Internet Explorer Security Alert – News

New internet security warning, this one is an Internet Explorer Security Alert.

Yup, now after the Heartbleed Security Risks were widespread, there is news that Internet Explorer has had a problem going back MORE THAN A DECADE! Thanks to the folks who found this vulnerability (at the research firm at FireEye), we at least know about this problem… this problem is so terrible that no matter what Windows version you are using, it won’t prevent the hackers from utilizing this and uploading a Virus to your system.

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"There is a warning out in the US and UK that you should STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER until this browser bug is repaired!

The good news is that there are other browsers out there, personally I use Firefox from Mozilla. Unfortunately some sites I cannot use there forms etc with Firefox, luckily it’s few and far between, so for those few sites I will start using Chrome.

To keep up to date on all this information about hacks, viruses etc,ย  I subscribe (and not affiliated, nor are they sponsoring this post) to Newsletters from ZDNet, Kim Komando, and several other trust worthy sites. Kim Komando is handy for all this sort of information and she’s highly informative about tips and tricks for using your computer, etc. She even has a wonderful radio show and some other newsletters to subscribe to.

Here is the ZDNet story about this serious security risk to users of Microsoft IE: CLICK HERE

Here is where you can find updates on the Internet Explorer Problem as well as more information on Kim Komando’s site: CLICK HERE

Again, this is just my favorite sites, and I am not in anyway being compensated for this post, other than perhaps helping some of you out by sharing this news with you on my review blog.

Coupon & Recipe for National Soft Pretzel Month

Oh I simply cannot resist a good soft pretzel and I just realized that April is National Soft Pretzel Month! Here a coupon, some fun facts and a recipe for making your own.

First off this link came in my email today for Super Pretzel Coupon (and yummy, I’ve bought their pretzels before and love them for late night snack attacks): this strange looking link brings you right to the coupon on Red Plum. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun Facts:

Did you know that Soft Pretzels have been around back in 600 ADs?

Did you know, The common pretzel shape was created by Monks in the shape of praying hands? And that the shape has also said to represent good luck and prosperity.

Alton Brown's Soft Pretzels
Alton Brown’s Soft Pretzels

Here is a link to a Recipe to make your own Soft Pretzels from one of my favorite chefs Alton Brown (gotta love his sense of humor): Alton Brown’s Recipe for Soft Pretzels on the Food Network

Have fun with the remaining days of National Pretzel Month. Incidentally this past Saturday was Nation Pretzel Day… shucks I missed it! Ah well, National Doughnut Month should be coming up soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

*This post is not sponsored, nor have I received anything for posting this, just the satisfaction of knowing that some of you may enjoy this information that I discovered for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Embarrassed About Making A “Stink”? – Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

A while back I received a little packet of the handy little single use toilet additives that help to get rid of that stink in your bathroom when you go. Okay so perhaps you’ve figured out what stink I was talking about? lol Just a Drop was featured on The Dr. Oz Show (Dr. Oz is a regular user of the product) as well as The Doctors TV Show, so you know that this product is good!

.05 oz Just a Drop bottleWhat can I say these handy little packets do do the trick, you open up the packet and empty intoย  toilet before you go and the product (“Just a Drop”) makes a deodorizing layer above the water surface and it reportedly stops 98% of the odor. Now I had my hubby test the product out and it did help a lot! I wouldn’t say that it was 98% (how do you measure that anyway?) but I would say a significant amount of the smell disappeared!

just a drop singlesThe smell of this Environmentally Friendly product? Have you smelled the newer smell of port-a-potty, recently I noticed that hardly have a smell of… well… you know what, to them. I think that this product must be the same scent as what they are using in the port-a-potties now. The scent is Eucalyptus, something I had never smelled previous, so I just kept telling my husband that the outhouse at our favorite fishing spot smell rather good! Lol A shame they took away that port-a-potty there, and now I have to wonder out into the woods and hope no one spots me to go. Lol Okay that is off topic Mariah (yup, I not only talk to myself by type to myself… I told you all I was slightly nuts!)… was that TMI, friends? Lol

A reminder that those that haven’t used a port-a-potty or an outhouse in a while, you’d be surprised at how odor free they are now. I the scent will clear the air, my friends, of course others may notice the Eucalyptus scent, but isn’t that better than what they could be smelling? lol

“Just a Drop” does help me feel more secure when I am out in public, visiting people or have company over and I have some in our bathroom (yes, I bought some when I ran out). I only have one bathroom in my tiny little house, so when we have people over the odor of the bathroom can spread quickly to the living room and who wants that? So this is a must have in my house, with people stopping by all the time lately.

Just A Drop Packets in hand
Just A Drop Singles in their plastic carrying pouch.

The Singles of the “Just a Drop” come with a handy little plastic sleeve that contains 10 packets of this product, so you can carry them in your pocket, purse or place them in your desk drawer and no one will be all the wiser, nor look at you wrinkling their noses because you stank up that bathroom that they needed to use. Instead, this product not only can save you from the embarrassment but it is a great way to show respect for others around you… so why not use it? ๐Ÿ™‚

There is also a bottle of the product that you can purchase, it is perfect for in your bathroom at home or if you’re the boss and you are very nice, in the bathroom at work! The size of the bottle is it in a .05 ounce. Hey, if you use this you could actually tell your co-workers that your you-know-what don’t stink! ๐Ÿ˜›

Just A Drop Package
Sorry the package was opened for the picture, so here I hold the Package closed as best I can so you may see what the package looks like.

For me, I personally love the portable ones, as I carry some in my purse and put a few others in my bathroom. What is great (other than just keeping your air clean) is that it only takes a drop or two to do the trick, so it’s very economical… so don’t let the small size bottle scare you, it will last a long long time.

Here is information on where to pick up Just A Drop (from their website

Just a Drop is not yet available at retailers in the US. You can purchase it by clicking here. You may also place an order by phone using a major credit card at (888) 887-3468. Our representatives are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST. Just a Drop comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if the product doesnโ€™t work for you for any reason, simply send it back for a full refund.

You can find Just A Drop on Facebook and Twitter:

I apologize to Just A Drop for reviewing this product so late, and being patient with me as I go through health issues and family emergencies here.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mothers Day Gifts On Sale Now! 4/25 thru 4/28

Mothers Day Gifts on sale, click the link below and take advantage of it, supplies are limited on the sale items and they run out fast! I love the products they make wonderful Mothers Day Gifts, they have products Aprons to pot holders and gloves (for washing dishes and cleaning)ย  to keep those manicures beautiful and look beautiful while protecting the manicures!

Mothers Day Gifts Coupon Code to save 40% this is the Venetian Rose Apron a beautiful vintage inspired fabric that reminds me of victorian in apprearance.Hi all, I’ve been laid up in terrible pain here (more info soon in another post)… I found this announcement of a Mothers Day Flash Sale at my Favorite Apron place online! These Aprons are one size fits all, the apron waist and neck sashes have plenty of room to tie them, they are super duper long!

These make an easy, beautiful Mothers Day Gifts, for the women in your life that love to cook, bake, grill or just love to wear something pretty while hosting a dinner with friends and family! Enjoy (click on the link below to see more about what is on sale).

All aprons, mittens, gloves, bibs, everything on sale, 50% off and free shipping from Friday through Monday for Mothers Day.

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