperine, it looks as though it’s added to this product to maximize absorption of the Turmeric. And here is what else the company says about their product:

  • Get the Best Value: Our Turmeric is 2000% More Bioavailable: Enhanced with Bioperine®

  • Rest Assured We use Zero Fillers/Binders/Preservatives/Artificial Ingredients to Provide Our Customers the Cleanest Turmeric Supplment We Can.

  • Standardized 95% Curcuminoids (the KEY Ingredients). We are NOT Selling Root Powder, but Instead More Concentrated Curcuminoids.

  • 120 Turmeric Capsules in Each Bottle for 2-3 Months Supply.

  • Clean & Pure: NO Stearates, NO Silicone Dioxide, NO Titanium Dioxide

The Turmeric Curcumin also is:

  • 100% Natural
  • No Additives
  • Non GMO

1 UPC Code label Covering Instructions for use of  Nutraviva TurmericI received my bottle in no time at all from my Amazon order, I started taking the Nutraviva as recommended (1 capsule 3 times per day). One problem I had? The label had another label stuck on top of the directions, so after I tried peeling the label off, to no avail, I went online to Amazon and looked at the page that I ordered the supplement from, to discover the dosage. Now I admit that, at first I was taking one capsule a day, until I checked out the Amazon site where I ordered my supplement. I have now written over the label the correct amount for my husband and I to take. I switched to the correct amount I, on occasion, forgot to take it 3 times a day (I only eat 1 to 2 meals a day). I solved the forgetfulness, on my part, by placing the tablets in my daily medicine holder, in 3 of the 4 daily pill compartments.

Nutraviva Turmeric Bottle and Capsule
These Capsules are small enough to swallow easily… I love that!

I have been taking the proper amount of the Turmeric Curcumin Supplement for about 2 weeks now. Usually I have a problem with some supplements and, for me, I haven’t gotten the usual burps and I haven’t had any churning in my tummy either.

I did realize that thanks to the supplement, I was able to drop taking my Aleve (naproxen), yes I have indeed replaced my Aleve now! What was the problem with Aleve? Well my pain doctor has me on the medicinal dose of Aleve (naproxen). For the Naproxen I had been taking 2 tablets 2 times a day, and when things are very bad, taking in 3 times a day for a week, then dropping down to 2 by 2. <— please friends, unless you are under a doctors care and observation don’t do this with your Aleve, as it can seriously mess with you and your tummy! Trust me the on the highest dose my pain doctor had me on I did get a lot of side effects, a churning tummy, bloating, burping, indigestion, constipation etc.

As you can guess, I am so relieved that I don’t have to deal with the Aleve and deal with the side effects of it any longer! I am absolutely hooked on the Nutraviva Turmeric Supplement, and not in a bad way! Lol I am hooked because it has helped my Arthritis and that this is a Natural product (which always makes me smile). This doesn’t totally help my chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, arthritis and Lupus SLE, nor does it help 100% with my husband’s pain from his Fibromyalgia, injured back, arthritis and nerve pain… but every little bit helps! If you are like my husband and me, you understand that even a slight improvement (without noticeable side effects) makes a difference in your daily life and comfort level.

Thank you so much to Nutraviva for the wonderful product, I have now replaced Aleve with your wonderful supplement! You helped me get off from something with terrible side effects and into Premium Natural Turmeric Supplement. which is a help for me and now my husband too! 🙂

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Finally Recovered Here


Howdy all, you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. Well this past weekend I had a garage sale at my house, two households across the street from me also held their garage sales at the same time. On the last day of the garage sale I was fortunate enough that two sweet ladies joined me in my front yard and sold some of their homemade, hand sewn pillows, while keeping me company. It was a shame that I didn’t have much relief from sitting out there, minding the garage sale, so I didn’t get a chance to visit with my other lovely neighbors that were across the street from me.

I kept myself in the shade, wore my sunscreen, my sun sleeves (from Sunny Sleevez) and a big floppy hat. I was well protected from the sun, but still hauling out (and back in) the items that were being sold at the garage sale did me in terribly, as did just being somewhat exposed to the outdoor heat and some sun. I’ve been fit to be tied… just so very exhausted and in a lot of pain.

I have finally recovered, somewhat, from all of this days later. I thank you all for your patience.

Another picture of the whole sign this time a little closer look at it.Mariah's Artwork, hand painting lockwood sign closeup lower right side flowersI have to say that one of the very first things that sold were my little hats that I knit years ago… and I’ve had an offer to sell more of them for a bigger price tag to cover the heads of some more kids nearby. So when I manage to get some free time, I will start doing some more of my knitting. I also had many complements on my sign up front, the one I hand painted… one person thought it maybe decoupage, because they couldn’t believe that someone painted it by hand. lol NICE HUH? Loved the complement! So perhaps someday I will be working on my painting once again and finding a way to make some money to help out with the bills at home here. I don’t know where I will find the time, but I will try! Who knows, I may have a way to finally make ends meet when it comes to my blog as well as our specialists and our medications here. 🙂

Mariah's Japanese Tea Set
You cannot see it well in the photo but this set is really ornate, gold like metal paint(?) all over the tea set design. Lovely, I never used it or displayed it… just don’t have room for this set, but not sure of the value (if any). Click to see larger image & feel free to message me if you have an idea of the maker and value. 🙂

I also met some fantastic people, including a man that told me to pull my Japanese Tea Set from the sale, saying that he has collected some like it and they are possibly too valuable to sell at a garage sale. I listened to him and pulled the set and as I gathered up a few more items for the 2nd day of the garage sale I pulled away from selling my little Cat Tea Pot from Japan as well, when I found that the line was discontinued in 1994 (yes I started checking online before putting things up for sale).

Mariahs Japanese Cat Teapot White Blue Flowers Ribbon Otagiri
My Japanese Cat Teapot White with Blue Flowers and Blue Ribbon around neck. Made in Japan by Otagiri (a line discontinued in 1994). I am also not sure of the value this has, the only cats like this, that I found online were blue background (quite popular) so this one seems rare. ???


I still  haven’t found the value of the Japanese Tea Set, nor the Cat Tea Pot, but I am holding onto them for a while just in case. 🙂

sunny sleevez on armMy health is doing well here, except for the pain level from the weekend. I am thankful that I had my sun sleeves (from a past review that I’ve done) to help shield me from the sun and keep my arms cool at the same time. One thought on them, if I had the review to do all over again or I went to buy another pair of Sun Sleeves, I would choose a more neutral color… I did feel a bit like an eccentric old lady out there with sleeves that bright on my arms and the big floppy hat. lol But I did do what was best for my health with the Lupus SLE and used them and they did the job! No sunburn folks! Yay!

Another big thank you to Sunny Sleevez for the great product, with my purple ribbon on them (Lupus and Fibromyalgia Awareness Ribbon is Purple).

David Gray Mutineers Album – Review


Hi folks, I was fortunate enough to receive David Gray’s Newest Album prior to it’s release on June 17th for a review. His new album is called Mutineers! Now, I don’t get to listen to much lately on the radio or music for that matter, since my husband is at home with his being disabled now too… so receiving this album was a treat for me and I love nothing more than great Country Music!

David Gray has a really wonderful voice and he really absorbs you into the tone of the songs he sings. His songs in this album are diverse as they seem to go from truly country sounding to more of a nice soft pop songs… this is fine with me as it reminds me of back when the radio stations had played a diverse mixture of styles.

Picture of David Gray and a picture of his new album cover for album review
My favorite song from this album? It’s hard to pick but if I had to pick one it would be, As The Crow Flies, the first song on my digital download. The lyrics in As The Crow Flies makes me think of how I tried recently to explain how complex we Women can be, one way and yet the polar opposite feelings at the same time. Don’t you just love how the lyrics of the songs you listen to can make you think of things that you’d just experienced or think of things long ago. Now don’t get me wrong, the song doesn’t seem to be about women in particular, it does mention a lot of opposites and this is why I thought of the recent discussion with a friend.


I love digital downloads as I can install them on my husbands iPod and pick my own personal play list and this album is my first entry into his iPod. I’ve listened to this Album again and again on my laptop (with my headset on) and found myself singing to several of the songs now. I love this album and am so glad to have something to sing along to while I run my part of the Multi-Family Garage Sale that several neighbors and I are holding this weekend… well maybe I will just listen to it and put it on speakers so others can hear it too. lol No sense keeping this new album to myself, right? If it’s good enough for me to give it two thumbs up for you, then it’s good enough for me to share it with the rest of the neighborhood and the garage-salers (hmmm, is there such a word?) this weekend. 🙂

I think it’s time to let those of you hear for yourself one of the songs from his new album, that just started being sold yesterday. Here is a video for you, this one is called “Back In The World” it’s the first song on David’s new album, Mutineers, enjoy! By the way this is my other choice of a favorite from his Album.

To purchase your copy of the album here are a couple of places where you can get your own copy:

You can check out more sites with David Gray & follow him online here:

Official Website –
Twitter – @DavidGray
YouTube –

Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I receiveda free download of the album to review from One2One Network for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by ToiletTree and me.

Summer Fun with Hair Color – Coupon Code

Mariah’s New Hair Color

Have I mentioned that I am going to be testing out a new Hair Color in a few weeks? I shall be “changing it up” for summer time!

I can say already how impressed I am as I look at my Kit from Madison Reed! Now is the perfect time for a fun Summer Color and I would like to invite you all to give Madison Reed a try and send me a note about your experience! This brand costs more but, it is formulated to really pamper your hair. After reading a lot about them I have heard nothing but the great things, longevity of the colors, the hair feeling simply wonderful etc.

Read below for this special deal, thanks to the folks at Madison Reed. 🙂


Treat Your Hair to a New Hue this Summer with Madison Reed
(This post contains affiliate links.)

Summer is here and now is the time to try out that new summer color and have it delivered to your door on your time schedule!

Madison Reed offers 27 fabulous multi-dimensional colors from smashing blonde to rich deep reds, super sleek black and anything but ordinary browns. Whether you want a brand new look or just want to add depth to your existing color, Madison Reed’s long-lasting hair color is packed with rich nutrients like keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract. Your hair will feel stronger, shinier and better than before you colored.


Madison Reed hair color swatches


The Madison Reed formula is free of ammonia and resorcinol, taking the harsh out of hair color. And it smells nice too! The online tools help you pick your best color and if you still aren’t sure what color will be best, Madison Reed’s Color Advisor will take you through a few short questions to find your perfect color.

Madison Reed offers salon quality, handcrafted hair color delivered to your door on your schedule! Clear instructions, all the extras you may need and fabulous results really set Madison Reed apart from other home hair color options! New customers save 20% off their first order at Madison Reed through July 1, 2014 – just use the coupon code SUMMERLOVE at checkout.

Which shade will you choose?


For me, the shade I chose for my review is very close to my hair color but amped up! Although the color I chose is classified as a cool tone, my skin is actually warm. Part of why I chose this was that the color looks lighter and more vivid then the reddest color in warm category, so, with encouragement from my husband, I chose a color that I think is perfect for me, perhaps could be classified as neutral hair color since I think it would go great with warm skin tones as well as cool (yes the old Color Me Beautiful and PHD in Color has kicked in here). My color shall be: Vesuvius Red – 7NCR (my other choice would be: Genova Red, but on my screen it looks to brown for my taste. lol)

Watch for the review as soon as my hair grows out enough for a new color, so about a month or so. 🙂

So will you join me and find a new color for summer? Let me know!