Sabi Chop – Minimal effort pill cutter – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Hi all, I have received a Sabi Chop to review and I was so excited to try this little cutie. The package arrived safe and sound to my home, the instructions on the package were simple, use your palm and cut. 🙂

I have some cutters for my tablets around the house, one I gave to my husband is very efficient and is about 5 years old, my other one (which I rarely use) is about 12 years old at this time and the tablets get a bit crushed as it cuts as the blade is getting dull. So I felt it was about time to have a new pill splitter and I was so excited to get this product to review.

chop package front and back side by side. pill, tablet or vitamin splitter/cutterI received the Sabi Chop pill/tablet splitter in a very timely manner from my ordering on Amazon. The packaging was simple but perfect, I am sure that this helps keep down the price.

Using the Chop:

closeup Sabi Chop closed

I opened up this little cutie and had a tablet to cut, I first tried a round tablet and realized that the pad was made really for oblong shaped pills or vitamins. The cut was a bit crushed as I looked at the crumbs of the slit in the Chop.

Second trial, I went and got an oblong tablet and set the Chop on a solid surface, again smooching down the top with my palm. Upon opening up this little cutie (gee that chop is so cute)… I saw again the crumbs in the middle of the pad from “cutting” the tablet.

Old Cutter vs Sabi ChopTime to investigate, why I am getting these results:

Time to investigate what is going on with a new blade doing this to our medications. I opened up the Chop and found that instead of a metal razor blade placed in it, there is a plastic blade (if you can call it that). Well I compared the tablet split to the older dull razor blade type cutter and I found that the Chop was about the same results.

closeup of Sabi Chop so called "blade"My thoughts on Sabi’s Chop:

The Chop tablet splitter is easier to use, but you do have to put some oomph behind your pill splitting though and that is why it’s perfectly shaped for using your palm.

Sabi Chop Palm pill splitterThe cut is that of an old razor blade type pill splitters with a lot of particles from your tablets left behind.

Although the cutter is not as good as my newer (4-year-old) razor blade type pill splitter, this product could be brought in your carry on bag on an Airplane! This I feel is a BIG plus with Airlines charging what they do now for checking your bag in, most of us will now be going the route of the carry on and that is it for our trips.

You can find the Sabi Chop sold on Amazon CLICK HERE.

You can also find Sabi on the Internet here:

CHOP is made by Sabi:
Twitter: @sabi_brand

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One thought on “Sabi Chop – Minimal effort pill cutter – Review”

  1. Crushes the pill instead of splitting it because the use a dull plastic piece instead of a sharp metal blade to split the pill. Useless overpriced product.

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