The Perfect Voice – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Ah, I got your attention huh? lol… this is not a Movie Review, but a review of Roger Love’s Perfect Voice Recorded Program. What is the Perfect Voice? It’s a pre recorded voice training program to help you improve your speaking voice. Yes these Voice Lessons are for your speaking voice, not for your singing (although I found that the exercises and the warmups really helped my singing voice feel stronger too).

If you click on the link above, I saw today that you can sign up today and receive 4 free video lessons! Cool huh? Okay, if you want my experience and opinion first, keep on reading and I think you will want to go back and try this program for yourself!

Roger Love how are you perceived by othersFirst off, let me tell you a little about Roger Love. What got my attention most about Roger Love, is I researched him before signing up to see if I could review his program and found out that he’s the Vocal Coach for GLEE (yes the TV show Glee… I get my Gleek on regularly and I dream of getting a small part as Emma Pillsbury’s Aunt (actress Jayma Mays) and singing a little bit on the show. Hey even us ol’ ladies can dream, besides I have the red hair! lol  Yes, most of your folks don’t know it, but I do sing and I used to act, I even took ballet for a while. lol Okay so back to Roger Love, he is known world wide for his vocal coach skills, he has taught some familiar singers, speakers, actors and actresses. Just to name a few; Tyra Banks (ahhhh… another person I’d love to meet), Dr. Laura Schlessinger, John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus), Anthony Robins, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore,  Joaquin Phoenix, Martin Landau, Milla Jovovich, Victoria Principal, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Eminem and so many more. You too can run a search on Roger Love and catch a lot more of his impressive credentials.

Roger Love’s The Perfect Voice, what I received:

I received a link to all the studies which included

Daily Warmups:

  • Male Warm-Up
  • Female Warm-Up

Section 1:

  • Introduction
  • Star Quality
  • How to Use this Program
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Check, Middle & Head (Voices)
  • Male Exercises
  • Female Exercises
  • Voice Types

Section 2:

  • Building Blocks
  • Physiology
  • Diet Do’s & Don’ts

And last but not least Section 3:

  • Forget the Fillers
  • Never Lose Your Voice
  • The Perfect Message
  • Wrap Up

All in all this is hours of listening and I started out taking notes, but I admit that I need to listen to all of this over and over again to review it and make sure I grasped everything. What would have been handy is a transcript of the program so that I could just highlight the parts that I keep searching for again. Otherwise, what I liked a lot was the fact that Roger Love talked about proper breathing, which I have had explained to me before as I learned the misogi breathing from my husband’s teaching martial arts. In through the nose and out through the mouth… it is much the same, and I was never very good at it and still practicing with Roger Love’s Perfect Voice Program, I find myself feeling like I am drowning. Given more time, with regular practice I am pretty sure that I may just get it down.

Roger Love Perfect Voice CD's PictureI like the fact that Roger doesn’t just tell us what to do but, for curious minds like my own, he explains the whys and hows. Diet Do’s and Don’ts for instance, should you partake in tea Lemon/honey water for your voice? You’d have to order to hear what he says about tea honey and lemon. What I will tell you is that he talks about the importance of hydration, drinking a lot of water, just like I do! Hey Guys and Gals, it’s great for your complexion as well as making your vocal chords happy!

I found this program very interesting and educational, I placed this on my old Zen Stone for listening to while I cooked dinner and while in my little laundry room. Now unfortunately my house is so small and the weather had been pretty bad here so my practicing, though I tried to do it daily at first, after a while I had to cool it down some as it was getting in the way of my husband’s listening to the TV etc. lol Yes, my humble abode is that humble. lol Now that the weather is improving, my husband (who is home all the time since he now disabled too) will be spending more time outside with projects and I too will be able to entertain the neighborhood with my warm ups.

Roger love image from perfectvoice dot comOn my little Zen Stone, unfortunately I have to keep on clicking to go through all the recordings… the only ones I left out where the Male Warmup and Male exercises. It’s just so handy to be able to take this program with you. Next time around, I am claiming my husbands iPod to play the program on… then I can read and pick what part of the lessons to listen to each time and make sure to get in my warmups and exercises.

I would also recommend that, if you travel to work or the store, that you bring along the warmups and exercises to play and work with in your car and let people wonder about you while you sing in your car. Sing? Oh yes, that’s right… that is part of your warm ups & exercises… you will Goo and Gug your way through to that perfect voice.

I won’t pretend that any of this is easy, it is work, but with the work I’ve done with the program I can say it’s worth every minute of it! Take notes and go back over parts of this program so you know you are doing it right and that you understand it. For me, being indecisive as I am, there are some parts that I still am unsure of and not sure if I am doing them right or not… this will take more time and more practice and I am so ready for it and welcoming the freedom that the warm weather will give me to work on this more.

I love Roger Love and I haven’t even met him in person, I think that he’s going to help many people feel more confident in their every day lives as they work, play and socialize.

What do I want to do now? Now I want to be able to afford his singing lessons, called Roger Love’s Singing Academy.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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