Add Vitamin C Serum to your Anti-Aging Arsenal

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Vitamin C Serum Perfect for Anti-Aging

 Mariah's Lets Talk Beauty, Vitamin C Serum by La Beaute Pure

Hi all, I was lucky enough to receive Vitamin C Serum, from La Beaute Pure, for hubby and I to use. I have so say that the shipping was very speedy and the packaging was secure in bubble wrap, no breakage at all (like some products I received in the past in glass containers)… so I was happy when I opened up the package and saw to my surprise the container is nice brown glass.

bubblewrapped Vit C Serum
bubblewrapped Vit C Serum

The brown glass of the bottle, as with any product, is an indication of a product that is best kept out of the light and should be placed in a closed cabinet, cupboard, draw, you name it. Why is it perfect for this product? Vitamin C can be unstable, but it’s one of the newest products in our Anti-Aging Arsenal, as finally they found a way to stabilize vitamin c for skin care.

This product comes with a dropper… now careful about exposure to the air, close tightly and when you go to squeeze the bulb of the eyedropper, squeeze it outside of the bottle before you dip it in to have is suck up the product… The Air (namely Oxygen) can diminish the effectiveness of the product, just like exposure to light can


Though this product is not advertised for this purpose, I believe that this product also helps with Adult Acne, as I’ve been using products with the same Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) in them and it seemed to help my Adult Acne, as my system has decided to go into Peri – Menopausal, the hormone changes (as well as the sweats) seemed to make me break out for a while, this changed a few months ago when I started using products with Vitamin C in it on my skin. And since Vitamin C is anti-bacterial, I know that it should help with the skins inflammation caused by the bacteria in acne.

Vitamin C Serum bottle & dropper
Inside the bubble wrapped I found individually wrapped Vitamin C Serum and a Dropper.

While using Vitamin C, it may take a while to see improvement, but it is said to help with your production of Collagen and Elastin, which helps with wrinkles, firming the skin, and fading skin discolorations (such as dark spots, freckles, liver spots, age spots) from sun exposure too. Basically help your skin recover from sun exposure and help reverse the signs of aging. And more pluses, Vitamin C has been shown to be an Anti-Oxidant for the skin.

What does La Beaute Pure Say about their product? Here is a quote:


Organic Vitamin C Serum: Dr. Oz Recommended for Healthy Beautiful Skin

You eat an organic diet, use an organic skincare
-Fades sunspots, dark spots & discolorations
-Prevents free radicals
-Helps Collagen tighten skin
-Fine lines & wrinkles are less noticeable within 2-6 months (results vary)
-Works for up to 72 hours: Does not wash off

Vitamin C Serum with dropper in it.

Now I haven’t used this product long enough to tell you how it works for me, or for my husband. But what I can tell you is that the Vitamin C Serum is 98% Naturally Derived & 72% Organic! Nice! The Vitamin C is #3 on the list of ingredients so it seems not to be overly diluted (I would tell you what % the Vitamin C is, but I failed to ask the company, sorry, but if I receive this information, I will include in a review of results on my skin as well as my husband’s in a few months.) I love the fact that this product has Aloe in it… I believe that this is why, when I am using it, it didn’t sting like the skin care line I’ve been using for several months does.

Vitamin C Serum Picture

How to use The Vitamin C Serum:

Make sure that prior to use that you read the instructions on the bottle. You should use this product on freshly washed and toned skin. Wait until you Vitamin C Serum is dry to apply your moisturizer. And a side note, WEAR SUNSCREEN every day… it’s important to be careful in the sun while using this product. I recommend an SPF higher than a 15… best be careful and not be sorry. With using Vitamin C Serum your skin may become susceptible to sunburn & sun damage, counter productive to what you are trying to do with the Serum… so wear that Sunscreen my beauties!

Oh and another note, I picked up my Vitamin C Serum by La Beaute Pure on! 🙂

Thank you to La Beaute Pure for letting me try your product and entrusting me with this review of your product.

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