Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Skin Cream – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


Introducing Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle Cream, the cream that has Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore and Helen Mirren in common… yes they all use it (according to Vogue Magazine).

I have been so excited to have been chosen to run this review for you, the package with the Ageless Derma arrived to my house safe and sound. Unfortunately I was away helping out my parents up in the mountains at the time, although my husband did call me and let me know I had a package arrive. Next of course, I was dealing with heel pain that I couldn’t take any longer and the package sat and sat, finally back at the blog here and although I am late with the review… I am still excited about the product.

Here is a quote from Ageless Derma:

Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream incorporates an apple stem cell extract called PhytoCellTec that has demonstrated 100% effectiveness in measurably reducing facial wrinkles.

Even celebrities, who have access to any skincare product they wish, depend upon PhytoCellTec to maintain their luminous complexions…

With confidence, we invite you to dare to dream of smoother, silkier, firmer, brighter skin. Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle Cream will revitalize your skin’s health and recapture your youthful radiance.

Unfortunately, once I tried to use the Ageless Derma I found that my bottle wouldn’t pump up this precious product for me into the hole in the lid. I kept pumping and pumping… granted I don’t know how these things suck up the last dregs into the tops. But as I opened up the jar to look in, to my surprise it had hardly any of the product in it.

Mariah's Ageless Derma JarNow I continue with my arthritic hands (lots of bad weather here in Colorado) and still nothing comes up. Okay I’ve had enough, I wrote the sponsor of this review and gave them both an apology (for the lateness of the review) and explained about the goings on with family and personal health issues and of course my internet and blog problems (does anyone believe that all this stuff can go on at once? I don’t know, I sure wouldn’t lol, but it’s the truth) and this was on the 6th and still I have heard nothing. Well, I guess it’s time for the review anyway as it’s late. Sigh

Mariah's Freshly Opened (unused) Ageless Derma jar inside there is hardly any productI have used the cream while opening up the jar and picking up a little from the jar’s top, using a q-tip (you don’t EVER want to use your fingers inside product containers, no matter if you just washed your hands). The first thought was there is hardly any product in the jar, secondly the product seems highly scented, looking at the ingredients, I notice that it contains lavender oil, orange peel oil and jojoba oils… these are the ingredients that jumped out at me that could be the cause of the scent.

Now after some use, I did see a better improvement in my skin that other creams have given me! I can see why this is the choice of creams by some major stars! I love the scent and grew used to it, no allergic reactions on this Lupus sensitive skin.

Ageless Derma Pump Top lidGoodness, while examining the bottle and putting my finger by the hole in the lid, I noticed that it was plugged… why oh why couldn’t they tell me this? Nor could they include a little mention of this on the box? Lol I felt foolish as a result and removed the little rubber plug (could they have used a colored rubber plug to make it obvious that it was there?) well some 50 to 100 pumps later, I stopped with my hands hurting, and still no product coming up. Ah well, I found myself still a little embarrassed, but not as much.

The product just doesn’t want to come up, I don’t know if I have a defective jar top (pump) or I ruined it while trying and trying to get the product out the way it was supposed to or what? But I do have to say that for someone that is showing her age through eyesight (I need to wear reading glasses at times) and though my hand problems are linked to my Lupus SLE and/or Mixed Connective Tissue Disease… these are my complaints about the product, it’s not age friendly. BUT the product does it’s job and once you get used to the strong smell you are well on your way to hiding, plumping up those lines, wrinkles, and firming up the skin. The other thought? If the pump worked on this beautiful little jar, how long does the product last? Well for me it won’t last as long as for those that get this product with a working pump top on it as the Q-tip will soak up some of the product.

All in all a product that does what it claims, but has a few flaws in the packaging… it’s up to you to decide if you wish to try this for yourself. Be careful if you have allergic skin types, but you can always try to write them with your complaints if the product fails to meet your expectations or if the pump lid doesn’t work for you too… maybe you will get a refund or a replacement from Ageless Derma… Hey it could happen. 🙂


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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